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Beachy Keen


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Bronze Bombshell

Bronze Bombshell is a warm, deeply pigmented medium bronze eyeshadow with a golden sheen. It complements blue eyes very well but also looks stunning with green, hazel and brown eyes. If you have any golden tones to your eyes this shadow will really enhance that in a gorgeous way. We love this eyeshadow applied to the outer corner, crease or even used as an eyeliner. It pairs perfectly with our shadows in Mermaid Lagoon, Indi-Go-Go, Siren, Olive This Color, Poise ’N Ivy, Sage Rage, Golden Girl, Golden Ticket, Violet Vixen, Violet Femme or any of our other beautiful neutral eyeshadows.



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Oh Schnapp!

Rose gold shimmer at its finest - period.
Try using Oh Schnapp! both wet and dry for different intensities and effects.
Use Oh Schnapp! on your eyelids and pair with numerous different darker colors in your crease.
Suggested Pairings: Poise 'N Ivy, Dirty Girl, Twinkle Taupe, That's My Jam! or Minx

This item is not available at the moment.

Golden Girl

Golden Girl is a light, shimmering yellow gold eyeshadow. Those who have gold reflects in their eye will love how this shadow enhances thier golden glow. It compliments blue and green eyes too! If you have a medium to dark complexion you can even apply this shadow lightly for a beautiful golden tone highlight to the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone. Golden Girl is brighter and lighter than our Golden Ticket eyeshadow. While we love this with our other warm neutral shadows it works equally as well with Siren, En Pointe, Mermaid Lagoon, Violet Vixen, Olive This Color and Beachy Keen.


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Buttercream is a light, shimmering off white eyeshadow that has a slight yellow tint. This eyeshadow makes for a wonderful highlight and catches light in a stunning way. Apply it to your brow bone for instant lift, the inner corner to open and light up your eyes, a little touch of it to the center of your lids to finish off your eye looks will create a gorgeous glow and even a tiny bit to your cupids bow will create fuller looking lips. Pair with other light shadows for an ethereal look.



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Sand Castle

Sand Castle is a light, nude peach with golden shimmer. It’ll complement blue and green eyes but those with brown eyes will love how it adds contrast and the golden shimmer will enhance any gold reflects they may have in their eyes. Apply this shadow all over the lid and use it to blend out your crease. For those with medium to dark complexions this eyeshadow applied lightly can work as a beautiful highlight for the inner corner, brow bone and applying it with a fluffy brush over the cheekbones adds a lovely glow. Sand Castle works with any of our brown and neutral shadows but try it with Siren, Mermaid Lagoon, Violet Vixen, Beachy Keen, Tutu Cute, Golden Girl or En Pointe. Finish off your look with a soft pink lip for everyday wear.

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Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is a medium, tropical water blue eyeshadow with a slight green tint and beautiful shimmer. It can be applied as a light wash or heavier for a bolder pop of color. This eyeshadow complements brown eyes in a stunning way but those with greenish blue and blue eyes can absolutely feel confident wearing this shadow as well. If you have blue eyes just make sure it’s lighter or darker than your natural eye color so you have contrast. Apply this eyeshadow lightly on the lid, under the lower lash line, or as an accent for the outer corners. Mermaid Lagoon works perfectly with our neutral browns, tans and grays but you can experiment and play with color by using Siren, Indi-Go-Go, Sage Rage, Olive This Color, Golden Girl or Golden Ticket. Finish your look off with either a medium or deep rosy lip OR even a fun fuchsia. NOTE: Clearance Items Are Not Returnable

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Siren is a bright, shimmering greenish blue eyeshadow whose color falls somewhere between teal, sea foam green, and turquoise. This eyeshadow looks amazing on those with brown eyes but if you have green or blue eyes you’ll love it too! Apply this eyeshadow lightly on the lid, as an accent for the outer corners or one of our favorite ways to wear it is under the lower lash line as an unexpected pop of color. If you’re shy about using color this is by far the easiest way to wear it. Pair Siren with any of our neutral browns and you’ll have a fabulous makeup look but try it with Sugar & Spice, That’s My Jam, Vamp, Olive This Color, Mermaid Lagoon, Indi- Go-Go Violet Vixen or Violet Femme too. NOTE: Clearance Items Are Not Returnable


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Violet Vixen

Violet Vixen is a slightly muted lavender purple eyeshadow with a metallic sheen and slight pinkish undertone. This shadow is so lovely on those with green eyes! If you have blue-ish green or hazel eyes that lean towards green this is a must have for you as well. You can apply it lightly onto your lids, use it as an accent color for the outer corners, crease or for the lower lash line. Even try it on top of your Eggplant eyeliner. Pair Violet Vixen with any of our cool toned neutral shadows or with Sage Rage, Dirty Girl, Poise ’N Ivy, Olive This Color, Vamp, Violet Vintage, TuTu Cute or Violet Femme.

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$16 When Purchased With Eyeshadow Palettes or Create Your Own Palette

This beautifully custom crafted Z-Palette will hold up to 9 Red Apple Eye Shadows using its super powerful magnet.
This Eco-Friendly palette is proudly emboldened with the Red Apple logo and in our signature Red Apple Pattern.
This one of a kind collector edition Z-Palette will keep your pan-only eye shadows handy in style.

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Vegan Angled Eye Brush

You will be amazed at how versatile this angled eyeliner brush is, and how often you will use it. This is a makeup artist's dream brush.
This vegan brush is the perfect addition to your makeup routine. It allows you to create any color of custom eyeliner by dipping it in water and then into your favorite Red Apple eyeshadow.
Multipurpose this brush as your eyebrow filler and definer by using a matching eyeshadow to your eyebrows. This brush is an incredible tool to own for years to come.

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Vegan Wet/Dry Eye Brush

You'll wonder how you ever lived without this Vegan eye shadow brush!
Specially made for both wet and dry use.
This brush is specially designed for use both wet and dry. The synthetic bristles are made specifically to handle repeated wet mineral eye shadow applications. You will find this medium brush firm yet soft and gentle.

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This product is currently unavailable.

Our new City Color palette all about being playful and fun. This palette shimmers with golden bronze undertones and sexy power shades in teal, violet and blue. You will love the versatility of this palette, with its velvety rich shadows and easy-to-wear fun colors.

Beachy Keen, Bronze Bombshell, Oh Schnapp, Golden Girl, Buttercream, Sand Castle, Mermaid Lagoon, Siren, Violet Vixen, Z-Palette, Angeled Eyeshadow Brush, Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush


Each Red Apple Lipstick Product is hand crafted in the USA from the finest, highest quality materials available.

Each lineup has a slightly different set of ingredients and all cosmetics are lab tested 100% gluten free.

(net wt .063 oz Net wt. 1.5g)

Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Ascorbyl Palmitate. may contain iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium, ultra marines

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