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How To Apply And Remove Mascara

By the title of this blog post you might be thinking “I already know how to do these things!” However, just stick with us here because you might learn something new. You could even find out that the way you’ve been removing your mascara is damaging your luscious lashes and causing them to fall out prematurely. […]

#thelashproject – Red Apple’s New Gluten Free, 2-in-1 Mascara Unboxed

Red Apple Gluten Free safe makeup tips

This is a special surprise. I interrupted Andrea during a team meeting to reveal the first tray of the The Lash Project, our new 2-in-1 conditioning Mascara that releases on July 31st, 2014. Click here to read more about how this Mascara formula will change lives.

The #1 Objection To Our New Mascara

Red apple Mineral Based mascara

The #1 objection to our new mascara is… The Price … but it shouldn’t be and here’s why… Here’s the big white elephant in the room.  At $42 a bottle (before coupon) it may seem a steep price to pay for mascara. However, The Lash Project is much, much more than ‘just a mascara’.  The Lash […]

Never Have Dry Mascara Again

The Lash Project is being released in early July 2014!! Woo hoo!! We have long awaited the completion of this project and I know you have too.  I wanna tell you things about this mascara as I think of them, so you can get the full picture. First off, if you haven’t already – REGISTER […]

Why Commercial Mascaras Make Your Eyelashes Gross

Insert UGLY lashes photo here <- wait scratch that!! No one wants to see ugly lashes that are inflamed and red and puffy and itchy…that’s what we’re all trying to get away from, right? Right! Most commercial mascaras, no matter if they came from Nordstrom or Wal-Mart are chocked full of nasty ingredients that are […]

Waterproof mascara kills eye lash roots over time

You’ve likely already gotten the hint that your lash follicle can be damaged. Years of eye lash abuse leads to all kinds of problems and afflictions of the eye lash and eye lid. Here’s a wiki-pedia article that outlines 12 different afflictions, some of which I am sure you have experienced. The biggest problem?? You […]