*CLOSED* Summer 2019 Naming Contest


Welcome to the collection naming contest. Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, something to snack on, and put on your favorite summer song to get the creative energy flowing.  Here’s what’s up. Friday, July 19th five new gluten-free lipsticks go on sale. Yay! First, they’re going to need a collection name. That’s where you come in. 


The contest runs from 7/12 – 7/14

To enter the contest leave your name suggestions in the comments of this post

Limited to THREE entries per person

If we choose a name that is suggested multiple times, we will choose the one who said it first

Winner will be announced Monday 7/15

Winner will receive a $100 gift card + the entire five lipstick collection 

Have fun and enjoy the creative process.

We look forward to going through your suggestions.

*UPDATE: Join us in congratulating Heidi tehilla Newman. Congrats Heidi, your name suggestion The Kissabilities was chosen as the name for this new lipstick collection. Thank you all for your suggestions and creativity. It was a blast going through them.

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  1. Summer vibesss
    Summer wonder

  2. 1. Trade Winds
    2. Romancing the Flamingo
    3. Sunset Palette

  3. 1. Heat Wave Bouquet
    2. Exotic Plumage
    3. Color Mirage

  4. 1. ‘Serenlipity’
    2. Endless Summer Brights
    3. Tropical Bliss

  5. Magnificent Midsummer Medley
    Marvelous Midsummer Medley

  6. Avatar Sylvia Mccleary says:

    1. Peachy Keen
    2. Cotton Candy Rush
    3. This little Pinky
    4. Lilac Spring Nights
    5. Cheeri-o

  7. 1. Daydream collection
    2. Cabana collection
    3. Endless summer collection

  8. “Don’t Sweat It” Summer Collection

  9. Summer Flower collection

  10. Avatar Marren Haneberg says:

    1. Sophisticated Summer Collection
    2. Extravagant Escape Collection
    3. Sweet Summer Kiss Collection

  11. Avatar Jillian A says:

    1. Golden Girls
    2. Come, Let’s Fly Away
    3. Mermaid Kisses
    (I tried posting earlier today, but don’t see my comment so not sure if it went through. I apologize if it did)…

  12. Avatar Erin Hurley says:

    1) Popsicle Pucker
    2) Technicolor Playlist
    3) Juice Kiss

  13. ladies Love Collection

  14. 1. The “Juicy Sorbet” collection
    2. The “Havana” collection
    3. The “Paradise Dreams” or “Dreams in Paradise” collection

  15. Avatar Lynee’ Methen says:

    Summer Breeze
    Summer Lovin
    Sunset Glow

  16. Avatar Heather Sykes says:

    Cactus rose
    Heart breaker
    Passionate kisses

  17. Mid Summer’s Night Dream Collection

  18. Avatar Ashley S. says:

    1). Wild & Wonderful Collection

    2). Free Spirt Collection

    3). Summer Meadow Collection

  19. Flamingo Feathers
    Summer Cruizin
    Love is Love

  20. Girls of Summer
    Kissable Summer
    Beach Paradise

  21. 1) Summer Solstice
    2) pretty in pink and rouge
    3) summer Rose

  22. 1. Pineapple Cove
    2. Beach Face
    3. The Beach Is Calling

  23. Avatar Rebecca Lewis says:

    1. The Lip Lusters
    2. Ramble On Rose
    3. Orion’s Belt

  24. 1) It’s Summer Somewhere
    2) Always Summer
    3) Summer Side

  25. Avatar Karen Tucker says:

    1 – Cheery Blossoms
    2 – Summer Flower Garden
    3 – Blushing Date Night

  26. Avatar Tiffin Swinth says:

    1- Baked Desert Collection
    2- Mega Vegas Collection
    3- Tranquil Getaway Collection

  27. Avatar Leslie Petersen says:

    Movie Star Kiss
    Hollywood Hottie
    Bahama Dreams

  28. Summer plum fun
    Lavender breeze
    I Feel Pretty

  29. 1) Travel Light
    2) The Lucky One
    3) Wonder Seeker

  30. Avatar Jacquelyn Barrows says:

    The SummerOrchard Collection <3

  31. 1. Lipsation Vacation
    2. Bea-she lips
    3. Tropical glow

    1. Tropigal glow, sorry for auto correct

  32. Avatar Lauren Williams says:

    1. Carefree Kisses
    2. Spontaneous Summer

  33. Avatar Lauren Maxton says:

    For the newest summer collection:
    1. Everlasting Summer
    2. Polaroid Perfect
    3. Classic Summer Crush
    *Imagine hanging out with friends by the beach late morning early afternoon. Then meeting some guys who take you and your squad to a secret beach spot. Just a group of you hanging out, sitting round a bonfire, telling stories and maybe singing a few songs. The day fades into a summer night. The memory remains clear and vivid forever. Its happened in every summer for decades spanning generations but it’s never quite the same. The day started with putting on your favourite lipstick and ended when your new summer crush took it off*
    #Serious Pink Ladies vibes #Bringing the summer drama #Cool for the summer #RAL squad summer days #Timeless looks

  34. Avatar Sue Wenger says:

    Pink Delicious
    Pink Impatients
    Wilmington Azalea Festival

  35. ~ A Summer Adventure
    ~ The Cove Collection
    ~ Summer Serenity

  36. Apply the Wave Collection
    Reach the Beach Collection
    Andrea’s Angels Collection

  37. Laurie Grassette Laurie Grassette says:

    1 – Sun-sational summer!
    2 – Sneaking kisses all summer long
    3 – Long summer days melting into night.

  38. Avatar Sharon Choppie says:

    1. Fresh Impressions
    2. Seashore Breezes
    3. Blooming Kisses

  39. 1. Make it Paris
    2. To Bee, or not to Bee
    3. Fairy Festival

  40. 1. Mermaid Lagoon
    2. Midsummer Night
    3. Royal Garden

  41. Summer Haven
    ExoLipLux (Exotic Lip Luxery)

  42. Avatar Carol Eades says:

    1. Coastal Captivation
    2. Boardwalk Bombshell
    3. Coastal Charm

  43. Avatar Dawn Glesener says:

    Zizzling Hot Lipz Collection
    Sunny Disposition Collection
    Kit and Kaboodle Kollection

  44. Avatar Angie seagraves says:

    Summer brings back fond memories. And memories are often connected to songs. So a few good songs that might be good names too are…
    1. “Walking on Sunshine”🎵
    By Katrina and The Waves

    2. “Girls on the Beach”🎵
    By The Beach Boys

    3. “Under the Boardwalk” down by the sea”🎵
    By The Drifters

  45. Avatar Jazmin Hecz says:

    #1- Beach Boos
    #2- Too Hot for Summer!
    #3- Lips on The Beach
    I really like these contests RAL does, it’s fun to see how a lipstick or a collection in this case is gonna be named!

  46. Avatar Deb Bergman says:

    1. Around the World in 5 Shades
    2. Road Trip Romance
    3. The Five Amigas

  47. Jennifer Murtaugh Jennifer Murtaugh says:

    The City Colors Collection

  48. Avatar Valentina Bebo says:

    Sunset Quintet

    Bed of Roses

    Summer Blossoms

  49. This is Girl Power Collection
    Pout No More Collection
    Lovely lips collection

  50. Girls just wanna have sun!

  51. New Lipstick Collection:
    “Summer De-Lites”

  52. New Lipstick Collection:
    “Sweet Sumer Treats”

    1. (Spelling correction):
      “Sweet Summer Treats”

  53. Avatar Valerie Anderson says:

    Kiss me at Sunset
    Kiss-tacular Sunset
    Summer Luvin’

  54. The Sun-Kissed Collection :*

  55. I Dream Of Jeannie
    The touch of Summer
    Rainbow Passion

  56. I Dream Of Jeannie
    The Breeze of Summer
    Rainbow Passion

  57. Beach Week

  58. Avatar Haley Zilberberg says:

    1. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Collection
    2. Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection
    3. ‘Tis the Sea-Sun Summer Collection

  59. Avatar Sue Ann Grann says:

    1. Summer Smooches & Selfies Collection 2. Beachy Keen Collection
    3. Beach Beauties Collection

  60. Avatar Whitney Huenergardt says:

    For the second lipstick-
    Kiss The Girl
    For the red lipstick-
    THE Big Apple
    Have A Bite

  61. 1. Popsicle lips
    2. Tropic like its hot
    3. Beauty and the beach

  62. Beach Bonanza
    Summer Delight
    Sweet Summer

  63. 1. Fresh Impressions
    2. Seashore Breezes
    3. Blooming Kisses

  64. Avatar Carol Murphy says:

    1. The Free Spirit Collection
    2. The Summer Fun Collection
    3. The Southbound Collection

  65. 1. Poolin’ Around
    2. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
    3. Tropic like it’s Hot

  66. My suggestions for the collection name:

    “Beach Hair, Don’t Care”
    “Dusk and Summer”

    Good luck everyone!

  67. Avatar Andrea Karr says:

    1) Magnolia Collection
    2) BFF Collection
    3) Oh Hey, Vacay Collection

  68. Barefoot Beauty
    Lazy Days
    Shades of Summer

  69. 1. The Steel Magnolias Collection
    2. The Southern Belles Collection
    3. The Sedona Sunset Collection

  70. Avatar Siobhan Duggan says:

    1. Smile Like You Mean It!
    2. Dream On
    3.Unleash Adventure

  71. I made an error on my one post it should have been, Mai Tai is Now.

  72. Beachy Keen

  73. Main Tai is Now

    1. That should have been Mai Tai is Now

      1. Sun Goddess

  74. Hello! Enjoy my picks!

    1) Paradise Passion Collection

    2) Bold Lips, Dream Big – Summer Collection

    3) Endless Summer Collection

    Bonus ideas just because they exist: Whirlwind Romance – Summer Collection

  75. 1. Rambling rose collection
    2. Spring into Fall collection
    3. Sun Set Skies collection

  76. Avatar Leslie Jaedicke says:

    1. Midsummer’s Night Dream Collection
    2. What I Love About Summer Collection
    3. Never Let This Summer End! Collection


  78. Awesome colors …
    I will take 2 of each …

  79. Avatar Diana Frybarger says:





  80. 1. Summer Solstice Lipstick Collection
    2. Tis the Sea-Sun Lipstick Collection
    3. Soft Serve Lipstick Collection

  81. This is so fun. And I have to have Oh, Snapdragon lol. Here are my suggestions.
    1. Exotic Summer Nights
    2. 5 Shades of Pink
    3. Staycation to Vacation

  82. Heat Waves and Retrogrades
    Midsummer Crush Collection
    Daylight to Hot Nights

  83. Forbidden fruit collection
    Summertime fine collection
    Just 3 months collection

  84. 1) flirty and functional
    2) 5am to midnight summer collection
    3) Have a SWAKtastic summer collection

  85. Avatar Joanna Meston says:

    Summery Smooches
    Sunset Bouquet
    Vacation Vibes

  86. Summer Lovin’ Lips

  87. Summer Lovin’ Lips

  88. Avatar Raquel Domingo says:

    Tropical Storm Hangover

  89. If you ever want apple names….

    Red. Delicious!
    Pink Lady
    All JAZZed up!
    Gala Gorgeous
    Ready for my Cameo
    When in Rome
    Pacific Rose
    Ginger Gold (for a lipstick with golden shimmer, or for an eye shadow that’s has golden hues)

    For this collection’s group name
    -Beach Babes (a good name for hashtags #beachbabes)
    -Gorgeous Goddesses (also a good hashtag #gorgeousgoddesses)
    -Wahine Nani (mean “beautiful girl” in Hawaiian, you say it like “Wah-hee-nay Nah-nee)
    -Just About Perfect Club (Hotsy Totsy means just about perfect, too)
    -Sunkissed Sisters

  90. Avatar Raquel Domingo says:

    Solar Lips

  91. Avatar Raquel Domingo says:

    Solar Flare

  92. SUNSHINE GIRL Lipstick Collection.
    SUMMER ESSENTIAL Lipstick Collection.
    SUMMER MOOD Lipstick Collection

  93. Avatar Ashley Kisner says:

    Beach-y keen collection

  94. Avatar susanasarandon says:

    MY ENTRIES: 1. Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama.
    2. Endless Tropical Fantasy
    3. Montserrat Mystique

  95. Avatar Renee Tucker says:

    “Snap to Joy”

  96. 1. Wish They All Could Be…RAL Gals! Collection
    2. Girls Trip Lip Collection
    3. Summer Blockbusters Collection

  97. Avatar Suzanne Fearn says:

    Rose bouquet
    Summer kiss
    Summer lovin

  98. Kiss Kiss XO

  99. 1. Hot Summer Nights
    2. A Mid-Summer Night’s Drama
    3. Painting the Town Red Apple 🍎

  100. Besos de Verano
    Summer Kisses

  101. Avatar Sarah Tomasino says:

    1. Sunrise to Sunset
    2. Summerbliss
    3. Sunny dayze

  102. Avatar Sarah Tomasino says:

    1. Sunrise to Sunset
    2. Summerbliss
    3. Sunny dayze

  103. Avatar Domniki Sarri says:

    Vacation squad.

  104. Avatar Marisa Tomasic says:

    “Slush My Mouth” Collection
    “Cabana Nights” Collection
    “Melon-tini” Collection

  105. Avatar Christine Hodgin says:

    1) Selebrate Soleil
    2) Heated Solstice
    3) Sunrise to Sunset

  106. Avatar Cindy Padgett says:

    1) Beach Blossoms
    2) Sunrise to Sunset
    3) Got Color?

  107. Keepin’ it R.A.L.

  108. The Incred (LIP) bles

  109. 1. Summer in the City
    2. Take Me Away
    3. Sherbet Sensation

  110. Avatar Joanne Franc says:

    My Lips My Way

  111. Avatar nina rodriguez says:

    1.CoCo Kina
    2.Looney LuLu
    3.Loco CoCo

  112. Avatar Gwen Gadd says:

    1) SelfieLip(s)
    2) Summer of Luv
    3) LipLovin’

  113. 1. Flower Power
    2. Poolside Collection
    3. Ladies who lunch

  114. Avatar Susan Scott says:

    Shades of Hey there (sexy)!, (with or without the word sexy), Shades of Yay!, Perfectly Pouty!

  115. 1) Summer Lovin’
    2) Sunset kisses
    3) Sassy Smooches

  116. Avatar Sarah Lynch says:

    I think it should be the Poise of Summer collection, because wearing a great lipstick can give you poise and confidence in the toughest situations, and these are all great.

  117. The Jet Set
    Summer Black Dress Collection

  118. Avatar Debra Dunn says:

    Look At These Lips!
    Kiss My Apple’s !
    Apple A Day!

  119. Avatar Ellen Casper says:

    A Taste Of Summer
    Hello Sunshine
    I’m Gonna Let It Shine

  120. RALuscious: Fresh from our orchard

  121. Stolen Kisses

  122. Avatar Tracey Dinius says:

    Lips Alive
    All For The Love of Lips
    Luscious And Lovely

  123. Avatar Dawn Burkett says:

    Que si ra si ra,
    Summer Lovin’ or

  124. Avatar Caylan Kim says:

    “Just Beachy”

  125. 1. Making Waves
    2. Shore ‘Nuff (Enough)
    3. Resting Beach Face

  126. Avatar Debra Campanella says:

    Sedona Sizzling Summer Collection

  127. 1. A Summer to Remember
    2. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
    3. Life of the Party

  128. Summer Gems

    Summer Lovin’

    The Bachelorettes

    ( I can’t seem to find mine from hours ago?)

  129. Avatar joyce kochman says:

    Why we love Summer Collection

  130. Avatar joyce kochman says:

    The Sunrise to Sunset Collection

  131. Summerlicious
    Summer Berries

  132. 1. The Beach Roses
    2. Sassy Soul Sisters
    3. My Summer Fling

  133. Barefoot Beauty Collection
    Lazy Days Collection
    Shades of Summer Collection

  134. Summer Gems

    Summer Lovin’

  135. 1. Summer Nights
    2. Tropical Summer
    3. Summer Me This

  136. Avatar Vessie Cottrell says:

    Sunny Beach Gals
    Sunny Beach Lips
    Sunny Beach Gems

  137. 1.) Summer Lovin’ Collection

    2.) Beach or Bust Collection

  138. 1-sandy
    5- candy apple

  139. Avatar Martie Schoener says:

    The Cosmos Collection
    Summer Sunrise Collection
    Hot Summer Nights Collection

  140. Avatar Mary Lee Rossmaessler says:

    1. Saucy but Sweet
    2. Poolside Playfuls
    3. Sweet to a T

  141. 1. Summer haze, pastel daze collection
    2. Summer’s gaze, bold bright waves collection
    (“daze” or “waves” could be substituted with “days”)
    3. Girls on Tour: The Cruise of the Summer Isles collection

  142. Sea Gals

  143. Avatar Jaime Deutsch says:

    1. Passport to Paradise
    2. Tropical Wave
    3. Lipstick Luau

  144. Dream Vacation
    Sunset Cruise
    Sun’s out, Fun’s out

  145. 1. Long Island lips
    2. Mermaid collection
    3. Pacific Paradise Collection

  146. #1. Summer Dream
    #2. Beachy Keen
    #3. Swell and Nifty

  147. Núm 3

  148. LaDena Laha LaDena Laha says:

    Summer Orchard

  149. Avatar Lis Antepara says:

    1.Miami Nights Collection
    3. Summer Happy Hour collection

  150. Avatar Kristina Rathman says:

    1. Carnival of Color
    2. Bathing Beauties
    3. Summer Smiles

  151. Avatar danielle fritts says:

    1. Happy memories of sunsets
    2. Secret thought pink
    3. Let’s play sassy
    4. Kissing plumtastic
    5. Frankly my dear I dont give a Damn red.

  152. 1.) Coney Island Cuties
    2.) Five By The Ferris Wheel
    3.) The Salt Water Taffy Collection

  153. Avatar Danielle wright says:

    Summer Siesta
    Summer Bliss
    Ooh La la

  154. 1) Sensuous Smiles of Summer
    2) Sweet Delights of Summer
    3) Shining Summer Smiles

  155. Avatar Erin Sullivan says:

    1. Take Me Away Rosé
    2. Summer Fling
    3. Seaside Romance

  156. Avatar Lesley Abrams-Schwartz says:

    I Get My Lips On Route 66
    Kiss My Tulips!
    Swatch My Lips

  157. Lips on Holiday
    Kiss of Confidence
    Summer sun, lips so fun!

  158. Avatar Michele Linehan says:

    Sun Kissed Summer
    Tropical Breeze
    Sail Away

  159. Avatar Arlyne Vella says:

    “Summer Stars” Collection
    “5 Roses of Summer” Collection
    “Seaside Smackers” Collection

  160. Sunshine Squad

  161. Avatar Joanne Ruggiano says:

    Summer Solstice

  162. Sea La Vie

  163. Beautiful new collection!

    1) Petal to the metal
    2) Meet me in Casapinkey
    3) Perfect Pucker Petals

  164. Lip Squad – Summer ’19
    Summer Lovin’ Lips

  165. Avatar Jo Ann Henderson says:

    1,, Wrap My Heart Collection
    2. Cast a Spell Collection
    3.. Mine at Last Collection

  166. Avatar Jacqueline M says:

    1. Smiles of a Summer Night Collection
    2. Marrakesh My Lips Collection
    3. Endless Summer Kiss Collection

  167. Summer lovin’
    Kiss and smile
    Splendid summer

  168. Summer lovin’
    Splendid summer collection
    Smile and kiss collection

  169. Summer My Way
    Beach Babe Escapades
    Summer Intrigues

  170. Avatar Lori Bunce says:

    1. Summer Dreams
    2. Summers Romance
    3. Summertime Vibes

  171. 1. The Fresh-Squeezed Five
    2. Wish U Were Here💋
    3. Bon-Bon Voyage, Ladies!

  172. The “Roadtrip RAL Pals” Collection
    The “Beachy Bunch” Collection
    The “Lipstick Waves” Collection

  173. Avatar Kathryn Lazenby says:

    The Beach Girls collection
    Summer Lovin’ Collection
    Tropical Lovin’ Collection

  174. The Bachelorettes!

  175. Avatar michelle warner says:

    The Awed Squad

  176. The Girls of Summer
    The Saltwater Taffies
    The Beachy Sorbets

  177. Avatar Bartalits Michele says:

    Summer Starlights

  178. Avatar Amber Hobson says:

    1. Tropic Like It’s Hot
    2. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
    3. Beach Baes

  179. 1, Beachy Luscious Lip Collection
    2. Summer Luscious Lip Collection
    3. Beachfront Luscious Lip Collection

  180. Match My Mood

  181. Avatar Jennifer Scott says:

    1. Summertime Romances!
    2. On Holidaze!
    3. Vacation Babes!

  182. Avatar Haleh Houshim says:

    Flourishing beauties
    festive summer troop
    pop up beach exploration

  183. 1) “Let’s Rally Girls!”
    2) “Summer Soirée”
    3) “Sugar Babes”

  184. Avatar Haleh Houshim says:

    Inner Garden
    Summer serenity
    indigenous collection

  185. Avatar Jackeline Lopez says:

    The Zinnias
    The Water Lilies
    The Bleeding Hearts

  186. I would call them:

    Island Sherbert Shades

  187. I beach you’re gonna look great!!

    Beachy Queen collection


  188. Fiercely Feminine

    Twisted Worlds

    Not Your Basic Reds

  189. Hola Señorita

  190. Avatar Haleh Houshim says:

    Radiate your vibration
    ignited lips
    magnetic reflections

  191. Avatar Katie mann says:

    #1 Island Dreaming collection
    #2 la isle bonita collection
    #3 summer goddess collection

  192. Avatar Jan Sears says:

    Think beach, think fun, think joy!!
    Names as follows
    1. Leisure Looker!
    2. Cool Joy!
    3. Hula! Hula!

  193. Summer Bouquet Collection

  194. Ann Ellanson Ann Ellanson says:

    (1) Sunkissed Sunnies Collection
    (2) Summer Kisses Collection
    (3) Girls Just Want To Have Sun Collection

  195. Sejuice Me


  196. Laurie Parks Laurie Parks says:

    Sweet Lips, Sandy Feet & Salty Hair
    Kissed by the Sea
    Beachin’ Lips

  197. The Sand Bum Collection

  198. TropiKisses xo

  199. The Water Lilly Collection

  200. “The Beachcombers” Collection

  201. Hot Pop
    Summer Pop
    Gimme Lippies

  202. Avatar Kristina Stone says:

    1.Girls Night Out
    2.Pucker Up Buttercup
    3. Summer Vibes Only

  203. Kisses from the Tropics xxx

  204. Marvelous Midsummer Collection

  205. Rays of Sunshine
    Colors of Summer
    Bikini Brigade

  206. Avatar Charlotte Hetterick says:

    Morning Glories

  207. Avatar Sahithya Ghattamaraju says:

    Beach baes
    Pool posse
    Splash squad

  208. Avatar Chloe Tilden says:

    Paradise kiss
    Beat The Heat

  209. Avatar Charlotte Hetterick says:

    Sunset Hues

  210. Avatar Chloe Tilden says:

    Seas the day
    Tutti Frutti
    Sun daze

  211. Such Talented Folks!
    1. Summer Sorbet Collection
    2. This Way To The Beach Collection
    3. Santorini Sunset Collection

  212. Avatar Chloe Tilden says:

    Tropic heat
    Long lost lips
    Pack a punch

  213. Avatar Diana Frybarger says:

    My names:

    Poetry On Fire
    Heaven On Earth
    Blazing In The Sunset
    Lilacs Reigning
    To Be Charmed
    Honeymoon Pink
    Marry Me Cherie!
    Color Me Jeopardy
    Every Pretty Little Flower
    Jackie ‘O In Paris

  214. Liptopia Collection

  215. 1. Summer Love
    2. Flaming Beauties
    3. Beach Babe Collection

  216. 1. Summer Lip Fling
    2. Summer Lovin’ Lips
    3. Beach Vibe Lips

  217. Avatar Beverly Kraft says:

    3. KISSEMS

  218. True Blue
    Squad Goals
    Sweet Heat

  219. 1. Terra Cotta
    2. Dang!
    3. One in a melon
    4. Raspberry sorbet
    5. Bomb Poppy

  220. Splash into Summer
    Dazzle Me Delightful

  221. Avatar Ann Allen says:

    Summer Daze Collection

  222. Avatar Ann Allen says:

    Luxury Lip Collection

  223. Avatar Ann Allen says:

    Sun & Sizzle Collection

  224. Summer Funtime
    Vacation Summer
    Pastime Fun in Summer

  225. Avatar Lisa Karpen says:

    Summer Holiday collection
    Foxy Lady collection
    VaVa Voom Power Pouts

  226. Avatar Cheryle E Williams says:

    High Five Lip Sensation!

  227. Always Summer

  228. Summer Fling
    Ready Steady GO
    Why Not Shine Bright

  229. Avatar Jackie Williams says:

    Shameless Beauty Collection

    1. Sun Sand and Sea

  230. Summer Supremes
    Daylight Dazzles
    Color me Fabulous

  231. Avatar Nina Raval says:

    Red Apple Summer Festival Collection
    Red Apple- The Summer Tour Collection
    Red Apple Runaway with Me Collection

  232. Avatar Becky Fay says:

    How about one of these names for our summery collection?


    2) PLAYA de la PLAYFUL!


  233. Avatar Kierra Pierre says:

    Summer Paradise Set
    Take Me Back to Paradise Set
    Summertime Squad

  234. Avatar Christine says:

    Sunsets and Moonbeams
    Beach Balls and Babes

  235. Avatar Stacey Kreuscher says:

    1. Fruity Lipstick Collection
    2. Popsicle Lipstick Collection
    3. Sherbert Lipstick Collection

  236. 1. Surf’s Up
    2. Liptastic Lagoon
    3. From Sea to Shining Sea

  237. Avatar Stacey Kreuscher says:

    1. Fruity Collection
    2. Popsicle Collection
    3. Sherbet Collection

  238. Avatar Elizabeth Lanthier says:

    1. Perfect Summer Day(s)
    2. Garden Party
    3. Endless Summee

    1. Avatar Elizabeth Lanthier says:

      I meant Endless Summer for number three! LOL

  239. 1-Summer S’Mores Lovin’
    2-Summer Girlz
    3-Kissing Edges

  240. Avatar Harlie Meredith says:

    Summer lovers
    Beach babes
    Cool for the pool

  241. Avatar Tammy Arkus says:

    Summer Smacktacular!
    Popsicle Lips!
    Kiss Me It’s Summer!

  242. Avatar Connie Ernst says:

    1. Five Shades of Summer
    2. Summer Smoothies
    3. Tropical Travelers

  243. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Destination relaxation
    Sparks and Recreation
    Summer Days, Drifting Away…

  244. Myrna K Pouyatt Myrna K Pouyatt says:

    Tropical Breezes Collection

  245. Avatar Lynn Allen says:

    Just Beach-in Around ! 🏝🕶☀️
    Sun-Sational Beach Collection☀️🏖🏄🏼‍♀️
    Kiss Me at Sunset

  246. 1. Midsummer Mischief Medley
    2. Stars of Summer Suite
    3. Summer Vibe Tribe Collection


  247. The “Good to Glow” collection – these colors have the ability to give everyone that certain ‘glow’ of confidence and complete our look
    The “We’ve Got You Covered” collection – these colors truly ‘cover’ every occasion we might encounter, and the different facets that we possess
    The “Miss B. Haven” collection – the color personalities of these lipsticks can be ‘either MISS B. Haven’,(flirty), or simply ‘B. Haven’

  248. Avatar Lynn Allen says:

    Just Beach-in Around !☀️🏖🕶
    Sun- Sational Beach Collection 🏝🏖🏝
    Kiss-Me at Sunset 💋💄🏖

  249. 1. The Getaway Gang/Summer Getaway Collection

    2. Girls Just Want to Have Sun Collection

    3. Resting Beach Face Collection

  250. Avatar Joanne Franc says:

    Summer dreaming .. My Lips My Way.

  251. Avatar Beth Witherspoon says:

    Sumptuous Sunset
    Breezy Beauties
    Fantastically Feminine

  252. Avatar Kari Judd says:


  253. 1. Re-Fresh!
    2. AHH-Mazing
    3. Refreshing Getway

  254. Hippie Lippie Chicks
    Kiss My Boots

  255. 1. Pucker Up Posse
    2. Lip Quenching Quints. (Quintuplets)
    3. Fantastic Fresh Five

  256. 1. KisSummeRed DragonGlam Corp.
    2. MoccoDragoFlameRed KISSME LLC
    3. FlaMingleReDragon KISS Co.

  257. Avatar Kerri Trowbridge says:

    Lipstick Lollipop Collection
    Sassy Shades of Summer
    Tooty Fruity & Oh So Cutey!

  258. 1.) ThenHelter Swelter Collection
    2.) The Midsummer Memories Collection
    3.)The Golden Afternoon Collection


    1. oops *The Helter Swelter Collection

  259. 1. Pretty in pink
    2. Charmin Beauty
    3. Bliss lips

    Collection name:
    Summer’s Secret Collection

  260. Avatar Michelle Connor says:

    Sand and Sea Collection
    Pretty Little Lippies Collection
    Come Away With Me Collection

  261. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    New Horizons
    Color my World
    Fun Shine
    Anything is Possible
    Happiest Place on Earth
    Celebrate Good Times
    Take a Cruise Baby
    Good for the Soul
    Giggles and Good Times

  262. 1. Heat Babes
    2. Rose-A-Lips
    3. Rendez-Rouge

  263. Avatar Louise Duda says:

    “Summertime Hues”
    “Beach Blanket Blush”
    “Summer Sunset”

  264. Avatar Chelsea W. says:

    Summer Radiance
    Vacation Essentials
    Glam & Go

  265. Avatar Stephanie McKenna says:

    The Summer Starlets Part 2 Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = All American Girl
    2. Red Apple Red = Shake It Off
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Dance to This
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Only In My Dreams
    5. Kissimmee = California Gurls

    All named after famous summer songs by famous female artists

  266. Avatar Virginia J says:

    1. Sunny Day
    2. Glam-R-Us
    3. Insta-Kiss

  267. Avatar Stephanie McKenna says:

    The Summer Starlets Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = Summertime
    2. Red Apple Red = Firework
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Glitter in the Air
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Daydreamer
    5. Kissimmee = Cool for the Summer

    All named after famous summer songs by famous female artists

  268. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Destination relaxation

  269. Avatar Alexandra Mendez says:

    The Jetsetter Collection

  270. Avatar Floy Hoppe says:

    Summer Blossoms
    Sunset Evenings
    The Happy Collection

  271. Avatar Stephanie McKenna says:

    The Divas Collection:
    1. Day After Morocco = Riri or Bey
    2. Red Apple Red = Taylor
    3. Oh Snapdragon = Gaga
    4. Let’s Flamingo = Ari
    5. Kissimmee = Britney or Celine

  272. Avatar MARY AUSTIN says:

    Plum delightful

  273. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Playful Destinations

  274. Avatar Karen Mahoney says:

    1. Tropical Bliss
    2. Midsummer Daydreams
    3. Tranquil Elegance

  275. Peaches on the beaches

    Colors of Summer

  276. 1. Paradise Pink
    2. Sultry Havana
    3. Kiss’n Tell

  277. Avatar Julie Tranetzki says:

    1. The Aloha Lip Collection
    2. The Punch Bowl Pout Collection
    3. The Shady Lady Collection

  278. Avatar Staci Nowell says:

    1. Passion-istas 2. Belle-wether Collection (def: one that takes the lead, an indicator of trends) 3. Radiance

  279. *Ring Around the Rosies
    *Summer Smiles
    *Pocket Full of Posies

  280. 1. Adventures Await
    2. Beachcomber Club
    3. Seashell Pals

  281. Avatar catherine Stein says:

    here are my three choices for naming the collection.
    Sorbet Collection
    Summer Groovin Collection
    The Shades of Summer Collection

  282. Avatar DeDe Coston says:

    1.Princess Cruise collection
    2. Love Boat Beauties

  283. Avatar Cynthia Medina says:

    Sassy girl collection 💁‍♀️💃

  284. The Summer Dreamtime Collection

  285. Barbara Coon Barbara Coon says:

    Garden Party
    Lip-lip Bouquet!

  286. Avatar Michaelene B Geiser says:

    1. Cool Coastals
    2. Seaside Sunsets
    3. Shore Things

  287. 1.Beach, please!
    2. Summer breeze babies
    3. Beach bombs

  288. Avatar Wanda Zurlo says:

    Summer Sizzle

  289. Avatar Cynthia Medina says:

    Honeymoon collection
    Date me collection

  290. Avatar Patty Wright says:

    Sun kissed
    Summer lovin
    Summer fest Collection

  291. Avatar Inge Sander says:

    Beach Comer

  292. Avatar Patty Wright says:

    Summer Lovin
    Sun kissed
    Summer fest

  293. 1. On Vacation
    2. Summer Fling
    3. Road Trip

  294. Robin Mitchell Robin Mitchell says:

    1) Surf and Sandcastles
    2) Hot Summer Nights are Calling
    3) Get Me to the Beach

  295. Avatar Jennifer Rugh says:

    1. Cacti in Bloom
    2. Botanical Bunch
    3. Blushing Petunias

  296. 1. Naked Nectars Collection
    2. The Sun Always Sets Collection
    3. Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection

  297. Avatar Andrea Monroe says:

    Sol Sisters
    Hawaiian Sunset
    Flaming Sol

  298. The Gee-Gee Collection (Otherwise known as Globally Gorgeous)

  299. Avatar Inge Sander says:

    How about “Summer Fest”

  300. Seize the Daycation

  301. Avatar Dana Sears says:

    Summer Sunsets
    Fun in the Sun
    Summer Lovin’

  302. “one in a melon” 🍉

  303. Summer Lovin’ collection

  304. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Post this!
    Time out

  305. Lip Chicks
    Splash Squad
    RAL Gals/RAL Pals

  306. #Summer Self-Free

  307. Avatar Colleen Barry says:

    Makin’ Waves

  308. 1. Princess Rose collection
    2. Victorian collection
    3. Charming Beauty collection

  309. Avatar Colleen Barry says:

    Hello Sunshine!

  310. 1. Kiss my lips
    2. Dreamy Lips
    3. Good vibes

  311. Summer Love
    Pink Apples
    Butterfly Kisses

  312. Avatar Jennifer Rubin says:

    Making Memories
    Summer is calling

  313. Summer Lovin’
    Garden of Delights
    Barefoot in the Grass

  314. Summer Quintet
    Summer Shades
    Quintet d’été

  315. Tammy Clark Tammy Clark says:

    Tropical Paradise Collection

  316. Avatar Kathleen B. says:

    Fun in the Sun

  317. Avatar Becky Tooley says:

    My summer my way

  318. Avatar Colleen Barry says:

    Summer Nights

  319. Unforgettable summer
    Bitten by paradise
    A midnight summer’s dream

  320. Avatar Kathleen B says:

    1. Solar Coral
    2. Pink Interesting
    5. Reddy for Anything

  321. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Collection

  322. Avatar Jennifer Grand says:

    Bright Stars
    Classic Beauties
    Love My Lips

  323. Wander Luster
    The Bomb Voyage
    Pretty in Paradise

  324. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Girl Power
    I broke the net!
    What a view!
    Picture Perfect
    Punch my Ticket

  325. Avatar Heidi tehilla newman says:


  326. Avatar Jean rogers Yorke says:

    Morning in the garden
    Morning after in garden
    Morning after in my mind

  327. Avatar Deb Melkus says:

    Cotton Candy Sweet Collection
    Midsummer Night Fun Collection
    Meet me in the garden 😉

  328. 1. The fabulous five
    2.fun summer nights
    3.fabled vibes

  329. Avatar Karen Bell-Brege says:

    Picture Perfect
    Beauty Beach
    Sea-sational Summer Shades

    1. Avatar Heidi tehilla Newman says:

      The kissabilities!

      1. Congratulations Heidi. The collection name chosen is The Kissabilities. I’m emailing you now to claim your prize <3

  330. Energy burst!

  331. Avatar tiffany crisci says:

    Lips You Love
    You Wanna Kiss ‘em
    Hot Lips

  332. Avatar Toni Hays says:

    Passport to happiness!
    Made in the shade!
    Sunrise to sunset!

  333. Avatar Heather Shalhoub says:

    1. Beach Blanket Bingo
    2. Lippie-A-Go-Go
    3. Girls Gone Summer

  334. Mary Poppins
    Rainbow tail
    Yoga chakra

  335. Avatar Alyssa Pritchett says:

    1.) Traveling in the Tropics Collection
    2.) Super Juicy Summer Collection
    3.) Poolside Pout Collection

  336. Avatar lucie zacharova says:

    breezy beach
    summer love
    sunset kiss

  337. Sisterhood of travelling RALs

  338. Avatar Joyce Kochman says:

    1. Ladybug
    2. Hummingbird
    3. Breezie Beezie

  339. Avatar Rosemary P. says:

    Lip Service
    Lip Lock
    Summer Silk

  340. Avatar jessica lewis says:

    Miami Nice

  341. Waikiki sunrise
    Tropical persuasion
    Gin and juice

  342. 1. Moroccans on the Beach
    2. Best Apple Beachies
    3. Beach Pinkies Lippies

  343. “The real steel magnolias”
    All so different yet powerful

  344. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Let’s go!

  345. Sultry Sol Sisters

  346. Joie de vivre
    Sassy Summer Sensations

  347. Avatar jessica lewis says:

    Casa Antigua

  348. Avatar Angelica B says:

    1. Sugar & Spice & Everything nice
    2. Color Me Beautiful
    3. Hawaiian Sunset

  349. Avatar Elizabeth Gilmore says:

    Beat the Heat
    Color Me Summer
    Summer Lovin’ Lips

  350. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Vacation Station
    Bon Voyage
    See you in two weeks
    Somewhere South of Oz

  351. Avatar Kat Street says:

    1. Sundry Summer
    2. Two Weeks With Pay
    3. Don’t be a Shady Beach

  352. Summer Sleek

  353. The spice swrils

  354. Sun Sisters

  355. Spectacular!

    1 = Tango til midnight
    2 = Midnight delight
    3 = Flirt
    4 = Lavender luscious
    5 = Va-va-vamanos

  356. Summer Sensations !! Ladies dream !! Prize collection !!

  357. 1. Irish Meadow
    2. Blushing Wolf
    3. Rose Quartz Collection

  358. Summer Love
    Summer Sizzle

  359. Avatar Carolyn Bowman says:

    Luscious Fruity Sensations Collection

  360. 1. fine summer living
    sunloving lipstick friends
    sunrise to sunset

  361. Elizabeth Rude Elizabeth Rude says:

    1. Picture Perfect!
    2. Gems and Jewels
    3. Simply Sumptuous

  362. Tickled Pinks

  363. Summer Sizzlers

  364. 1 . Irish Meadow
    2 . Blushing Wolf
    3 . Rose Quartz Collection

  365. Aloha State of Mind
    Mai Tai in Paradise
    Honolulu Hula

  366. Avatar Victoria Thomas says:

    Summer Resorts

  367. Beach Beauties

  368. Endless Summer collection

  369. Summer Fiesta
    Miami Heat
    Bring the Heat

  370. Sue Olson Sue Olson says:

    In the Summertime
    Summer Breeze
    Bright Sunshiny Days

  371. Avatar Erin Bell says:

    selfie squad
    Princess puckers
    Bring out the brights

  372. Cheeky Chic Summer

  373. Beach Blanket Bling or Beachy Keen

  374. Beach Babes

  375. Flirtatious Five

    1. Avatar Alexandra says:

      Beach Baes
      Sunshine Squad
      Flirty Five

  376. Avatar Kristian Barnard says:

    Pouty Pinks
    Perfect Pinks
    Pink Power

  377. Avatar Chris Bordner says:

    Bend the Trend,
    Summer Madness

  378. Endless Summer Kisses

  379. Avatar Donna DiMuccio says:

    Beauty and the Beach

  380. Avatar Jennifer Key says:

    Summer Lovin’
    A Midsummer Lip’s Dream

  381. Fresh and Fabulous!

  382. Avatar Jan Sears says:

    1. Fijian Melon
    2. Tongan Eve
    3. Tropical Joy

  383. LipService

  384. Avatar Chris Bordner says:

    Bend the Trend, SimmerTime, Summer Madness

  385. Lipstravaganza!

    1. Avatar Jacquelyn Mobley says:

      how fun, my pics are # 1 HOT TROPICS #2 TROPICAL SUNSET #3 COLOR ME SUMMER

      1. Avatar Jillian A says:

        1. The Golden Girls
        2. Let’s Fly Away
        3. Adventure Is Out There

      2. Avatar Amanda Burnett says:

        1- Exotic Paradise
        2- Summer Vacation
        3- Tropical Sunset

      3. SUNSHINESTA Lipstick Collection
        GOOD VIBES Lipstick Collection

      4. Avatar Briana Donze says:

        1. Apricot Breeze.
        2. Plucky Heroine.
        3. Summer Wind or Summer Heat.
        4. Cosmopolitan
        5. Miss Sassafras.

        1. •Estavanganza(estate+stravaganza)

      5. Avatar Lisa Van Gilst says:

        Summer perfection
        Tropical storm

    2. Avatar Andrea french says:

      1.Let’s give them “something to pink about”
      2. Red apples and Cherry blossoms
      3. Wrapped around my pinky collection

      1. Avatar Jane DeLuca says:

        Sensuous Seashells and Sunsets
        Gelato by the Sands and the Seashore
        Surf’s Garden/Neptune’s Garden Paradise

        1. Avatar Jeanne Mallett says:

          Summer Dreamer

    3. Avatar Jeanne Scheffel says:

      1. Sway Your Way
      Summer Collection

      2. Turning Heads
      Summer Collection

      3. Steal The Show
      Summer Collection

    4. Avatar Lina hedayattzadeh says:

      1. Strawberry kisses 🍓💋
      2. Aruba sunsets
      3. Summer fling

      1. Avatar Chanelle W says:

        1. Sunset Flames Collection
        2. Under the Sunset Sky
        3. On the beachside

        1. Avatar Renee Payton says:

          1) Snap, apple, red I’m at the beach
          2) Beaches and Blooms Collection
          3) Color me beachy

    5. Avatar Nancy Trump says:

      Summer Sunsets

    6. Avatar Amy schrooten says:

      1. Sunset stroll collection
      2. Walk the boardwalk collection
      3. Sunset cove collection

    7. Pucker up collection

    8. Day into Night Collection

    9. Summer Staycation Collection

    10. Avatar Jeanne Mallett says:

      Tropic Like It’s Hot

    11. Avatar Ayla Alderman says:

      1. Come Sail Away
      2. Summer Lovin’
      3. C’est la Vie

    12. Avatar Michelle McCarter says:

      1.Colors of Summer
      2. Pucker up for Summer
      3. Smile thru Colors

  386. Avatar Jennifer Key says:

    Summer Squad collection

    1. 1. Piña Colada Ya Wanna

      2. Sunset Riders

      3. Summer Nights Dreamin’

      1. Avatar jessica lewis says:

        Puesta de sol

      2. Avatar Sara Lion says:

        Famous Beaches in the USA
        1) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Day after Morocco
        2) Venice Beach, California, USA (Kissimmee)
        3) Waikiki, Hawaii (Let’s Flamingal)
        4)Daytona Beach, Florida (Oh Snapdragon)
        5) Jersey Shore, New Jersey (red apple red)

        1. Sultry Sunset collection

          1. Sweet & Sexy

        2. Avatar Sara Lion says:

          Scratch that, I guess I was supposed to name the collection not hijack the lipstick names. Let’s try this again:

          1)Maui Dew Drops
          2) Garden Goddess
          3) My lips, my way

          1. 1. Summer Breeze Babes
            2. Sweet Summer Shades
            3. The Fabulous Five

          2. 1. Girls’ Weekend
            2. Girls’ Night Out
            3. Squad Goals

        3. Summer Collection name contest:

          1) Summer Bloom
          2) Garden of Eden
          3) Charmed

    2. 1. Pina Collecta

      2.Sorbet Mania

      3. Daze n’ nights

  387. Avatar Elaine Pleasance says:

    Sizzling summer sensations

      1. 1: I know what your lips wore last summer
        2: Beachy-keen!
        3: Garden Gems

        1. 1) Sisterhood of The Traveling Lipsticks

          2) Summer Kissed

          3) Rouge For You

          1. Avatar Iris kraft says:

            Verano Five

          2. Avatar Deborah Haydock says:

            1) 2Lips 4 U:
            Summer Bouquet
            2) Meowza! The Catwalk Collection
            3) Miami Muah

      2. Avatar Stacey Smith says:

        1. First Date
        2. Day dreamin
        3. Summer breeze

        1. Avatar Elaine Pleasance says:

          Summer vibes
          Summer luxe

          1. Avatar Roxanne Carrasco says:

            The Sunkissed Lips
            Summer Sorbet
            Seaside Lippies

          2. My summer garden

        2. Avatar Lindsay T. says:

          1: On Island Time Collection
          2: Wildflower Feilds Forever Collection
          3: Paradise Punch Collection

    1. Sunlit Kisses
      Sunset Shades a Go-Go
      Summer Rendezvous

      1. Surfing Safari Smiles
        Beach Blanket Bingo
        The Summer Quintuplets

    2. Summer Daze collection

      1. 1) School’s Out For Summer Collection
        2) Lover’s Lips Cove Collection
        3) Desert Island Faves Collection

        1. Avatar Daisy Alas says:

          1. The Heatwave Collection
          2. Tropicalia Collection
          3. The Sunset Breeze Collection

        2. OSUNSHINESTA Lipstick Collection
          GOOD VIBES Lipstick Collection

      2. Summer Breeze Quintet

        1. Fun in the Sun

    3. 1. Pretty Little Lips
      2. Blossom lips
      3. Charming gals

      1. Avatar Elisa Escoto says:

        Hi! Ok, my three are:

        1) Beach Party!

        2) Garden Club!

        3) The Pinks!

    4. Avatar Charlotte Hetterick says:

      Bathing Beauties

      1. Avatar Jeanne Mallett says:

        Sunset Delight

    5. 1. Garden’s Glory
      2. Shades of Sunset
      3. Showy Summer Blooms

  388. summer jewels, summer fun girls

    1. Avatar Shannon Rhodes says:

      Summer Memories

      1. Avatar Ellen Carneski says:

        1) Strawberry Summer
        2) Pomegranate Pink
        3) Summer Melon
        4) Midsummer Magic

    2. Avatar Linda Washington says:

      1) Summer Jammin’
      2) Red my Lips
      3) Forever Summer

  389. 1. Rainbow’s Edge
    2. Meet Me in Maui
    3. Tuscan Sunset

    1. Vacay Vogue

      1. Yes to “Summer Rendezvous”

        1. Oh Vay-cay!
          Take me away!

          1. Avatar Betty Dees says:

            1. 5 dreamy kisses! 2. Lip luscious five! 3.
            Five long ….lasting kisses!!!!!

        2. Hello, I would like to add these as a possibility.
          1) Kiss around the world collection
          2) Passion fashion collection
          3) color me gorgeous collection

      2. Avatar Patricia Vanderhoff says:

        1. Summer Sunsets
        2. Poolside Parfaits
        3. Summer Sun Days

        1. Avatar Cinthia Valentin says:

          1. The “Seaside Treasures” Collection
          2. The “Summer Secrets” Collection
          3. The “Bathing Beauties” Collection

          1. Tara Raulston Tara Raulston says:

            The desirables
            Lip destinations
            Goddess beauty

          2. 1- Fave vacay!
            2- Tea for 2
            3- Playa Girl
            4- Bee with Me
            5- Leo Lovers

          3. Gettin’ a little Lippy!!

    2. Avatar Meri Ann Klocke says:

      1. Good Ole Summertime
      2. Summer Lovin
      3. Beach Party

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