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In today’s blog post I’ll be going over all the lovely matte eyeshadows we have to offer. Matte eyeshadows are fantastic because they enhance the eyes without adding sparkle or shimmer into the mix. For those in their thirties and up who don’t want any fine lines accentuated this is great news! Mattes work for women of all ages and eyelid types. They also help bring balance to any looks using shimmer shadows and work better (in my opinion) for blending. Mattes are an essential for any makeup collection!

Allergen Free Porcelain off white shade

The first matte shadow we have to offer is an off white shade that makes for the perfect base lid color and can be used to highlight the brow bone as well. It’s named Porcelain.

No GMOs Clean Slate basic matte grey

Next, there’s Clean Slate which is a good basic matte grey. This is one of the most versatile shades a woman could own. You can wear it light or smokey and it’s particularly wonderful for women in their 30’s and up.

Toxin Free Pixie Dust  pretty light pink shadow

Our pretty light pink shadow in Pixie Dust is perfect for neutralizing your eyelid and works well as a highlight for those with lighter skin tones.

Nut Free Sugar & Spice rustic matte brown eyeshadow

Sugar & Spice is oh so nice! A neutral like this rustic matte brown eyeshadow is timeless and classic. It works for any makeup look from sultry to sophisticated. I particularly ADORE this shade for fall! And red haired gals will love it for their eyebrows.

Sage Rage No GMOs eyeshadow works well in the crease or all over the lid for a pretty earthy lookThen we have the eyeshadow in Sage Rage which is a little bit taupe and a little bit green. It reminds me of a mossy color. It works well in the crease or all over the lid for a pretty earthy look.

Espresso Nut Free perfect dark brown eyeshadow

You can’t be depresso when you’re wearing Espresso! Our eyeshadow in Espresso is the perfect dark brown. It’s another very versatile shade that you can use to define your crease, line your beautiful eyes, and if you’re a brunette even try it as a brow powder to shape your brows.

Allergen Free Brownie Points matte red based medium brown eyeshadow

Brownie Points is a matte red based medium brown. It’s another must have in your makeup collection. I’ve even done a whole makeup look using just this one eyeshadow! It works great as a brow powder for those with lighter brunette hair pairs well with Espresso.

No GMOs Black Magic matte black eyeshadow

I don’t think I’ve used an eyeshadow more than Black Magic. I personally prefer to use eyeshadows to line my eyes with and this one just happens to be my go to. It’s simply a matte black eyeshadow but it’s very much a staple for creating smokey eyes and lining your eyes.

Toxin Free Yes You Canyon matte red based brown eyeshadow

Lastly, we have another matte red based brown. This one is called Yes You Canyon and it reminds me of Terra Cotta. I would say it’s more red than Brownie Points and I can see it being used as a brow powder for those with red hair.

I hope this blog post gives you more insight into our matte eyeshadows and helps guide you as you decide which eyeshadows you’d like to try.  You can find all of our matte eyeshadows by clicking here.  Have fun creating your own palettes or take a gander at our pre-designed palettes...we even have a matte one 😀


A Girl Who’s All About Those Mattes 😉

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