Rallye Balm + Exfoliate Duo


This is a One – Two Power Punch for your lips and your lipstick!
We all hate chapped lips and this combo ends dry lips forever!
Gently exfoliate each day, and Use Rallye Balm to add nourishing Vitamin E back into your lips. You will notice the difference so fast, you will wonder how you ever lived without these two!
As a bonus, with those smooth, hydrated lips, your lipstick will last 5 times longer, guaranteed!

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Because Every Woman Deserves It.

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Complete Nourishment for Your Lips!

I love this combo! I have a habit of biting my lips and this set has helped keep my lips soft and nourished for hours. I no longer bite my lips as much, thanks to this duo. The exfoliant feels as though you are peeling back layers of skin to where your lips no longer look dull and dry. I would recommend this product to all. It’s great for every season, as our lips require daily attention!

  • What's your beauty style? Classic
  • What's your age range? 40-49
I Love Rallye Lip Balm

It goes on so smooth, it feels like silk on your lips. My lips stay moisturized longer and are even starting to look youthful again.

  • What's your beauty style? Natural
  • What's your age range? 50-59
Stephanie L.

I knew my lips were getting more and more chapped, but I mostly ignored it, unless a friend told me the lip balm with petrolatum I had been using for years was probably the cause. I switched to a natural balm for several months, without improvement. I then had a flare of Sjogren's Syndrome (I'd mostly forgotten I have it since it hadn't been acting up, and I attribute most of my symptoms to my other autoimmune conditions) and realized this was the explanation for my chapped lips. I hadn't worn lipstick in probably 2 years at that point, because my lips were just too dry, despite constant lip balm application. After about a month of using the exfoliator at night and the balm throughout the day (but far less than I had been using balm before), my lips are soft enough to be able to wear lipstick most days. It's a huge, noticeable improvement. Pros: -effective -I still have plenty of both products after ~4 weeks of daily use Cons: -price -packaging isn't eco-friendly -the exfoliant and balm are in the exact same packaging, so it's easy to mix them up

  • What's your beauty style? Low Maintenance
  • What's your age range? 30-39
So soothing

This is such a great lip balm. It lasts a really long time on the lips so I don’t have to constantly reapply. It also works as a beautiful base to any other lip product.

Marija P.
Rallye Balm and Exfoliate are the BEST!

I live in a dry climate, so I have always struggled with dry, chapped lips. I have tried a lot other lip exfoliaters and lip balms over the years and nothing really worked, until now! My chapped lips were smooth the FIRST time I used rhe exfoliate stick! I was amazed at how smooth my lips felt. The exfoliate stick is so easy to use and not messy like the other lip exfiliators. I love the lip balm too. It does a great job moisturizing my lips. I highly recommend buying this duo, you won't be sorry!

  • What's your beauty style? Classic
  • What's your age range? 40-49


Application Tips

EXFOLIATE: Nothing could be more simple! The exfoliate stick is rigid, but not harsh or hard. Use it as you would a lipstick and gently “scrub” your lips with it. Rinse your lips with water and pat dry.

HYDRATION: Rallye Balm™ should be your constant friend. Replace all other harmful lip balms with this unique, natural product. Rallye Balm™ is loaded with high quality, gluten free Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

For General Hydration, use Rallye Balm like you would any lip balm.

For a lipstick base, rub it in deep with a finger and blot any excess!

What’s Included

(1) Rallye Balm™ Gluten Free Lip Balm + (1) Red Apple Gluten Free Exfoliate Stick


Exfoliation is the key to flawless lipstick. This handy exfoliation stick is a great, safe, no fuss tool to keeping your lips in tip top condition! No more messy scrubs! This exfoliator is prefectly designed to gently remove any and all “ready to go” skin cells. Use it every day.

Rallye Balm

A clear coat of pure perfection, pucker up to sheer protection! Red Apple Lipstick’s gluten free lip balm, Rallye Balm™, is your solution for dry, cracked and peeling lips! Your lips face many harsh elements every day-wind, sun, heat, cold, oils, etc. Exposure like this breaks down the sensitive skin on and around your lips. Due to it’s moisturizing properties and clear formula, Rally Balm compliments every Red Apple Lipstick lip product perfectly while keeping your lips healthy, supple and smooth!

Additional information

Allergen Information

Corn Free, Cruelty Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free / Fragrance Free, Petroleum Free, Soy Free

Duo Type

Balm & Exfoliate Duo