The #1 Objection To Our New Mascara

Red apple Mineral Based mascara

The #1 objection to our new mascara is…

The Price

… but it shouldn’t be and here’s why…

Here’s the big white elephant in the room.  At $42 a bottle (before coupon) it may seem a steep price to pay for mascara.

However, The Lash Project is much, much more than ‘just a mascara’.  The Lash Project is a 2-in-1 mascara that conditions and strengthens your lashes from follicle to tip – as you wear it.

Take a look at the different prices of just mascaras:

Drugstore: anywhere from $5 – $13
Department store: anywhere from $16 – $50

What’s really irks me about the cosmetics industry at large is that the ingredients that cause itchy eyes, allergic reactions, dead lash follicles, and clumpy mascara are present in a lot of mainstream mascaras, no matter if they cost $5 or $50! Glycols, butenes, and TEA to name a few. (mainly cause they are all made by the same companies)

And they do the opposite of helping your lashes stay healthy and beautiful.

So to recap, commercial mascaras don’t perform all that well (clumps, smudging, flakes) – they cause irritation over time (itchy, watery, red eyes) – and they damage your lash follicle by clogging it with nasty ingredients and harsh chemicals (stubby lashes, lashes that grow in weird directions, lashes that fall out).

Not to mention that they dry out quickly, so you must replace them quickly, because they aren’t exactly “fresh” when you buy them – unless you don’t mind suffering through using dried out flaky, clumpy mascara – I know I didn’t.

But, imagine this…

What if I told you that I had a mascara that (no matter how many mascaras you’ve tried)

  • would perform the way you want a mascara to perform (no clumps, no smudging, no flaking)
  • wouldn’t cause your eyes to get all itchy, puffy, scratchy and red
  • would feel weightless when you wore it
  • would condition your lashes and follicle – so that they don’t fall out prematurely, or grow stubby
  • would help reverse and repair damage from years of using the other stuff
  • would keep your lashes in perfect health for years to come
  • would not dry out when you know the tube is NOT empty (urg!)
  • would last longer in your makeup bag than all other mascaras have
  • came in a specially designed tube that didn’t contain any BPA or plasticizers that mix with your mascara.
  • had a brush specially designed separate and curl your lashes.
  • used incredibly high quality and beneficial ingredients
  • didn’t contain any harsh chemicals or cancer causing preservatives

Would you want to try it?  Of course you would, we all would.

Then I tell you it’s $42.  Yikes, you might think.

Stop, wait right there.  What I just described is different than ALL other mascaras – it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

The Lash Project can’t be compared to a $20 product that contains cheap fillers, irritating ingredients, and follicle damaging chemicals.

Let’s look at some math – ’cause I like numbers – they make sense to me.

If this mascara lasted you 90 days (which is the case if you wear two coats every single day )

  • it would cost you just $.47 a day for your lash health and beauty (that’s less than 2 quarters a day!)

If The Lash Project lasted you 6 months (like it did two of our beta-testers who only used it 4-5 times a week)

  • it would cost you only $.23 a day!!

Now, what if I told you that you can ALWAYS use a coupon by being a part of our free VIP club?? Get a coupon here.

Let’s do the math again: $42 with a 10% off coupon = $37.80 (with free shipping)

  • 90 days = 42 cents a day
  • 180 days = 21 cents a day

Hmm, what all could we come up with that PER DAY we spend more than 42 cents on…that we don’t think twice about.

I guarantee you fabulous lashes, and a mascara that doesn’t give you any issues, and I can do it all for less than a quarter a day.  And if I’m wrong, you can always get your money back.  I’m taking all the risk.  If you’re like me, and 99% of all other women I know – you’d jump for joy!

You and I have the opportunity to stop the vicious cycle that big cosmo creates with sexy ads and un-sexy ingredients.

You and I have the opportunity to TAKE BACK OUR LASHES.  Give them the conditioning and TLC they need.

And do it all for 47 cents a day.  Launches July 31st.

Head over to for all details and to be reminded of the launch date.


I don’t know about you, but I spend 50 cents on just black coffee every day – and I don’t even think twice.

What do you spend $.50 a day on, that you don’t think twice about??

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