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NEW Luxurious formula for lash line & brows – designed for effortless gliding with no tugging or skipping. Clean meets hypoallergenic in this eye pencil that ticks all your boxes. Feel good about what you’re wearing on your eyes, and its impact on Earth. Sustainably forested wood, luxury performance, and no risk of irritation – now that’s dreamy.

Why Shop At Red Apple Lipstick?

Because You Deserve It.

New Luxurious Eye Pencils
Clean + Hypoallergenic
Highly Pigmented

  • Clean Ingredients That Don’t Irritate
  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Paraben Free
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, Palm Free 
  • 98% Organic Certified Ingredients
  • 100% Plant Based Minimally Processed
  • PEFC Certified Sustainable Wood
  • Cap Is Post-Consumer & Recyclable

Designed for both the lash line and eyebrows, these dual-purpose luxury pencils glide on incredibly smooth and feel soft & creamy.

You’ll enjoy using a pencil that doesn’t tug at your lash line or skip over the little folds above your lashes, saving you time and frustration.

Made with luscious organic ingredients that moisturize your lash line, feel weightless, and removes easily at the end of your day.

Also great for smudging, wings, and smokey eye looks. These deeply pigmented pencils are water resistant and hold up to any look you give them.

How To Choose Your Shade

Anyone can wear any shade.
If you love it, wear it!

But if you’d like a little guidance, read these quick snippets about each shade.

  • Black – for a classic & timeless eyeliner look + black brows
  • Cocoa – for a natural look, lighter lash line or skin + brunette brows
  • Deep Blue – for all eye colors, pops when paired with contrasting shadow (brown, bronze, grey, gold)
  • Eggplant – green, hazel & brown eyes will look especially great in this deep aubergine
  • *New Shade* Emerald – green, hazel & brown eyes look great, and if you’re a ginger for sure try this one
  • *New Shade* Taupe – all eye colors, this grey-leaning taupe is perfect for salt & pepper brows and a soft barely-there lash line
  • *New Shade* Blonde – if you’re looking for a light lash line this is it, nude on lighter skin, beige on darker skin, perfect for Blonde brows

Frequently Asked Questions

Use a small hole makeup pencil sharpener. Sharpeners can be tricky – a writing pencil sharpener will not work the same as a cosmetic sharpener. You’ll want to use a sharpener that tilts the pencil tip slightly upward vs. straight in or down.

Sharpening Success Tips:
– Don’t press the pencil hard into the sharpener
– Let the sharpener do the work, hold firmly but gentle pressure into sharpener
– Make sure the blades and hole are cleaned out from previous eye pencil lead
– Best sharpened to a rounded point, not a sharp point

Use the same method of removal that you normally use. All our eye makeup is designed to easily remove at the end of the day.

Oil-based makeup removers will always work best at dissolving makeup and removing it. Our company’s favorite is high quality, unrefined organic coconut oil. If you can’t use oil, your preferred makeup remover will work great.

– Hold your preferred makeup remover gently on your lash line or brows for 20-30 seconds to help dissolve the product
– Then gently swipe down in the direction of your lashes.
– Try not to scrub back and forth on your lash line/lashes as this can damage your lashes and/or make them crooked.
– Use a dry clean cloth or tissue to wipe off your entire eye area – which finishes removing the makeup and remover.
– Finish with the rest of your skincare routine.

Think Greener

Eco-Sustainable Practices and Formulations Are The Name Of The Game.

Innovation and advancements in processes have allowed our pencils to be produced using sustainably forested wood, and a high percentage of plant based ingredients. These formulas take care of our planet but also have a high percentage of pigment for excellent color payoff AND ALSO deeply nourish your skin providing deep hydration while warding off inflammation.

What is A PEFC certification?
The PEFC is an independent not-for-profit global organization that promotes sustainable forest management worldwide using a certification issued by an external certification body that is totally independent of the PEFC. Certification is recognized at international level. PEFC is an acronym; Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. The PEFC brand identifies products from woody raw material that comes from PEFC certified forests for the sustainable management of their resources.

Who supports the PEFC?
The PEFC has the international support of numerous forest-wood operators:

  • forest owners;
  • public administrations;
  • organizations and associations for the marketing of wood;
  • trade associations and civil society
  • workers’ unions;
  • non-governmental organizations and environmental organizations.

What are the characteristics of sustainable forest management?

A forest is managed sustainably when:

  • the wood quantity cut is never more than the quantity that grows in forest;
  • after cutting, the trees will be replanted or will be helped to renew themselves naturally;
  • the habitats for wild plants and animals are protected, as well as all the protective functions that the forest normally performs in relation to the climate, soil and water.


The COSMOS-standard has evolved from the collaboration between the main certification bodies and international organizations of the sector, including BDIH (Germany), COSMEBIO (France), ECOCERT (France), and SOIL ASSOCIATION (United Kingdom).

The standard involves two levels of certification for ORGANIC and NATURAL products.

COSMOS ORGANIC requires that at least 20% of the total ingredients come from organic agriculture, except for rinse-off products and products that contain at least 80% of ingredients of mineral origin, in this case, the limit is 10%. Physically processed agricultural ingredients in the formula must come at least 95% from organic agriculture.

COSMOS NATURAL requires that all standard parameters are observed, with the exception of the organic content, which can be present but not in a defined percentage.

The Leaping Bunny Difference 

The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that a product is free of animal testing. In order to become Leaping Bunny certified, brands must comply with requirements in place that go beyond current laws. Specifically, companies must:

  • Adhere to a fixed cut-off date, an unalterable date after which neither the brand nor any of its suppliers and/or manufacturers may conduct, commission or be party to animal tests.
  • Set up a Supplier Monitoring System to ensure all their suppliers and manufacturers comply with Leaping Bunny criteria.
  • Be open to independent audits to ensure their Supplier Monitoring System adheres to the Leaping Bunny Standard.
  • Renew their commitment to the Leaping Bunny Program annually.
Pencil Color

Black, Cocoa, Deep Blue, Emerald, Eggplant, Emerald, Blonde, Taupe



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Red Apple is the best

I fell in love with the lipsticks many years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I also purchased a couple of eyeliners a while ago. However, I absolutely love their new formula in the eyeliners. The application is so smooth and the color is beautiful!

  • What's your beauty style? NaturalClassicLow Maintenance
  • What's your age range? 50-59

Colour and texture of Taupe eye pencil

The colour is perfect because it blends with black eyebrows without being too dark and goes onto eyelids very easily because of its soft texture so I use it for two purposes. I really like it and have had trouble finding something safe to use since giving up chemical makeups.

  • What's your beauty style? Natural
  • What's your age range? 30-39

Hypoallergenic Eye Pencil

This is an excellent eye pencil. I'm able to wear it without any irritation, it goes on smoothly, and stays on. The oil in it don't make my skin itch like products that contain avocado or sunflower oil, or Aloe Vera. Such a relief!

  • What's your beauty style? Low Maintenance
  • What's your age range? 70+


Works well for people like me who are allergic to everything!


Blonde eyeliner

This is the best brow liner! It is so difficult to find a brow pencil with an ash blonde hue. Thank you RAL!

  • What's your beauty style? NaturalClassic
  • What's your age range? 50-59