Customer Amanda

“Hi There: I just wanted to say a big thank you and your lipstick, lip balm and lip exfoliate rock. In fact everything rocks I am so pleased I found you and will never let you go. I will be ordering more eye shadow and lip stuff later this week, as I decided I need some balm for my car, and work. I am really impressed and happy and am so thankful for you and your business.
A satisfied customer who will keep coming back and refer others. Thank you, I love, love, love, love, and love, your products. Hooray Im gluten free all over at last. Thank you. A big gluten free hug from me.”

Customer Shelley

“Hey Jay! Yaaayyyyyyaayyayayyayyy!!! IT CAME!!!!!!! I love you, and I love IT!!!!! It is great! It doesn’t sting, ( that is HUGE, everything stings, even chapstick, but not this at all, and I wish I could buy all of it and play in your lipstick all day, every day…sorry little tangent…) and is sooo smooth, and comfortable, doesn’t get flaky, and is so soft, and heals up my chappy mess of a situation!!! In One Day!!! Chappy gross lips again? Nope! Not Me. It’s not me today anyway, and i thank you!!! And I love everything!!! One of the colors isn’t the best for me, but i don’t even care, I’m just gonna wear it when I clean my house. Why? because I can. Why is that??? Because you are a genius!!!!!!!
OH! The eyeshadows are a cure for eczema eyelids if ya didn’t know. I mean they are normal today, my eyelids are never normal. I was all rashy yesterday, and put the makeup on anyway, just to see how that would work, and it is better, and looks pretty… it actually calmed down the fire. Really. it calmed it all down, like nothing has ever before. I love this stuff. I love all of it.
You are my new FAV!!! Thanks for your brilliance! You have really changed my life. this celiac biz really can wipe away any confidence one could even dream of having, but your products make me feel like i can go out and smile and not worry about the act of smiling, because sometimes it feels like my lips are gonna crack, and that could make my lips bleed a little. Its enough to make you not want to smile because if you start bleeding, everyone grosses out. Its mortifying, and you have just really ,really helped me. We just love loving you around here!
Thanks for understanding how tricky this kind of life can be for a girl… Ok i am 37, but still…”

Customer Christine

“First time customer! Order was received quickly, I loved the packaging, the sample, and what I ordered! I have not yet ordered eye shadow but will do so as soon as I can. I would definitely recommend the lip products (thus far, I look forward to trying the eye shadows) to my sensitive clients.
Wanting to avoid parabens once and for all, as well as gluten‐containing products (tested positive for antibodies) and Jay’s articles/e‐book prompted me to place my order.”

Customer Shanah

“I have been battling chapped lips for a long time now… Your products are the best I’ve across. Usually, if I find something that works it only works for the first week at tops.
Ive been using your products for a few months and they work wonderfully.
In fact, when I stay consistent with my RAL products my lips stay so moisturized and healthy. (Unlike previous products that I had to rotate to maintain some effectiveness)
As a side note, I’ve noticed a huge improvement since I started using the exfoliator. I was quite skeptical, admittedly. Now I am quite pleased! That little stick actually exfoliates and leaves my lips so soft without feeling stripped. Back to the reason for this email… I wish I had more constructive feedback for you but I think you’re doing a good job at letting potential and current customers know about what differentiates your products. I know I may not be of much help, but feel free to share with whoever. Thanks for making a great product, having the best customer service, and inspiring women everywhere :)”

Customer Marianne

“I did leave reviews on the product page, but I wanted to let you know that I am a customer for life.
I have bought Avon cosmetics for years, but I stopped using them because I didn’t enjoy the products in the end. My husband hated their lipstick and said it tasted bad. Now that I’ve read your E‐Book, I understand more fully what he meant. He didn’t like a lot of the brands I used, but he really hated Avon in particular. I always thought lipstick just was supposed to taste odd. Now I can say that he and I both love Love My Kiss!
The shade is gorgeous and would flatter most or all complexions. I like that I can layer it and get a more dramatic effect without looking like I just spackled my mouth. It isn’t thick, greasy or yucky. And it doesn’t leave a funny taste.
I also love the Rallye balm which helps to make my lips smooth, and makes a lovely base for lipstick. I will always order that too. A lot of the bloggers went to the gluten free expo in Chicago and gave Red Apple and the ladies at the booth a big shout out. I don’t know how I missed the exfoliator on your site but I read about that on one of the blogs, Gluten Free Betsy, maybe? It is on the short list for a future order.
Also love the eye shadow. Someone else mentioned on one of the reviews that their eyes had stopped itching, and I realized mine had too. I hadn’t realized it was the shadow I was using, and had been blaming the itch on pollen, mold, seasonal allergies, whatever. Now I can blame the people that made those other cosmetics.
Today I cleaned out my old lipsticks and shadows, and threw them in the garbage where they belonged. I will never ever use anyone else’s products. I love your lipsticks, your shadows, and your company, and I think everyone feels that way after one purchase.
I also love the little bags and so does my grandson. I have to hide them to keep Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse figurines from hiding in them. I love the VIP club and I love that you offer gift certificates, and I love the wish list.
I think I am up to twenty items, give or take a few. And this is only the beginning! The value is amazing, with the prices being affordable, and the free shipping.
Initially, I hesitated because of the price, but it is very reasonable for a quality product. If anyone thinks like I used to, that they can’t afford to buy it, I would tell them that they can’t afford not to buy it.
Once they take the plunge, they will be kicking themselves for not buying it sooner. I sure am. Thanks for everything Jay. I am looking forward to that book you are writing.”

Customer Camelia

“I love my new RAL colors Audrey and Vogue. I am 50+ and have never been able to wear lipstick until now. First, because my lips are purplish and the coverage and color were never right. And also, because of the allergens that would cause a rash around my lips. I now know this is due to the Celiac diagnosed one year ago.
Since discovering RAL, I have ordered four different colors and they all look and feel great!! Love your company and your interest in your customers.”

Customer Terra

“Hey there. I just wanted to say that I was very happy to find your lipstick! After 12 years of not figuring out what was going “wrong” with me, I was just recently diagnosed with celiac’s disease.
So‐ I am on the hunt for gluten free lipstick and lipgloss which I find is harder than one would think to find…but out there. Well, my situation gets even stickier because according to my testing there are certain foods my body cross reacts with, in other words these foods look like gluten to my body and my body reacts the same way to them as it does to gluten‐ BAD!
Well, this puts me in an even stickier situation because one of those things is sesame. Now, finding a gluten free lipstick/lipgloss is difficult but possible, but finding a gluten free sesame oil free lipstick is like impossible.
In fact YOU are the only company I have found free of all the bad stuff..and the gluten…and the sesame oil. So here is my plea….please, please, please keep making lipstick/lipgloss without gluten AND sesame oil because I am a girl‐and I have had a lot taken away recently (like eating out at certain places‐enjoying foods with my friends‐and the freedom of not talking to every chef about all the ingredients they use in their recipes) but I like to be girlie, and feel pretty and for some reason lipstick/lipgloss helps‐plus its fun. Thank you for making a safe product and please use this e‐mail however you would like.”

Customer Natalie

“Rallye Balm is simply the BEST skin balm I’ve tried! I’ve tried my fair share of natural lip balm ‐ my lips flake badly. I peel chunks of skin off my bottom lip especially. I’ve kissed the dryness goodbye since I’ve started using Rallye Balm; and I don’t apply it very much. I apply once in the morning and sometimes once at bedtime. That’s it. A great product that nips dry lips at the root cause.”

A RAL Customer Review

Here’s A Few Letters We Received In The Mail. We Love Mail Reviews!



Facebook Commentary


Celiac Diva Tries RAL


Twitter! Gotta Love It!



Emily Eddington of Beauty Broadcast says…

“…the quality is superb, and I wish I had a way for you to FEEL how comfortable these lipsticks are on the lips. They manage to hydrate, but feel incredibly light. It’s a rather unique combination in a lip product!”

Gfree Rachel Shaterian of www.gfree-gal.blogspot.com

“They’re intensely moisturizing. It feels like I put on chapstick everytime I use the lipstick. It kinda tastes like it too with a nice vanilla‐ish flavor. Wow! Even before going gluten free I don’t think I’ve used a lipstick that seemed so similar to chapstick. I loved the feel. They’re long lasting. I’ll put my lipstick on in the morning before school and it’s still there a few hours later! Love that!”

The Celiac Diva, Lauren-Lucille LOVES RAL

When we had the chance to put Red Apple Lipstick in the hands of Lauren‐Lucille, The Celiac Diva herself, we jumped! Here is what she had to say about it!

“WOW. My jaw dropped when I put the Red! Lipstick on. It’s AMAZING. It’s bright, strong, bold and just divine. I have finally found my perfect red lipstick and I could not be more thrilled. For a bold shimmer, I put on the Ruby Glass Gloss. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!! Love. Love. Love.
Here’s the Bridesmaid Lip gloss. I LOVE pink. So it’s really cool that you can get a pink shimmer with this bright gloss. Another combination I tried was the Crush On Me Lipstick with this gloss for even stronger “hot pink” look. Awesome.
After checking out all these colors, I will totally be rocking Red Apple Lipsticks. This company covers a lot a awesome shades.
truly, this company has lovely colors, great shimmer, great customer service and great pricing. I can tell from my interaction with them that they are passionate about their company and being gluten/ paraben free‐ I’m digging that.”

Makeup Artist Jeanarick Votes RAL “Best Red Lipstick Ever!”











Jeana Rick, a prominent makeup artist in Louisiana and writer for Makeup Talk Forums decided she wanted to try herself some Red Apple Lipstick. We were happy to oblige. Jeana was sent a couple of colors she requested to try out and after trying them, she voted them “The Best Red Lipstick Ever!” Here’s a few excerpts of her thoughts.

“They glide on like butter delivering an instant feeling of conditioning and hydration thanks to their vitamin and mineral enriched formula that is paraben, gluten and allergen free.

… the color payoff is fantastic. I generally wear a lip liner under my lipstick to help improve the duration of wear and intensity of color. This step is not necessary with Red Apple Lipstick. The color applies true and opaque and adheres well for long wear…

… The colors are rich, saturated and opaque. Now, let’s talk packaging. I’m a sucker for cute and stylish presentation of product. Red Apple Lipstick offers a simplistic and sleek package in silver with the lid having a brushed metal finish and the applicator having a high mirror shine finish. The packaging is very retro in feel and design which equates to a small compact size container with a very full size product inside….

…All the way around Red Apple Lipstick is winner for me. I don’t say this lightly or without having considered every aspect of formulation, design, color and wear. I am brutally honest if my review of products and would highly recommend this one.”

Jeana was kind enough to place a review in two spots on the web. On her cosmetic blog and on Makeup talk.


Celiac Diva Rocks RAL During Her Latest Video Shoot


Please be sure to check out her awesome website all about living gluten free at http://www.celiacdiva.com

The Examiner Votes RAL “The Best Gluten Free Lipstick”






We are so fortunate. We were contacted by Nikki Hess, , NY Beauty Products Examiner for Examioner.com for a product evaulation as they were doing a story on gluten free beauty products. After a lengthy phone call from Nikki at examiner.com we decided that she should evaulate our products in person. She stated she was going to evaluate all kinds of gluten free products and that we would see if Red Apple Lipstick cut the mustard.
Here is a link to her entire article with some excerpts below.

“The best gluten-free lipstick, skincare, and haircare products.
Jay Adam Harper, the mastermind behind Red Apple Lipstick, wanted to do lipstick and lip gloss right. He wanted to put out excellent products that were made of natural ingredients and are actually good for women to wear on their lips. After all, you’re likely to ingest lip glosses and lipstick when you eat and drink, so you don’t want to put anything on your lips that’s laden with bad-for-you chemicals, and those who cannot tolerate gluten can get sick from wearing (and ingesting) lip products that contain gluten. Jay enlisted the help of the best American cosmetic chemists, who at first weren’t sure they could create high-quality lipsticks and glosses that didn’t contain gluten. It took two years, but they made it work, and the resulting products are truly fabulous. “If I didn’t tell you this product was gluten-free, you wouldn’t know the difference,” says Jay, and he’s absolutely right.

There are many luxurious lipsticks on the market–Red Apple Lipsticks feel and look as good as those, but Red Apple products don’t include gluten, parabens, or allergens, and they’re enhanced with (gluten-free, of course) Vitamin E and shea butter. My favorite picks: Red Apple Lipstick’s “Red!” lipstick is the perfect red for all skin tones. And yes, it’s so awesome that it’s totally deserving of an exclamation point in its name. It goes on smoothly and feels creamy and hydrating on the lips. It has great pigmentation and staying power, too. In the mood for a shimmery gloss instead? Their Ruby Slippers lip gloss gives lips a ton of shine and sparkle–you don’t even have to click your heels three times and say “There’s no place like home” to get it, either! Just visit RedAppleLipstick.com to check out these and other shades of high-quality lipsticks and lip glosses. You have nothing to lose–if you don’t like their product, they’ll refund your money. But Jay is thrilled that to date he has never had to give out a refund because he’s had 100% customer satisfaction. Continue reading on Examiner.com The best gluten-free lipstick, skincare, and haircare products – New York Beauty Products | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/beauty-products-in-new-york/the-best-gluten-free-lipstick-skincare-and-haircare-products#ixzz1faXQRGj9.”

Some Yelp.Com Reviews

“I love love love red apple – both sticks and gloss! My girlfriend told me about them being gluten/paraben free so i tried it out. So smooth, not sticky, actually healthy for my lips. Well priced, great customer service, superior product. My favorite lipstick color is Ruby Slippers, nice deeper red – sexy but not outrageous!!!!!”

“Red Apple Lipstick is based in Houston, but only available online. Their lipsticks and glosses are amazing! The reasons I like them are as follows:

1. They are paraben, allergen and gluten free. Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors, so why would anyone want to use make-up filled with it? Not me, and I agree that there must be a link between breast cancer and parabens from all the research that has been published on the subject. Gluten free is also important, especially for people who suffer from Celiac disease. I never knew how many products and food contain glutens! Glad to know that Red Apple Lipstick isn’t one of them.

2. Red Apple will refund your purchase price if you are not happy with their red lipsticks. No drug store brand will do that, and I cannot tell you how many times I have bought a lipstick that looked good under the store’s fluorescent lighting and got home and the color was wrong wrong wrong! If a color you like online doesn’t look like what you hoped it would once it’s delivered to you, simply return it. Get your money back or exchange it.

3. They have a lipstick exchange program. If you have a lipstick you don’t want at home, used or not, send it to Red Apple Lipstick and they will send you one of theirs. They do this because they know that once you try their product, you’ll be hooked.

4. Red Apple Lipstick colors are amazingly beautiful. I’m more of a lip gloss girl, and their lip glosses are sparkly yet still appropriate for an adult woman. The lipsticks are long lasting, not sticky, and keep my lips hydrated. They are infused with vitamin E and are silky smooth.

5. Two words: Free Shipping. Red Apple Lipstick does not charge a shipping fee. Most online lipstick companies will waive the shipping charge, but only if you spend a minimum of at least $60. Red Apple Lipstick does not have a shipping fee even if you only buy one item. Their customer service cannot be beat.

Five good reasons that I am completely in love with Red Apple Lipstick as a company, as a quality lipstick and lip gloss, and as a product that spoils my lips! I’ve always been a make-up junkie, and Red Apple caters to this!”

From – “The Gal!”

The Gal – Gluten Free Makeup Gal to be precise, check her out at http://www.glutenfreemakeupgal.com
Any way, here is HER email to us.

“I LOVE it! I love the colors, I love how it stays on my lips, I love how it smells, I love how it feels, I love how it looks… I love it. 😀 And that goes for both the lipstick and the gloss. Now, to be honest, I’ve never personally been a huge lipstick fan. It just never seems to last all that well and I’ve never really found a color that was awesome enough to bear with reapplying it. But I have been a bit concerned about the “lack” of gluten free lipstick that stays. I’ve tried a few other types (though I haven’t reviewed them all), but they always soak in like tinted lipbalm. Which, you know, is OK in some cases. But it’s not lipstick. And there are far too many lipstick gals around for there not to be good gluten free lipstick. But now… Not only have you proven that there IS fabulous gluten free lipstick out there, I think you’ve made me a lipstick convert. LOL!

You should have seen how all the girls in my family hovered around when I opened the package. None of them are lipstick girls (yet… 😛 ), but the lipgloss vanished out of my hands moments after I removed it from the envelope. They’ve been wearing it every time we’ve gone out since! And I have to ask them to get it out of their purses for me! Looks like I may be ordering some for Christmas presents this year… LOL!

I am really excited about your products and can’t wait to share my review. Red Apple Lipstick is officially a permanent staple in my makeup bag. 😀

Lovin’ Life Gluten Free, (Afton Jones)”

The Celiac Diva, Lauren-Lucille Gives RAL A Shout Out!

Mal Pearson, Style and Beauty Expert Gives Us A Shout Out!

As Seen On The Daily Buzz – Showcased by Mal Pearson

At 50 Seconds 🙂

From Ashley Gaa – Executive to Mal Pearson

“Jay, I got my lipgloss and lipstick in the mail yesterday! I put them on right away ( I am a makeup artist and certified makeup junkie while not doing my day job!) I LOVE them! good job! The consistency of the products is right on and they weren’t dry or tacky. Where should I send a pic of me wearing them? Thanks again! You have a great product on your hands. I am definitely going to be raving about this one to my makeup artist friends!

Ashley Gaa”

From Mal Pearson’s Production Team – Upon Receiving One Of Every Color For Filming The Daily Buzz Segment

“Jay, Everything arrived great! The colors are even more amazing in person!”

From Mal Pearson’s Production Team – 20 Minutes After The Email Above!

“Jay this color is a huge hit at our office! A girl from our production team would LOVE to have the OMG red. Let me know if this is ok with you!”

From Mal Pearson’s Production Team – 20 Minutes After THAT Email Above!


Looks HOT!


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Gluten Free Living Magazine


Allergic Living Magazine


Memorial Magazine


RAL Chosen for All Models Lipstick For The 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project! -Houston, TX