/ / *CLOSED* Summer 2019 Naming Contest

*CLOSED* Summer 2019 Naming Contest


Welcome to the collection naming contest. Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, something to snack on, and put on your favorite summer song to get the creative energy flowing.  Here’s what’s up. Friday, July 19th five new gluten-free lipsticks go on sale. Yay! First, they’re going to need a collection name. That’s where you come in. 


The contest runs from 7/12 – 7/14

To enter the contest leave your name suggestions in the comments of this post

Limited to THREE entries per person

If we choose a name that is suggested multiple times, we will choose the one who said it first

Winner will be announced Monday 7/15

Winner will receive a $100 gift card + the entire five lipstick collection 

Have fun and enjoy the creative process.

We look forward to going through your suggestions.

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*UPDATE: Join us in congratulating Heidi tehilla Newman. Congrats Heidi, your name suggestion The Kissabilities was chosen as the name for this new lipstick collection. Thank you all for your suggestions and creativity. It was a blast going through them.

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    1. how fun, my pics are # 1 HOT TROPICS #2 TROPICAL SUNSET #3 COLOR ME SUMMER

      1. 1. Apricot Breeze.
        2. Plucky Heroine.
        3. Summer Wind or Summer Heat.
        4. Cosmopolitan
        5. Miss Sassafras.

    2. 1.Let’s give them “something to pink about”
      2. Red apples and Cherry blossoms
      3. Wrapped around my pinky collection

      1. Sensuous Seashells and Sunsets
        Gelato by the Sands and the Seashore
        Surf’s Garden/Neptune’s Garden Paradise

    3. 1. Sway Your Way
      Summer Collection

      2. Turning Heads
      Summer Collection

      3. Steal The Show
      Summer Collection

        1. 1) Snap, apple, red I’m at the beach
          2) Beaches and Blooms Collection
          3) Color me beachy

    4. 1. Sunset stroll collection
      2. Walk the boardwalk collection
      3. Sunset cove collection

      1. Famous Beaches in the USA
        1) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Day after Morocco
        2) Venice Beach, California, USA (Kissimmee)
        3) Waikiki, Hawaii (Let’s Flamingal)
        4)Daytona Beach, Florida (Oh Snapdragon)
        5) Jersey Shore, New Jersey (red apple red)

        1. Scratch that, I guess I was supposed to name the collection not hijack the lipstick names. Let’s try this again:

          1)Maui Dew Drops
          2) Garden Goddess
          3) My lips, my way

          1. 1) 2Lips 4 U:
            Summer Bouquet
            2) Meowza! The Catwalk Collection
            3) Miami Muah

        1. 1: On Island Time Collection
          2: Wildflower Feilds Forever Collection
          3: Paradise Punch Collection

      1. 1) School’s Out For Summer Collection
        2) Lover’s Lips Cove Collection
        3) Desert Island Faves Collection

        1. 1. The Heatwave Collection
          2. Tropicalia Collection
          3. The Sunset Breeze Collection

      1. 1) Strawberry Summer
        2) Pomegranate Pink
        3) Summer Melon
        4) Midsummer Magic

          1. 1. 5 dreamy kisses! 2. Lip luscious five! 3.
            Five long ….lasting kisses!!!!!

        1. Hello, I would like to add these as a possibility.
          1) Kiss around the world collection
          2) Passion fashion collection
          3) color me gorgeous collection

        1. 1. The “Seaside Treasures” Collection
          2. The “Summer Secrets” Collection
          3. The “Bathing Beauties” Collection

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