We always want you to make the most of your RAL products, and we want to be easy and inspired. We know that Eye Shadows and Eye Makeup can sometimes be confusing. 

Hello and welcome to the Red Apple Lipstick Course Series “All About Eyes”.  

The video series below is intended to be watched in order, but can certainly be watched in any order. There is over 3.5 hours of awesome, eye popping, easy to do eye makeup information awaits you.


image of andrea teaching how to groom your brows
01 Brows – Groom and Shape

Often overlooked, your eye brows play a major role in a great eye look. But keeping up with them doesn’t have to be hard. In this video, Andrea shows you some super simple tricks to stay in love with your eye brows.

10 Minutes 31 Seconds – Watch Now >

image of Andrea filling in her eyebrows
02 Brows – Fill Them In

As Andrea mentioned in Part 1 of this 15 part series, your brows play an important role in your eye makeup look. In this video Andrea explains how simple it is to use a light eye shadow application to fill in sparse areas of your brow and look just right.

6 Minutes 36 Seconds – Watch Now >

Eye Liner

03 Eye Liner: Basics (Where, What Shade, Using Shadow)

Did you know you can use eye shadow as an eye liner? Are you still lining completely around your around eye? How much eye liner should you use? What’s Tight Lining? In this video, Andrea discusses all of this and more.

19 Minutes 59 Seconds – Watch Now >

04 Eye Liner: Flicks & Wings

Might as well have a little fun while we’re at it! In this video, Andrea discusses super simple eye shaping wings and flicks, and how to avoid having it hide in your lid. Bonus: It’s easy.

15 Minutes 36 Seconds – Watch Now >

05 Eye Liner: How To For Differing Eye Shapes

Everyone is unique, and so is the shape of YOUR eyes. In this video Andrea discusses eye liner tips for specific eye shapes. Do you have Almond eyes? Wide Spread Eyes? Round Eyes? Let’s find out!

21 Minutes 19 Seconds – Watch Now >


06 Lashes: Mascara Application & Curling

Ever heard “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, swipe”? If not, then watch Andrea discuss the very best way to apply your mascara without over doing. Also, tips for thin, stubby and sparse lashes.

6 Minutes 1 Seconds – Watch Now >

07 Lashes: What Shade Of Mascara, Mascara Removal & Lash Issues

In Part 7 of our All About Eyes Series Andrea discusses the different options for mascara shade, and how to remove mascara without damaging your precious lashes.

12 Minutes 43 Seconds – Watch Now >

Eye Shadow

08 Eyeshadow: A Method For Picking Just The Right Shades.

Choosing eyeshadow shades is perplexing and overwhelming. In this video Andrea discusses some super simple methods to choosing the approbate shades for YOUR eye color.

10 Minutes 30 Seconds – Watch Now >

09 Eyeshadow: The Areas Of Your Eye & What Goes Where

Another dilemma. What shade of eye shadow goes where?! In this video Andrea gives you all of the info you need to confidently understand what type of shade goes where.

9 Minutes 6 Seconds – Watch Now >

10 Eye Shadow: An Eye Primer Primer

Modern Eye Primer is amazing, but use it in the wrong way and it will create more problems than it solves. Come along with Andrea as she demonstrates the correct method of using eye primer and why you should definitely be doing this.

3 Minutes 49 Seconds – Watch Now >

11 Eye Shadow: Brushes, Brushes & Brushes. What Does What?

Brushes, brushes, brushes. We collect more than we count – but what do they do? How many do I need (hint: 3), and how do I maintain them so they last me a long time.

14 Minutes 16 Seconds – Watch Now >

12 Eye Shadow: Detailed Tutorial – An Easy Classic & Timeless Look

Eye shadow does to not have to be hard, and it doesn’t not have to take all day to apply. In this video Andrea shows you a quick and easy eyeshadow look start to finish, and also helps you avoid the droopy eye conundrum.

6 Minutes 6 Seconds – Watch Now >

13 Eye Shadow: Detailed Tutorial – A Fun Confident & Adventurous Look

In this video Andrea tackles a slightly more complex eye shadow look that looks amazing! It’s confident and Adventurous, and you’ll absolutely want to know how to do this.

10 Minutes 58 Seconds – Watch Now >

Special Tips For 40+

14 Over 40: Make Your Eyes Bigger, Lifted & Open

As we age, our faces change. Here Andrea discusses simple tips to give your eyes the appearance of youth by making them feel bigger and more open – instead of small and hard – a mistake you can easily avoid.

30 Minutes 10 Seconds – Watch Now >

15 Detailed Tutorial: Easy Eye Shadow Over 60

Here watch Andrea show you a super simple and easy eye shadow look for women over 60. This looks requires less than 3 minutes, but looks fabulous! Also, watch out for the typical pitfalls women over 60 face.

11 Minutes 55 Seconds – Watch Now >