Revitalize Your Inner Confidence

Bring back your inner-confidence by ending dry lips, embarrassing & painful allergic reactions. Feel secure in your clean beauty routine knowing that your lipsticks were made the way they're supposed to be ...

...without toxins and other harmful ingredients...

Because what you are reading will bring you, your family & friends years of safe, easy, beautiful delight in...

  • Looking & feeling great every day
  • Knowing your mouth is free from poisons like lead, parabens, and toxic chemicals
  • Pulling off looks that are just right for you
  • Showing off your versatility as the wonderful, powerful, beautiful woman you know you are


You See,
Toxic Ingredients & Allergens
Hide In Everyday, Common Makeup

Toxic Ingredients In Makeup

Take Your Wellness Into Your Own Hands





We choose to use safe ingredients, chosen carefully from the most respected ingredient suppliers in the world. And from there, every product is made here in the United States (Texas, to be precise) in small, boutique batches.

  • Hand selected, safe ingredients
  • Each and every product we make is gluten free, paragon free and vegan.
  • No petroleum, no animal bits, no gluten, dairy, corn, harsh chemicals or GMOs
  • Ingredients that effectively improve the health of your lip skin, like high quality Vitamin E
  • Effective, old school, manufacturing processes - the kind before chemicals were introduced to makeup.
  • Small batches keep things fresh
  • Stringent storage and handling procedures
  • A special gluten free Vitamin E zaps chapped and dry lips, making them a memory...
  • Each hand pressed, mineral eye shadow is designed specifically for the most sensitive eyes, yet with awesome color payoff

Colors and Formulas That Inspire

Women are inherently creative creatures, but sometimes a girl just might find herself in a "rut"!
And "Ruts" are a no fun zone!


A Red Apple Lipstick is meant to drive yourself out of those daily ruts! Here's how...Cheap lipsticks use gross, waxy, thick bases. There's only one way to apply them, you just scrape them on.


But a Red Apple Lipstick has an entirely different kind of base. Smooth, silky and creamy. This silky base will allow you to have zero limits.


With a Red Apple Lipstick, it's easy to apply sheer, medium bodied, full bodied, or apply two colors to make a new one.

lipstick colors that inspire

The days of slapping on lipstick in the car are over...
you'll desire to take your time in the mirror, and play.

6 Month Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to risk, yet everything to gain.

That's not a typo! You are welcome to try any Red Apple product, in your own home, for a FULL 6 MONTHS! And if for any reason you don't agree it's the best darn beauty product you have ever owned, if you break it, smash it, step on it... anything ... we'll exchange it or refund 100% of your money!

Love The Red Apple Experience

  • Personalized customer service.
  • Super fast shipping.
  • An incredible "unpackaging" experience. The first time you open a Red Applereusable drawstring cotton bag, with its signature green custom wrapping, you'll want to experience it over and over.
  • A hand written note on your invoice.
  • A lipstick so creamy, you'll swear it's butter.
  • The amazing discovery of how our gluten free Vitamin E heals,and ends dry, chapped, cracked lips in 7 days.
  • Eye shadows rich in color payoff, but won't make your eyes red, puffy, itchy or scratchy because they don't have the common contaminants. Just creaseless, smooth and rich color.
  • Free samples of upcoming products.
  • The awesome feeling of a lipstick so fresh, because it was just made.
  • The fantastic feeling of knowing that your lipstick doesn't contain poisons.The wonderful joy of learning how to build your new Red Apple Lipstick to just the right intensity.
  • The satisfaction you feel when you tell all the other ladies who ask, how you came about this amazing lip color.


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Don't Be Nervous To Order Online

Some of our customers have reported the following ...right before buying...

... How in the world could I possibly pick a lipstick, a gloss, or an eye shadow online? ... What if I end up with another lipstick I hate at the bottom of my bathroom junk drawer? ... ... Won't a lipstick melt in the mail? ... ... I'm skeptical of the internet ... ... I'm skeptical of sales pitches ... ... I can only wear one color of lipstick ... ... Can a lipstick actually solve my chapped lips? ... ... I'm afraid to take the plunge ... ... I'm afraid to try new colors ... ... I don't really know how to wear lipstick ... ... I'm too busy to decide right now ... ... I don't want to be disappointed ... ... I'm too old ... ... I'm not pretty enough ...

It's normal to think these things. We all have a natural resistance to spending money - especially on something we can't hold first.   This is exactly why we have a 6 month return policy.  Buy and try anything we make, and if you don't love it we'll be happy to give you a friendly refund within 6 months of purchase.


Carolyn Hartman
I believe in Red Apple Lipstick like no other!!! I am 66, my dream is to get to "old age" and still have kissable lips 🙂 Red Apple Lipstick helps all of us age gracefully and always be radiant!
Carolyn Hartman
Ashley Teague
It took a while to find a brand like Red Apple that delivered quality products that made me feel beautiful without the worries of "Will this cause me more health problems?" Until these products came into my life I didn't wear much makeup. So thank you Red Apple Lipstick for helping me rediscover my love for makeup.
Ashley Teague
Karen Smith
Absolutely love Rallye Balm! It has healed my celiac lips in days after 2 months of trying everything else! Also, the lipsticks (which I couldn't wear any before because of burning and roughness) are wonderful. My lips are beginning to be soft again and feel better than normal! Thanks for making such great products!
Karen Smith
McCall Walgren
I LOVE Red Apple!
McCall Walgren