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Gluten Free Mineral Eye Shadows - Guaranteed To Not Make Your Eyes Itchy, Puffy, Red, or Swollen - Or Your Money Back

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Some Recent Customer Emails, Thought You Would Be Interested
Hi Jay, I ordered the eyeshadow colors Dirty Girl, Brownie Points, Iced Mocha, Violet Vixen, Sand Castle and Porcelain. I need to tell you how much I am enjoying the eye shadows! This is my second eyeshadow order and the eyeshadow brush for only $12.00 just blows me away!!! I have brushes from lots of companies, Mac, Sephora, Lancôme to name a few. The brush from RAL ROCKS!!!!! Also, with this order, I ordered Rallye Balm because I can't live without it!!! It's rough out here with companies claiming clean products and well, you know.Thanks for awesome products and for reading this LONG email.


Hi Jay! I am finally replacing all of my old eyeshadows! I am so happy that I can finally do it. I bought another 9-shadow palette and a couple of brushes! I don’t want to wear any other gluten-free brand. The others just don’t measure up! Thank you for all that you and Andrea do to make us feel beautiful.

All the best, Robin

Hi Jay Happy to review your great products! I received my order super fast, thank you!

The Z-Palette was perfect as I was able to drop in the other shadows I had purchased, filling it and making the loveliest 9-Shadow palette! Seeing all of the colors together in the palette gives me all sorts of creative inspiration each morning as I decide what to choose! They all look fantastic together!

The colors in my current custom palette are: Champagne, Twinkle Taupe, Espresso, Dirty Girl, Buttercream, Olive This Color, Indi-Go-Go, MIdnight Lagoon. (I am adding Mermaid Lagoon with my coming order!) These colors all work great together for blue eyes that shift to green. I am so happy with my purchases. And the best thing is that they don't irritate my eyes! So I can color away and create new and exciting combos to my heart’s desire!

Take Care, Leslie

I'm well aware of the 'junk' put into cosmetics and skincare and that didn't seem to really sink in until a few years ago. I've had a really tough time finding 'clean' products that live up to the performance of what I was use to. I'm usually disappointed! A year ago I found I have a serious gluten and dairy intolerance, so that made my hunt for personal care products even more difficult. I'm beyond impressed with the Red Apple products I've tried.

Thank you SOOOO much for creating such excellent clean products! I will definitely share your product with everyone I know. Keep up the good work!


The Z-Palette is a great home for your shadows. Having them all in one place together tends to inspire all sorts of creative color combinations! The Z-Palette is the perfect solution. Shadows are all in one place, grouped however you like to use the colors, and best of all they don't fall open and end up all over the bathroom, your purse, your suitcase etc.

The Wet/Dry eyeshadow brush is the perfect brush. I have tried all sorts of other brushes to use with shadows and this is heads above all the rest. It loads beautifully and is a great shape for applying eye shadows. Cleans beautifully. I am so happy I bought this brush. Worth every penny.

As always, can't think of a single thing you could do better. It is always such a pleasure shopping with you.

Thanks so much Leslie

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your great products. I have Celiac Disease and so does my mother and now we both only use your lipsticks and now I only use your eye shadows as well. I appreciate all your hard work and enlightening information. I often try to spread the word about what I learn from you but often times I'm given the response "oh well, everything's killing us, what ya gonna do". Its quite sad that people can't see that by our purchases we're showing big companies we CAN do something : "not support the fact that they are trying to kill us just so they can make money and we can "look good"." After all if were dead were not gonna look so good so we should care while we still can.

Thanks for that! :-) Zeresh


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