Best Eyeshadow Color for Hazel Eyes 

best color eyeshadows for hazel eyes

Let’s talk about hazel eyes. What IS the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes? Well you’re in luck because you have many tones in your eye to work with. Beautiful!

But, with so many shades and hues of eye shadow available, it can be hard to know which ones will look best on you. In this blog post I will discuss the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes. I will also provide tips on how to make your beautiful eye color pop!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do Hazel eyes look better with certain eyeshadows?” The answer of course is, YES! Hazel eyes can rocks a great variety of eyeshadow colors, lucky you. But certain shades will flatter them more than others.

So, what are hazel eyes? What color are they? This is the first thing to know if you want to find what the best shadow colors are for them.

Let’s start there and then we will be able to figure out what shadows will look the very best.  

What Are the Best Eye Shadow Colors for Hazel Eyes?  The Short Answer

The short answer is hazel eye looks are the easiest with eyeshadows similar eye shadows for brown and green eyes: Browns, Greens and Golden colored eyeshadow shades.   

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Danessa Myricks Says that Purple and Plum Eyeshadow colors are the best complement for Hazel Eyes

Figuring out which eyeshadows YOU want to wear for your hazel eyes, today, can seem a bit tricky since they are a mix of colors after all. However, this just gives you more options and moods to choose from.

A color wheel is usually used to help determine what eyeshadow colors are best for one’s particular eye color. However, how can a color wheel help us determine the best eyeshadow colors for hazel ones? 

First, you have to decide if you want to make your eyes stand out, or help enhance them, in a more subtle and natural way. Or if you want to go with a bolder look to make them pop.  

Hazel Eyes. What Color Are They Exactly?  

This beautiful and mysterious eye color isn’t as common as brown or blue eyes. And since they may appear differently to everyone, it can be hard to say what exact color they are.    

The hazel eye color is a mix of brown, green, and even golden hues. They can have equal amounts of these tones, or they can have a more dominant brown/golden or green color to them.  

What Eyeshadow Color Enhances Hazel Eyes?  

A FULL list of eyeshadow shade Suggestions are below this discussion

If you want your hazel-colored eyes to stand out in a natural, or subtle way, all you have to do is enhance the natural tones in them. You can enhance the dominant hue, or you can choose which one you want to stand out more.   

  1. Bring Out The Green Tones: Pick browns, greens, and golden eyeshadow colors. For example, if you want to bring out the green tones in the eyes, choose green eyeshadow colors. Be sure they are lighter or deeper shades than the green in your eyes.   
  2. Bring out the brown Tones: Pick brown/neutral eyeshadow colors. Again, making sure that your shade is either lighter or deeper than that of the eyes.
  3. Bring Out The Golden Tones: Pick Golden or Neutral Eyeshadow colors if you want to enhance the golden tones in your eyes use golden eyeshadows or neutrals with a yellow/golden undertone to them.

Bring Out The Golden Tones: Pick Golden or Neutral Eyeshadow colors if you want to enhance the golden tones in your eyes use golden eyeshadows or neutrals with a yellow/golden undertone to them.

You do not want the tone in your eyes to be the same color as your eyeshadow, or else it will just blend in instead of standing out.  Browns are great for a smokey eye look, by the by.

These types of colors will bring out the richness of those beautiful golden hues. Bronze and copper shades are perfect to enhance both brown and golden hues in hazel eyes.  

The Best Eyeshadow Color for the Green Tones Of Your Hazel Eyes

Choose colors like bronze, reddish-browns, reddish-coppers, maroons, burgundies, and mahogany. Even pink shades will be great to make a gorgeous contrast that will make those tones pop.  

best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes

Use a color wheel chart and find the color green. Now, look at the color directly across from it, on the opposite side. You will see the color red.

The best complementary eyeshadow shades that will make the green tones in the eyes pop will be red or those with reddish undertones.  

The Best Eyeshadow Color for the Golden/Yellow Tones Of Your Hazel Eyes

So, the best eyeshadows that will complement and make the yellow, or golden, tones in the eyes pop will be purple shades of eyeshadow.  

Go for shades like violet, eggplant, and plums. Pretty much any shade of purple will look great on this shade of eyes, but even more so the ones that have more of a reddish undertone to them.

best eye shadow color for hazel eyes - purple hues

Using again the color wheel, this time find the color yellow. If you look directly across on the other side, you will find the color purple.

These ones will also work well for the green hues in these beautiful eyes.  

A List Of The Best Eyeshadow Color for Hazel Eyes  

The following are just some of our Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow picks that will look amazing on hazel colored-eyes. However, you can also try our recommended eyeshadows for brown and green eyes as well.  

Bronze Bombshell Eyeshadow– warm, deeply pigmented medium bronze eyeshadow with a golden sheen.  

Down to Earth Eyeshadow– a rich medium terra-cotta copper with a beautiful golden sheen.  

En Pointe Eyeshadow– a soft, muted, dusty rose, matte eyeshadow.  

Olive This Color Eyeshadow– dark, muted, earthy green eyeshadow with a soft light golden metallic sheen.  

Sage Rage Eyeshadow– matte, medium, muted, earthy, khaki green eyeshadow. Hazel eyes can wear this shadow as long as it’s lighter or darker than their natural eye color for contrast.  

Sugar & Spice Eyeshadow– a matte, medium, warm, spicy, brown eyeshadow with a reddish-orange undertone.  

Vamp Eyeshadow– a deep red color that reminds of aged red wine.  

Violet Vintage Eyeshadow– muted, soft, grayish-purple eyeshadow that leans towards being taupe with a faint shimmer.  

Violet Vixen Eyeshadow– slightly muted lavender purple eyeshadow with a metallic sheen and slight pinkish undertone.  

A List Of The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Color for Hazel Eyes  

Here are our top neutral RAL eyeshadow picks for hazel eyes. Feel free to also try our picks for both brown and green eyes as well as those will also look great on hazel-colored eyes.  

Brownie Points Eyeshadow– matte, medium brown with a warm undertone.  

Champagne Eyeshadow– a light golden frosty taupe.  

Chocolate Martini Eyeshadow– rich, dark chocolate brown with golden bronze shimmer.  

Dirty Girl Eyeshadow– medium, mushroom, earthy, khaki taupe with shimmer.  

Golden Ticket Eyeshadow– a beautiful shimmering gold that looks gorgeous on those with any golden flecks in their eye.  

Like U Latte Eyeshadow– a soft, light, rosy caramel tan with an ever so slight shimmer.  

Yes You Canyon Eyeshadow– matte, medium reddish brown tan eyeshadow.  

A List Of The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Hazel Eyes:  

Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette for Hazel Eyes– A super fun, energetic shimmery eye shadow palette to harmonize with hazel eyes. 4 luxurious eyeshadows: Buttercream, Dirty Girl, Olive This Color, and Yes You Canyon.  

Matte Eye Shadow Palette for Hazel Eyes– The perfect matte eye shadow palette to synergize with your hazel eyes. 4 luxurious eyeshadows: Heirloom, Sage Rage, Earth Girl, and Espresso.  

The Best Matte Eye Shadow Palette– 9 new, vegan, mineral pressed, matte eyeshadows. She’s Spicy, Earth Girl, Hush Hush, Heirloom, Tip Taupe, Blondeshell, Hello Darkness, Made You Wink, and Plum’s Up.  

BONUS: Make Hazel Eyes Stand Out with Just a Pop of Color  

Of course, we know that not everyone wants to always wear bold colors to make their eyes pop. Some may even not feel comfortable wearing too much color.   

If that is the case, try a combo using more neutral eyeshadows for your main eye makeup to enhance your hazel eyes. Then, simply add a pop of color with your choice of a bolder eyeshadow shade to make either the greens or golden tones in your eyes pop.

This is a great way to incorporate some color for a daytime look. Try one of the following to do so:  

  • Pop of Color on the Bottom Lash Line- add a pop of color to your neutral eye makeup look by applying a bolder eyeshadow shade to the bottom lash line.   
  • Eyeliner as a Pop of Color- add a pop of color to your neutral eye makeup by using a bolder eyeshadow shade as your eyeliner. Simply use the Angled Eye Brush to line the eyes with the eyeshadow of your choice.  

If you have hazel eyes, give these tips a try and try some of these beautiful eyeshadow shades to make those gorgeous eyes pop. Share your thoughts in the comments and if you have tried some of these eyeshadows, let us know which are your favorites!  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What brings out the green in hazel eyes?  

Red is complementary to green. So, eyeshadow shades that are reddish in color, or that have reddish undertones, will make the green hues in hazel colored-eyes pop.  

Can hazel eyes wear green eyeshadow?  

Yes! Wearing green eyeshadow is a great way to bring out the green hues in hazel eyes. Just make sure that it’s either a lighter or a darker shade of green than that of the eyes.  

A dark green or richer shade of green, like olive an emerald, will look great and make the green hues in the eyes pop. Try a green smokey eye makeup look!

What colors make hazel eyes pop?  

There are actually a few colors that will make hazel eyes pop. The 2 main ones are purples and colors with a reddish undertone, such as maroons and reddish browns. Make sure to read this article for more color options.  

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