Women In Tech Are Awesome (and HILARIOUS!)

Overheard the funniest twitter conversation this morning! @SarahMei came up with the best idea for conference swag – TECH THEMED EYESHADOW PALETTES!!  Well, that’s right up our alley…

While none of our current shadows have tech names (how tragic!)…

I think a fun way to celebrate all the women in tech is to create little mini palettes/bundles that come pretty darn close to the actual HEX shades of some of the responses @SarahMei received.

To check out our full “Style Sheet” go here: Tech Women Rock

@Bastlynn suggested:


gLAMP It Up Palette Stack Here: Our favorite hues from each logo: Black, Magenta, Blue, Soft Purple

Have a read through all the clever, tongue-in-cheek responses this awesome tweet received – and you too, will realize why women in tech are hilarious and awesome! Geek Chic for the win!

Hyperlink Shades (one of my personal favorites!!!): Hyperlink blue, clicked on hyperlink purple…and gotta show some love for hyperlink RED!!


There’s a special place in my Texan heart for WordPress. And a big thank you to @WP101 for introducing and teaching it to me.  Here’s my ode to WP <3

Wordpressed Shadows – guaranteed to not make your eyes itch or water after a long day at WordCamp and even after the after party!

Creating these made me realize that blue and orange are HIGHLY under-represented in makeup – and all over the place in the tech world.  Me thinks it’s time to create some lighter blues, and true oranges *swings cape and makes dramatic exit to the laboratory* ;P

Till next time all you beautiful techy women!

Keep making our tech world beautiful and easy-to-use (which we know takes LOTS of intelligence and behind-the-scenes, thankless work) – and we’ll do the same for your makeup bag!

Sound off with any requests and suggestions for creation! We hand-craft small batches of clean, safe and gorgeous makeup (perfect for anyone…but especially women with allergies, sensitivities, or a desire for non-toxic makeup)!

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