HypoAllergenic, High Performance Mascara, Eye Shadows & Eye Liners

You want to look and feel your best.  We want that for you, too.  Too often women develop allergies to over-the-counter and drug store Eye Shadows and Mascara that damages your lash follicle. The benefit to you of RAL eye makeup is it performs even better than lesser formulations and is with toxins, allergens, irritators, plasticizers, unnecessary preservatives, and it’s all Vegan & Leaping Bunny Certified too. 

The Lash Project Mascara

The Lash Project Mascara

Learn about our 2-in-1 Mascara + Lash Condition. A unique mascara that delivers natural, feathery lashes, removes easily – and never clumps, flakes, or irritates. There’s a reason why this hypoallergenic, conditioning mascara has a cult following – you have to try it to understand.

Red Apple Lipstick Eye Shadows

Individual Eye Shadows

Choose from 40+ toxin-free, non-nano pressed mineral eye shadows that magnetize directly to our custom, refillable Red Apple Z-Palette.  Guaranteed to not irritate your eyes, ever. In individual, recyclable pans – create a custom palette with only shadows you’ll actually use.

Red Apple Lipstick Eye Shadow Palettes

Eye Shadow Palettes

Easily replace any empty shadow pan, without replacing the entire palette.  Our makeup artist curated eye shadow palettes come in a refillable, magnetic, eco-friendly Z-palette.  Many combinations for every face.  Start here if you’re unsure of which shades to begin your collection.

Red Apple Lipstick Eye Primer

Eye Primer

An essential addition to your makeup bag.  Our Prime Time Eye Primer stops creasing for longer setting eye shadow. 

Red Apple Lipstick Eye Liners

Eye Liners

Browse our collection of gluten-free, parabe-free, hypoallergenic eye liners.

Red Apple Lipstick Pro Eye Brush Set

3 Pro Brush Set

Eye Shadow Brush, Angled Eye Brush, and lip brush.  High quality, long lasting, vegan.

The Z-Palette

The Z-Palette

The Red Apple Custom Z-Palette is a luxury, magnetic eye shadow holder. Securely arrange up to 9 eye shadows in this durable, refillable, eco-friendly eye shadow case.

The Twosie

Eye shadows on the go?  Move any two eye shadows from your Z-Palette to the magnetic twosie at a moment’s notice. Reuse and refill – holds two eye shadows with sponge applicator.

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