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How To Exfoliate Your Lips Naturally

A No Mess, No Fuss Exfoliation Technique Guaranteed To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer, Look Better, and Feel Great!
Exfoliate Stick
Rallye Balm + Exfoliate



Are Rough, Unsmooth, Chapped Lips
A Major Problem For You?
Does Your Lipstick Never Seem To Want To Stay On?
If So, You Have Come To The Right Place!

Your skin, all of it, sheds, gets dry, cracks a little (sometimes a lot in the case of cold weather,) and produces oil. Like all of your skin, your lips shed as well. Look in the mirror. Right now as you peer into it, there are thousands of "cells" that "shed" right off when you wipe your lips with your finger. Now the cells are on your finger, not your lips. Cells are small, therefore impossible to see. Sometimes, you can see cells when they clump together and a large group comes off together.

There is a super simple secret to fix it. The solution is SO simple and this tiny, small, simple addition to your daily routine will change the way you look at lipstick forever! It's a magic word, you've heard it before, but probably never thought about it on your lips...

EXFOLIATION! To be defined:

...1. To remove (a layer of bark or skin, for example) in flakes or scales; peel.
...2. To cast off in scales, flakes, or splinters.
...3. The process in which layers of tissue peel or are peeled off an organism, such as the distinctive ways in which bark peels off a tree in stripes or flakes.

With specific regard to your lipstick, dead skin cells UNDER a lipstick is detrimental to the lipstick's staying power. It's not the "lipstick" that peels off onto your diet coke straw; it's the loose skin cells. Add exfoliation to your every day routine, (my wife says every other day), but it needs to be part of your routine.

You see, once I discovered the REAL problem to lipstick durability, and I uncovered that exfoliation is mega important to the process, I immediately began to make a gluten free, safe way to exfoliate, while making your piggy bank do a happy dance.

I created an Exfoliation Stick™. It looks just like a lipstick, smells a little bit like bubble gum and it's incredibly simple to use. You, literally, just rub it on your lips, use a finger to hit all the good spots, and then wash it off. Your lips are sensitive, so be careful what you scrub them with.


Have You Ever Wondered How To Exfoliate Your Lips At Home? We Can Show You How!
Lip exfoliation is important to your beauty routine. Some have done it with sugar and honey, a toothbrush, and even Vaseline (not recommended) but you have to try OUR Exfoliate Stick!

Use it every day; it keeps dead skin away and lips healthy - NO MESS, NO FUSS! Exfoliation is the key to flawless lipstick. This handy exfoliation stick is a great, safe, no fuss tool to keeping your lips in tip top condition! No more messy scrubs!

Here's How You Exfoliate Your Lips Naturally

...First : Rub the Exfoliate in real good.
...Second : Wipe off the Exfoliate with a cloth or wash with fresh water.
...Third : Apply a nice coat of Rallye Balm™
...Fourth : Apply your favorite Red Apple Lipstick.
...Last : Leave your house feeling healthy, sexy, and confident.

Here's What You Do!


There are of course, some other really great features of the Exfoliate.

-This exfoliation system is one of a kind.  

-It's tough, durable and long lasting.

-It's also is free of polutants such as parabens, gluten based derivitves, petroleums and it is 100% vegan!



So Here's My Offer To You!

You Can Try the Exfoliate Stick™, in your own home, for 160 days (that's 6 months) totally RISK FREE. You know our policy here at Red Apple Lipstick® has always been "NO RISK" with a complete, no-questions asked, 100% refund policy.

And, because I want you looking your best, and I want you to love lipstick, (it is totally the mood booster of your makeup bag), I want to give you a nice, little incentive to use Rallye Balm™ and my Exfoliate Stick™. If you purchase these 2 items together, a $32 value, I will sell both items to you for only $28.75.

This is totally risk free for 6 months! If you are not happy with your new, smooth, exfoliated lips for any reason, or for NO reason, just send back the half used tube, and we'll give you a prompt, cheerful refund. And we'll still be friends.

That's the only way I ever want to do business. It's the way I wish other companies treated ME. No risk. No nonsense.

If you desire to have smooth, kissable, exfoliated lips, like all women do,
then let us ship you the Exfoliate™ today.

The product is just $17.00 - fully refundable, without questions to hassle - and will last you months when used every day.

But order now, while this page is still hot in your web browser. Otherwise, you're gonna forget, and you'll NEVER know what it feels like to kiss your husband with smoother, firm, plump, healthy lips. It happens so fast, you'll be amazed.

It is simple - yet life changing.

Don't miss out!

Jay Adam Harper - Creator.

P.S. Here's a few comments from people who already know just how powerful the Exfoliate Stick™ is - I thought you'd be interested.

Thanks for the exfoliator. My lips are so much smoother already. Who knew? You knew! I keep my exfoliator next to my tooth brush so I know I will use it twice a day.


This is by FAR the simplest and most effective lip exfoliator I have ever used. I've tried sugar (and other) scrubs, diatomaceous earth (what a mess), even a Cosmo suggestion: buff your lips with an electric toothbrush. OW! The exfoliator stick is easy, compact, convenient, and best of all COMPLETELY transforms the wearing power of lipstick. No more reapplying every hour, no more pilling up into little lip boogers, no more bleeding into tiny little lines. And all you have to do is twirl it up and glide it on. WOW.


I love the exfoliation stick, i started using it 2 days ago and my Husband tried it last night and it is wonderful. It smells great and works wonders!

~Lara Gray

Oh my gosh, this and Rallye Balm are ALL THAT! I got my Exfoliate with the purchase of the Rallye Balm and was surprised that it was full sized... WOW, I love it, and have no plans to be without it every day going forward. Great product!

:) Bonnie

This makes my lips feel so smooth and it is not harsh on the lips it is a nice light exfoliate product.



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