6 Tips To Stop Makeup From Transferring To Your Face Mask.

image depicting makeup transferred to covid face mask.

It has been more than a year since we need to wear face masks to slow the COVID-19 spread amongst us.

Since it has become a must have, daily accessory, let’s talk about makeup under it. Regardless if you’re headed to the office or grocery store and simply like to wear makeup everyday, those tips might prevent you from looking a bit undone after taking your mask off. The lips are especially challenging, but I think the whole makeup suffers under a mask, so let’s try to make a better makeup routine and learn a little about how to stop makeup from transferring for once. I mean after all, I’m not going to stop wearing makeup, but I will alter my makeup routine slightly. I might also suggest possibly not wearing excess makeup on days I know I’ll be wearing a face mask more. I’m okay in suggesting you keep your makeup light

1. Skin prep is the key

First of all, it is important to prep your skin and I hope you know it and do not skip this important step. By prepping I mean your regular morning skincare routine including the mineral SPF (especially on uncovered face areas). You might however want to skip any rich moisturizer – under the mask it will feel a bit too heavy and make transferring easy. Instead, use the lightweight moisturizer, primer or simply aloe based (or even water based) serum. This will help to keep your skin hydrated without making it look and feel oily.

Good skin prep can make all the difference. It will hold up to a face mask much better.

2. Foundation or no, you gotta go

Do you need a foundation? Can you go without? Is it absolutely necessary for your makeup routine? It is a personal preference, but if you like wearing full makeup, I would go for light to medium coverage. Choose more matte than glowy finish cc cream or foundation. If you feel like your skin looks too matte, use powder formula highlighter. Apply a small amount and keep reading, because the next step is to save your under mask makeup and preventing makeup transfer. 

If you use a powder foundation, too much powder will over mattify your face, give a chalky look and will be a prime target for a face mask to dig into. If you use a powder, go light weight. Even the best foundation can crease at a tight fitting mask line.

3. A Setting powder, setting mist or setting spray is your bff

This is a tool every makeup artist loves! Even if you normally do not use setting spray, mist or powder in your makeup routine, you might want to start now. This step will prevent your makeup from melting away and coming off whenever you need to take your mask off; like when eating or driving in your car. Use a non comedogenic finishing loose or pressed powder and apply with a fluffy makeup brush.

If you prefer setting mist or makeup setting spray, make sure to check the ingredients and invest in a cleaner option – it can be easily added to your morning skin care routine and even help to make your skin instantly more hydrated.

Some organic makeup setting spray mists and shields are excellent for both: prepping your skin and finishing the whole look – they will leave your skin glowy and stop makeup from transferring. So, seal the deal! Remember though not to overdo the amount of sprays -simply follow the less is more rule.

4. No rush for cream blush

Everyone looks better with some blush or bronzer, don’t you agree? But not quite if half of it came off or stayed on a face mask or partially did: welcome rubber bands marks! No, thank you. Make sure you use powder blush. Leave cream ones in your drawer along with heavy lip glosses. Creamy formulas add another extra (and quite sticky) layer to the skin and we definitely want to avoid that. Go for lightweight powder formulas. Example: RAL hypoallergenic blushes in natural shades.

5. Lip Gloss must wait for the zoom meeting

If wearing a face mask, definitely avoid sticky lipsticks formulas too: no lip gloss or lip balm needed under your mask. This is something I love about Red Apple Lip Glosses- they aren’t sticky. Those can wait for the next zoom calls. Rather than that, choose mattes, semi mattes & satin finishes.

Luckily, on the RAL website, you can filter cruelty free lipsticks by semi-mattes/satin finish types and choose your favorite shade. Tip: after applying the first layer, use tissue to remove excess and apply the second layer. Then, use a lip pencil to fix the edges and your lips should look perfect before putting the mask on and after taking it off.

6. Focus on the eyes makeup

This is a great tip for minimalists and those living in warmer climates. Skip the foundation, apply minimal concealer wherever needed or use mineral powder after applying your morning skincare routine products.

Leave the lips as natural as they are (you can apply translucent lip balm if you feel your lips might need extra hydration), focus mainly on the eye makeup. Apply a fun eyeshadow, use eyeliner or eye pencil to create a cat eye (see our article how to do cat eye makeup) or simply use 2 layers of RAL mascara to make your lashes look more dramatic.

If you like a natural eye makeup look, go for it! It will also go perfectly when you have the chance to take your mask off.

This simple makeup is great and will not transfer at all, plus it will make you feel pretty, confident and… not late to work -eye makeup will be your lifesaver for the mask days. 

Ready to put your mask on? Or… take it off? Regardless, we hope with these tips, your makeup will look great all day. Stay safe and pretty.

What about long wear makeup products? We don’t recommend these overall because the chemicals required to make them “long wear” can be harsh on your body.

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