Kissimmee and Barely Pink Bundle

$46.50 $39.90

Duo Curated By: Andrea

“Paring the Barely Pink Lip Liner with the Kissimmee lipstick gives the lipstick a deeper tone that I love for evenings out. It reminds me of a brick-red only instead of red its pink. It’s a great duo for transitioning my makeup look from day to night.” 

This intriguing duo pairs the Kissimmee lipstick with the lip liner in Barely Pink. The Kissimmee lipstick is a great everyday pink color that is perfect for outings, meeting up with friends, and work. Then by wearing the Barely Pink lip liner underneath, you get a beautifully intricate color for nights out or on days when you feel like wearing a bolder lip color. This duo gives you a vibrant pinkish-red lip color that has a warm brown undertone that looks stunning when worn with grey-ish blues, creams, and sage green.