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Gluten Free Mineral Eye Shadow
Use Wet or Dry
Z-Palette Included – $14 Value

SKU: Aphrodite Palette.


$16 When Purchased With Eyeshadow Palettes or Create Your Own Palette

This beautifully custom crafted Z-Palette will hold up to 9 Red Apple Eye Shadows using its super powerful magnet.
This Eco-Friendly palette is proudly emboldened with the Red Apple logo and in our signature Red Apple Pattern.
This one of a kind collector edition Z-Palette will keep your pan-only eye shadows handy in style.

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Buttercream is a light, shimmering off white eyeshadow that has a slight yellow tint. This eyeshadow makes for a wonderful highlight and catches light in a stunning way. Apply it to your brow bone for instant lift, the inner corner to open and light up your eyes, a little touch of it to the center of your lids to finish off your eye looks will create a gorgeous glow and even a tiny bit to your cupids bow will create fuller looking lips. Pair with other light shadows for an ethereal look.



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Champagne is a light golden frosty taupe. It looks amazing with all eye colors too! This luxurious shadow blends beautifully and looks great all over the lid! For those with medium to darker complexions it can even be lightly applied to the inner corner and brow bone as a highlight. Try pairing it with Siren, Mermaid Lagoon, Indi-Go-Go, En Pointe, Violet Vixen, Violet Vintage, Poise ’N Ivy, Sage Rage, Olive This Color, Dirty Girl or any of our warm neutral shadows.



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Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny is a medium yellow copper with a stunning metallic finish. It’s in the same family of colors as Bronze Bombshell and Down To Earth but it’s lighter and more yellow than Bronze Bombshell and less orange-red than Down To Earth. It complements blue and greenish-blue eyes fabulously but those with brown eyes will love this shadow just as much. Applied lightly it can work as a lid color but applied with a heavier hand it’s perfect for the outer corners or blended into the eye creases. Pair this shadow with any of our browns to add a metallic shine or with Siren, Mermaid Lagoon, Olive This Color, That’s My Jam, Golden Girl, Poise ’N Ivy or Dirty Girl for added color. NOTE: Clearance Items Are Not Returnable


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Violet Vixen

Violet Vixen is a slightly muted lavender purple eyeshadow with a metallic sheen and slight pinkish undertone. This shadow is so lovely on those with green eyes! If you have blue-ish green or hazel eyes that lean towards green this is a must have for you as well. You can apply it lightly onto your lids, use it as an accent color for the outer corners, crease or for the lower lash line. Even try it on top of your Eggplant eyeliner. Pair Violet Vixen with any of our cool toned neutral shadows or with Sage Rage, Dirty Girl, Poise ’N Ivy, Olive This Color, Vamp, Violet Vintage, TuTu Cute or Violet Femme.

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Graphite Glam

Graphite Glam is a cool toned, graphite gray eyeshadow with a purplish-blue sheen that’ll go on with a medium to dark application. This eyeshadow complements green eyes and looks great on those with grayish-blue or violet-blue eyes too! It works well applied to the outer corner in smokey gray looks and can also be used to blend lightly into the crease for added depth. It pairs perfectly with any of our other silver or gray eyeshadows but try it with Olive This Color, Sage Rage, Dirty Girl, Poise ’N Ivy, Violet Vintage and Violet Vixen too! NOTE: Clearance Items Are Not Returnable


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Black Magic

Black Magic is a very dark matte black eyeshadow. It has no reflects, shimmer or hidden undertones. It’s the Little Black Dress of the makeup world and a must have for every makeup collection. Use it to create beautiful smokey looks paired with a bold or nude lip. You can even apply it as an eyeliner with your favorite lipstick or gloss for everyday wear. This eyeshadow works well with all of our other shadows so it’s an easy pick.


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Indi-Go-Go is a dark grayish blue eyeshadow with a brilliant metallic blue sheen. It reminds us of the color of dark stonewashed jeans. This shadow complements hazel and brown eyes in a gorgeous way but those with blue eyes shouldn’t avoid this color. Just make sure it’s either lighter or darker than you natural eye color for contrast. Apply this eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes with similar colors to create a gray blue smokey eye, lightly blend into the eye creases for added depth or even try this stunning shadow as an eyeliner. Pair this shadow with Mermaid Lagoon, Olive This Color, Raven, Sage Rage, Dirty Girl, Poise ’N Ivy, Violet Vintage, Violet Vixen, That’s My Jam or any of our beautiful brown eyeshadows. NOTE: Clearance Items Are Not Returnable


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Espresso is a very dark, matte coffee bean brown eyeshadow. Those with green and blue eyes will love how it compliments their eye color. If you have brown eyes don’t shy away from using brown shadows! As long as it’s either lighter or darker than you natural eye color it’ll create beautiful contrast. You can use this matte brown to create stunning brown smokey looks, lightly blended into the crease to add depth and as an alternative to a dark black liner. It’s another staple that everyone should have in their makeup collection. It works well with any of our other neutral brown and taupe shadows but try it with Mermaid Lagoon, Indi-Go-Go, That’s My Jam, Olive This Color and Sage Rage too!


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Gluten Free Mineral Eye Shadow
Vamp is a deep red color that reminds of aged red wine. Deep and sultry, Vamp helps you kick up your smokey eye a notch by providing a warm touch of color.

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What’s To Love

The Aprodite Palette contains 9 of our best sellers!

The Aphrodite Palette is made to make you feel beautiful, no matter what look you go for! Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty. Let your inner goddess shine through with 9 stunning shades that instantly vamp up your eyes!

Application Tips

Apply wet to enhance pigmentation and create an opaque finish that lasts.

For a neutral look, apply Champagne all over the lid and blend Lucky Penny into the crease. For a pop of color, add Violet Vixen on your lower lash line.

Create a RAL customer favorite look by apply Violet Vixen all over the lid with Graphite Glam in the crease!

Buttercream and Champagne work perfectly for highlight colors – instantly light up your eyes!

Use any of these colors wet on a detail brush and line your eyes.

The beauty of this palette is that every woman will wear it in her own way. Have fun and enjoy the discovery of your favorite look!

Pairs nicely with lip colors such as Metropolis, Strawberry Lips and Mauve Me.


.25 oz Net wt. 16g + Custom Z-Palette


What’s Included

The Aphrodite Palette by Red Apple Lipstick contains 9 mineral eye shadows and our custom Z-Palette for one low price.
COLORS INCLUDED – Buttercream(E1) – Champagne(E7) – Lucky Penny(E5) – Violet Vixen(E2) – Graphite Glam(E11) – Black Magic(E12) – Indi-Go-Go(E21) – Espresso(E6) – Vamp(E26)

All Red Apple eyeshadows are gluten free, paraben free, allergen free, cruelty free and vegan. Our mineral eyeshadows are made with the finest and purest ingredients and are non-comedogenic. Whether used wet or dry, our eyeshadows give you beautiful, long-lasting color that won’t fade or crease!

Z-Palette Details

Our custom made Z-Palette is constructed of the highest quality materials available. The casing features our signature “Red Apple Green” color with our logo printed on the lower right corner. On the back you will find the Z-Palette trademark-proof of authenticity along with our website address. The top features an extremely durable, crack-proof plastic pane, perfect for finding the perfect shadow in a flash. The top folds underneath the palette, giving you more space and stability when working with your shadows. Each metal pan is magnetically held firmly into place by one large black magnet. You can quickly remove and replace pans of all shapes and sizes. The Z-Palette will hold up to 9 Red Apple Eye Shadows. Our Z-Palette offers you free reign to customize and organize by looks, colors, finishes and more!

Each Red Apple Lipstick Product is hand crafted in the USA from the finest, highest quality materials available.

Each lineup has a slightly different set of ingredients and all cosmetics are lab tested 100% gluten free.

(net wt .063 oz Net wt. 1.5g)

Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Ascorbyl Palmitate. may contain iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium, ultra marines

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