Duo – Mayberry and Sun Sparkles

$42.00 $39.90

Duo Curated By: Ashley 

“This lip duo is the perfect everyday lip combination. I love wearing Mayberry and Sun Sparkles together because I don’t have to think about whether or not they’ll go together. Sun Sparkles being clear means the beautiful color of Mayberry gets enhanced with a little added shine. I can wear it at work, on weekend outings, and meeting up with a friend for lunch.” 

This pretty duo pairs the Mayberry lipstick with the lipgloss in Sun Sparkles. Wear Mayberry sheer for an everyday lip that looks great for your day-to-day activities. The color of Mayberry is complemented best when worn with blues, greens, and berries. Then pair Sun Sparkles with it when you want to add a little extra something special to your overall makeup look on days when you feel upbeat.