Gluten Free, Vegan Lip Gloss

Super clean, high quality ingredient lipgloss that’s Never Sticky and glides on like silk.

Uniquely moisturizing, it helps sensitive lips, people with allergies and it’s safe for kids.

You won’t ever want to take it off.

  • photo of Berried Treasure Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick - a berried color lip glossBerried Treasure Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
    Semi-Sheer Berry Shimmer
  • Semi-Sheer Bronzey Brown
  • Semi-Sheer Blackberry
  • Sheer Shimmery Cool Lavender
  • Sheer Shimmery Gold
  • Pigmented Neutral Mid Pink
  • photo of Honey Badger lipgloss by red apple lipstick - a honey colored lip gloss
    Semi-Sheer Neutral Nude
  • Allergen Free Love Letter Lipgloss
    Sheer Pink Gold Shimmer
  • Sheer Bronzey Plum
  • RAL Gluten Free Queen of Hearts Lip Gloss
    Semi-Sheer Cool Red
  • Sheer Shimmery Soft Red
  • Semi-Sheer Cool Mid Pink
  • Sun Sparkles Gluten Free Lipgloss by Red Apple Lipstick
    Sheer Clear Shimmer
  • Tango Mint gluten free lip gloss by Red Apple Lipsticktangomint gluten free lip gloss by red apple lipstick
    Pigmented Warm Orange
  • Tiny Dancer Gluten Free Lip Gloss by Red Apple Lipstick
    Sheer Pinky Nude
  • Twinkle Toes Gluten Free Lipgloss By Red Apple Lipstick
    Pigmented Shimmery Cool Purple Pink

Why Gluten Free Lip Gloss?

This is a really great question for those who may not know if they are gluten intolerant or not.  It’s first important to understand that lip gloss is very easily consumed through your mouth.  Because of its more wet nature, lip gloss is ingested at a rate higher than lipstick, and it’s also applied far more often than lipstick in the same time frame.

While no one knows exactly why, there has been a growing problem of people becoming sick from ingesting modern-day gluten proteins.  Like, really sick.  The previous decade of research has turned out a lot of quality, peer reviewed science around the subject of gluten intolerance, and the long term negative effects to the body.

Leading GI doctors recommend that women with a gluten intolerance switch to a completely gluten-free brand of cosmetics in order to avoid accidental ingestion of Gluten.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Certain people have a serious autoimmune disease where ingesting Gluten leads to serious damage in the small intestine.  Read more about this at The Celiac Disease Foundation Here -> (opens new window)

Why Is Gluten Free Lip Gloss Different?​

Certified Gluten Free Lip Gloss is formulated and made without using any wheat based bases, or scents, or flavorings.  

Gluten based lip gloss ingredients most commonly find their way into lipglosses either from cross contamination (not being processed in a gluten free facility) or more commonly, in scents and flavors – and some colorants.

The formulas we use to make our lipglosses are formulas that are simple and clean.  Since we formulate, manufacture, process, box and sell all of our cosmetics we can exclude ingredients used to extend shelf life. 

The result is not only a gluten-free lip gloss, but a far more luxurious product too – both in its feel and its performance.

Are Red Apple Gluten Free Lip Glosses Is Safe For Kids​

We know that lipgloss is a fun and favorite item among kids at play, tweens and teens.  But are cheap lipglosses safe for kids?

We think not.  Commercial lip glosses made for young people or play are specifically made inexpensively. These are usually produced over seas which produces two major side effects.  First, plasticizers and parabens (chemical preservatives) are required to keep those products from going bad.  Parabens have been linked to improper estrogen changes (you can google that).  Second, the colorants have a higher chance of containing heavy metals, a dangerous toxin.

We heavy metals test all of our formulas before we put them into production, and our lip glosses are made fresh.  We do not use any plasticizers or parabens in our gloss.

Am I Gluten Intolerant?​

If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a Gluten-Intolerance – then yes.

But what if you’ve never been tested for this? has a fabulous resource called the “Symptoms Assessment Tool”. This tool can be found at

Also from this page you will find resources about how to be tested for gluten-intolerance.

I haven’t been diagnosed Gluten Intolerant, Should I Be Concerned About Using Gluten Free Lip Gloss?​

Yes, and here’s how WE feel about it.

Within the context of modern day agriculture (we’ll refer to this as the GMO era) we feel that most wheat grown today has been altered significantly enough to have unforeseen consequences.

While we don’t have empirical evidence, How else do we explain the recent, and rapid onset of gluten intolerance cases over the previous 2 decades.

Therefore, if we can limit or avoid modern wheat (and there are many benefits to doing so from a dietary standpoint) why shouldn’t we?

Especially when it’s easy to simply buy a certified gluten free lip gloss such as Red Apple Lipstick Lip Gloss – AND you get a better, more luxurious, higher performing lip gloss at the same time.

How does Red Apple Lipstick Deal With Cross Contamination?​

Cross-Contamination is a BIG DEAL, one we understand.  

Cross-Contamination with regards to Gluten occurs when both products that contain wheat and products that are not to contain wheat are processed in the same facility or the same machinery.

Even DUST is enough to cross contaminate a product.

Since we only produce gluten free cosmetics, and nothing else, gluten is never introduced to our production lines or facility. 

Is Red Apple Lipstick Gluten Free Lipgloss Certified or Tested?​

Yes. Red Apple Lipstick tests all Lipstick formulas at 2 labs.

  • BIA Diagnostics Lab – a Lab that specializes in testing for gluten.
  • Applied Technical Services – a Lab that specializes in the detection of heavy metals, such as lead and nickel.

All new formulas are tested before production, and again after first production. And then again periodically as needed. 

We always want to make sure every product is safe and fit for our amazingly wonderful family of customers.

What Else is Red Apple Lipgloss Free Of?​

We love this question. As you know, we take great care and a lot of pride in producing wholesome products that perform beautifully for you.

Here is a list of other details we take care of for you.

  • Paraben Free Lipstick – We do not use Paraben Preservatives in any of our products, including our namesake lipsticks.
  • No Heavy Metals – Lead Free Lipstick – We go to great lengths to use high quality raw ingredients that do not contain dangerous heavy metals.
  • Vegan Lipsticks – All Red Apple Lipsticks are 100% Vegan.
  • No Animal Testing – We are leaping bunny certified. Cruelty Free Lipsticks
  • GMO Free – We are committed to keeping GMO based ingredients out of our lipsticks, and out of you!
  • No Talc – We are committed to never using Talc in any product. (found in colorants)
  • Petroleum & Mineral Oil – We do not use any petroleum based ingredients in any product, especially lipstick! (this has become all too common with the use of Plasticizers)
  • No Chemical Toxins – Gross.  There is no need for chemicals in properly made lipsticks.