Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes  

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Do you have green eyes? Then you know that selecting the best eyeshadow shades for green eyes can be challenging.

This article is all about the best eyeshadow colors to complement green eyes and make them pop.

While some might say that green eyes can pretty much pull off any color, we tend to disagree. Sure, some shades look great on everyone, but when it comes to eye shadow specifically, certain colors make green eyes pop.

En Point Eyeshadow shade (see below) is a soft and wonderful complement for green eyes.

So, what are the best eyeshadows for green eyes? To find out we should take a look at a color wheel chart. This is a popular tool that many makeup artists like to use to help them when choosing the best eye makeup colors for clients. It’s quite a useful tool for anyone, whether you are a makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast like the majority of us. 

What Colors are Complementary to Green According to the Color Wheel? 

On the wheel, you will find complementary colors by looking at the colors that are opposite of each other. So, if you find the color green on the chart and look at the color directly across from it, on the other side, you will see the color red. 

What Are the Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes?  The Short Answer

The short answer is green eye eyeshadow looks are easiest with reddish tones, bronze tones, copper tones, maroons, mahogany.

Best Eyeshadows For Green Eyes
Reddish Undertones make great eyeshadow looks for green eyes. Eyeshadow Shade Down To Earth Featured here.

Green eyes will absolutely pop with eyeshadow shades those with reddish undertones to them. You can make them look even more vibrant by using a violet or eggplant eye shadow shade. Ah it just looks amazing!

If you prefer a more subtle eyeshadow color option for your eye makeup, pink shades are another fabulous option for green eyes.  

The 8 Best Eyeshadow Shades for Green Eyes

Here are some great Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow suggestions for green eyes:   

Bronze Bombshell Eyeshadow– a warm, deeply pigmented medium bronze eyeshadow with a golden sheen. Perfect applied to the outer corner, crease or even used as an eyeliner.  

Down to Earth Eyeshadow– a rich medium terra-cotta copper with a beautiful golden sheen. Perfect to apply lightly all over your lids, but this shadow really shines as a crease and outer lid color.    

En Pointe Eyeshadow– soft, muted, dusty rose, matte eyeshadow. Works wonderfully as an all over lid color as well as a crease color.  

Pixie Dust Eyeshadow– soft, light, matte pink eyeshadow with the tiniest tint of peach. Great for all over the lid as a base and can be used as a matte brow bone highlight.  

Sugar & Spice Eyeshadow– a matte, medium, warm, spicy, brown eyeshadow with a reddish-orange undertone. Works well applied lightly all over the lid, blended into the crease, or applied heavier on the outer corner.  

Vamp Eyeshadow– a deep red color that resembles the color of aged red wine.  

Violet Femme Eyeshadow– shimmering bright medium purple eyeshadow that applies lighter than it appears in the pan but can be built up. Try applying this as an accent color either for the center lids, outer corners or lower lash lines, or blended softly into the creases.  

Violet Vixen Eyeshadow– slightly muted lavender purple eyeshadow with a metallic sheen and slight pinkish undertone. Perfect as a lid shade or as an accent color for the outer corners, crease, or for the lower lash line.  

How About An Entire Eye Shadow Palette Just For Green Eyes

Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette for Green Eyes– eyeshadow palette with the best mixture of straightforward yet playful shimmery eye shadows to highlight your green eyes perfectly. Four shadows are included in this eyeshadow palette: Iced Mocha, Vamp, Violet Vixen, and Violet Vintage.  

Do You Neutral Eyeshadows Work On Green Eyes?

What if you don’t want to wear colorful shades. Maybe you want a more natural look? Then neutrals are your best friend.

Neutral eyeshadow shades will always look great for green eyes, in particular, go for those browns with reddish undertones, mauves that are more on the plummy side. Golds are also great since they will highlight the golden hues in green eyes.  

*Tip: Try using brown eyeliner instead of black, as green eyes will really pop against a brown liner. Cocoa Eye Liner Pencil should be your go-to liner.  

The New Mattes eyeshadow palette should be a must-have in your makeup arsenal. These 9 neutral matte eyeshadows are not your typical boring neutrals, they have a hint of color to them that will flatter green eyes perfectly. Plumps Up, Made You Wink, Earth Girl, and She’s Spicy will look especially great on green eyes.  

11 Amazing Neutral Eyeshadows Perfect for Green Eyes:

Brownie Points Eyeshadow– matte, medium brown with a warm undertone. Can be applied lightly all over the lid, and heavier for the crease or outer corner.  

Champagne Eyeshadow– a light golden frosty taupe. Blends beautifully and looks great all over the lid.  

Chocolate Martini Eyeshadow– rich, dark chocolate brown with golden bronze shimmer. Apply it to your outer corner and use it for your upper and lower lash lines.  

Clean Slate Eyeshadow– a matte cool toned dark gray with an ever so slight purple tint.  

Dirty Girl Eyeshadow– a medium, mushroom, earthy, khaki taupe with shimmer. You can apply lightly as a lid color or heavier for the outer corner and crease.  

Espresso Eyeshadow– a very dark, matte coffee bean brown eyeshadow. Green eyes will really pop against this darker brown color. Perfect for a smokey eye.  

Golden Ticket Eyeshadow– a beautiful shimmering gold that looks gorgeous on those with any golden flecks in their eye. Works well applied all over the eyelids and blended into the crease.    

Like You Latte Eyeshadow– a soft, light, rosy caramel tan with an ever so slight shimmer. The perfect lid color but also works well for blending out other eyeshadows.    

Sand Castle Eyeshadow– light, nude peach with golden shimmer. Great to apply all over the lid and to blend out your crease.  

Silver Lining Eyeshadow– a shimmering silver gray shade with a gorgeous violet-blue sheen. Apply this lightly all over the lid and inner corner. Can also be used as a transition color in a grayish smoky eye, or lightly dabbed onto the center of the lid for a beautiful touch of shimmer.  

Yes You Canyon Eyeshadow– matte, medium reddish brown tan eyeshadow. Apply lightly as an all-over lid color or use it to help blend shadows together. Perfect also as a crease color.   

Matte Eye Shadow Palette for Green Eyes– the perfect selection of more neutral matte shades to enhance your green eye. Four shadows are included in this eyeshadow palette: Pixie Dust, Made You Wink, Plums Up!, and Clean Slate.  

Neutrals with a Pop of Color  

If you want to add some color to your look, you can try a natural eye look with an accent color. You can do this by using one of the more colorful shades mentioned above and applying it on the bottom lash line or as your eyeliner.

This is the best way to start incorporating some color with minimal effort and without actually doing a colorful eye look. Your eye will still be a pretty neutral one with just a pop of color that will still help your eyes stand out beautifully.   

If you have green eyes, make sure to try out some of these beautiful eyeshadow shades. Or if you know someone with green eyes that could benefit from these tips and suggestions, please pass these along to them.  

We are sure this information and product suggestions will be very helpful to anyone, but even more for anyone who is not sure what eyeshadows are best for their green eyes. Make sure to head on over to the How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors article to see some of Ashley’s tips and suggestions. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What types of colors make green eyes sparkle?

When looking at a color wheel, you will see the color green right across from the color red. This means that green eyes will pop the best against red colors, or colors with reddish undertones.  

What are the best eye shadow shades for green eyes?

Shadows with reddish undertones will make green eyes pop. So, if you have green eyes, choose eyeshadow colors like bronze, reddish-browns, reddish-coppers, maroons, and mahogany, even purple eyeshadows that have red undertones to them, such as violet and eggplant. Pinks are also a great choice if you prefer a more subtle color choice to make green eyes pop. 

How do you bring out green eyes?

When it comes to makeup, try using eyeshadows shades that are red or have reddish undertones in them. Purple shadow with red undertones is great to bring out green eyes as well as brown shades. Clothes can also help to bring out your eye color. Wearing red clothes, or purples with reddish undertones will help bring out green eyes. You can also bring out green eyes by wearing green clothes or accessories.   

Sarah Long of definitely agrees that purples, reds and warm eyeshadow shades are perfect for green eyes in her article about makeup tips for green eyes.

What is the best eye liner color for green eyes?

Black eyeliner will always look good with green eyes, but if you want to experiment with different colors, some good eyeliner colors for green eyes are brown, gray, navy blue, and even purple.  

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