Oh Snapdragon and Dusty Rose Bundle

$46.50 $39.90

Duo Curated By: Andrea

“These two lip products are perfect matches for one another. They work together seamlessly! What I love most about this pairing is that the Dusty Rose lip liner brings out the lavender tone in Oh, Snapdragon even more. It’s the best color combination when you want a statement lip that’s less bold and more playful.” 

This effortless duo pairs the Oh, Snapdragon lipstick with the lip liner in Dusty Rose. Wear Oh, Snapdragon sheer for a pinky-lilac lip color on days when you want soft and natural makeup. Then you can easily adjust your look by wearing the Dusty Rose lip liner underneath to add a touch of excitement. This duo will give you a sense of exuberance and energy. The color stands out best when paired with blues, greens, and other purples but also looks fantastic with pinks, peaches and rose gold.