Re-Usable, Magnetic Z-Palette For Eye Shadows

This beautifully custom crafted Z-Palette will hold up to 9 Red Apple Eye Shadows using its super powerful magnet. This Eco-Friendly palette is proudly emboldened with the Red Apple logo and in our signature Red Apple Pattern. This one of a kind collector edition Z-Palette will keep your pan-only eye shadows handy in style.

And It’s Only $20!

$16 When Purchased With Eyeshadow Palettes

*Eye Shadows Purchased Separately.


This snap shut, easy open, Z-Palette will hold up to 9 Red Apple Eye Shadows using its super powerful magnet.


Replace & rearrange eye shadows at will. Eye shadows stay neatly where you put them.


Choose any eyeshadows of your choice and create a palette that could give you an endless amount of different looks.

With over 40 different allergen free eyeshadows to choose from, you can create your very own custom palette, perfect for you.


I’m so glad I finally purchased the z-palette for my shadows. I had the twosie but that just wasn’t big enough (although perfect for travel). Now I just need to purchase 3 more lovely shadows to fill it up!


The Z-Palette is a great home for your shadows. Having them all in one place together tends to inspire all sorts of creative color combinations! The Z-Palette is the perfect solution. Shadows are all in one place, grouped however you like to use the colors, and best of all they don’t fall open and end up all over the bathroom, your purse, your suitcase etc.

Leslie L.

Great concept to store (and travel with) eye shadow! The shadow containers hold tight yet movable on the magnet and sustainable as replacements are a breeze. Look forward to adding more shadows!


I have ordered four RAL eyeshadows and love them all so picked up this storage container for them. First, it works! The eyeshadows stick to the container and don’t slide, It keeps my shadows safe and dust free and look great. It travels well and I have all my favorite RAL shadows in one place. Now I just have to buy more shadow to fill it up. My reviews of their shadows , lipgloss and lipsticks are all five star too.


OH boy do I ever love this thing. This is the neatest thing I have ever seen.


Once I tried the eye shadows and decided I wanted to switch all my shadow to Red Apple products, I didn’t want to have a bunch of individual shadows bouncing around my small make-up bag. This puts them all in one place and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Great for traveling and not knowing which colors I will be using. I have a second palette started as nine colors weren’t enough and there are some colors I want to have!


Exactly what I’ve been searching for!!! I actually purchased this Z with the create your own bundle elsewhere on this site, and I reviewed there but I wanted to leave a second here just to talk about the qualities of this item by itself.

It’s awesome. It feels well made. The surface is awesome to the touch and the color is out of this world.

As the description says, the lid folds onto the back completely so that it is out of the way. The lid also stays firmly shut when you close it. It’s held closed by some pretty strong magnets.

The inside holds that eye shadow like glue. It’s easy to change the position around of the shadows but they will not move on their own without your intervention.

The lid is easy to see through and clean up is a snap! I just wipe it down with a cloth.

Hats Off Red Apple Lipstick and Good Job!!


I received my Z-Palette yesterday. I love it! I had seen a similar product on a beauty show and was delighted when you decided to go this route for your new eyeshadow line. Last night I organized my current shadows into the Z-Palette throwing the old plastic packagings into the recycle bin. Now my shadows are organized in one place which will save space in my makeup case and will be great for traveling! I can’t wait to put new Red Apple Lipstick shadow pans into my Z-Palette as I use up my current shadows! Bravo, Red Apple Lipstick! This is EXACTLY the kind of system I’d hoped you’d choose!

Christiann Adams