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You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this Vegan Lip Brush! This professional artist’s lip brush is designed to perfectly pick up just the right amount of lipstick and lay it down perfectly smooth. For a perfectly defined lip, use the lip brush to line your lips first to create serious definition – better than just using the lipstick straight from the tube!

NEW Design includes aluminum cover that locks firmly into place. The cover completely covers the brush but doesn’t touch the bristles. This makes transport and personal carrying so much easier.

Made In The USA, Cruelty Free, Vegan

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Master Your Lipstick Application In No Time With A Vegan Lip Brush.

Looking for the perfect way to apply your lipstick? Look no further than Red Apple Lipstick’s Vegan Lipstick Brush!

This brush is made with vegan sable bristles and has a solid handle, making it easy to use and easy to clean.

The brush also outlines lips perfectly and applies lipstick perfectly, giving you a flawless finish every time.

Why Pro Makeup Artists Always Use A Lip Brush

It’s no secret that professional makeup artists use lip brushes to apply lipstick. But why is that? What are the benefits of using a lip brush?

Events, weddings, movies and TV shows, the makeup artist knows if they apply too much lipstick too fast, the lipstick will rub off unevenly.  

The makeup artist wants a thin base coat of lipstick to be worked into the lip skin thoroughly so that the second layer has something to adhere to.

The handle of the brush allows you use enough pressure to firmly set layers of lipstick without applying too much lipstick.

  • Create fuller and more even lips.
  • Apply lipstick in a very precise way, so that every corner of the mouth is covered evenly.
  • Lipstick finish looks much more polished.
  • Lipstick lasts longer when applied with a lip brush.
  • Create more precise lines.
  • Make lipstick application more even.
  • To add color and definition to the lips.
  • Easier to blend lipsticks together.
  • You’ll feel like a professional makeup artist applying your own lipstick.
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Vegan Lip Brush V2
  • JUST RIGHT BRISTLES – This lipstick brush is made with sable bristles, which are “just right” stiff and will help you apply your lipstick perfectly.
  • VEGAN – Are you a vegan who loves to wear lipstick? Then this product is for you! We use only vegan materials in our products.
  • LONG LASTING – Our Vegan Lipstick Brush has long lasting bristles that won’t fall out, ensuring that your lips stay perfect all day long.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Cleaning this brush is easy as pie! Just wash it with alcohol and water or brush cleaner and let it dry. It’s that simple!
  • CREATES THE PERFECT OUTLINE – Our Vegan Lipstick Brush is perfect for outlining lips, giving you the perfect pout! The brush is made with sable bristles and has a solid handle.
  • WORKS WITH ANY LIPSTICK – This lipstick brush can be used to apply any type of lipstick, including matte, cream, or liquid. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

How To Use A Lip Brush


Step 1: With the “blade” of the brush, draw the outline of your lips along the lip line. Turn the brush as you do, following the line of your lips as you draw.


Step 2: With a side to side motion, fill in all of your lips with a thin layer of lipstick.  At this step, you aren’t trying to build color.  Instead you are working a thin base layer into the skin.


Step 3: With a downward motion, work the lipstick into all of the normal and natural crevices all lips have. At this stage, you might find that this little bit of lipstick is the perfect wash of color you were looking for.  If you want to build more color, simply repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 4: Blot, Reapply, Blot. This is an important but overlooked step.  

  • Fold a tissue in half, pinch it between your fingers to draw it tight (pretend you are about slide a piece of paper in between you lips).
  • With your lips open, bring the tissue between you lips.
  • Gently set your lips down, roll your lips in, out, open.  
  • This is a gentle “pressing” action to help press the lipstick into the lips.
  • Apply one more thin layer of lipstick from your lip brush.
  • Blot again, and you’re all set!

A Video Demonstration is available in video 6 or our Lipstick Like A Pro Mini Course – 100% Free

A Lip Brush is Fun, And Indispensable

  • Always creates a perfect outline.
  • Naturally requires you to “paint”
  • Naturally requires you to stretch your lip skin, filling in crevices evenly.
  • Naturally requires a more thoughtful and thorough application.
  • Allows you to paint vertically.
  • Works the first, second and third layers in thoroughly.
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Absolutely Love!

I had a brush couple years ago and saw no use for it and thought it was hard to apply product. This brush I am so glad I gave it a try because it is so easy to use.

  • What's your age range? 30-39
  • What's your beauty style? NaturalLow Maintenance

Great brush

Perfect!! Works great and well made!

  • What's your age range? 60-69
  • What's your beauty style? Classic

Love my free gift and never be without a lip brush again

This was a free gift and I am so glad because I never used a lip brush in the past. Now I use it every time. Thank you!

Sylvia H.

Amazing results

This was my first time to use a lip brush. The application was precise and easy. In my opinión it is better than using a pencil liner.

  • My Style: Classic
  • My Age: 50-59
Perk M.

Great Tool

This brush really helps with application of all lipsticks.

  • My Style: ClassicNatural
  • My Age: 60-69