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What's To Love

Fierce is a bold "red wine" purple shade that can be worn dark as shown in these pictures, or much lighter using a lip brush or finger.
While it looks almost chocolate brown in the tube, it applies as a deep purple which harkens the 1920's era.
Wear it with neutral eyeshadows like we've done here, or play it up flapper-style with a dark, smoky eye.
This color demands attention worn dark or light! Make sure to line your lips using a lip brush or lip liner first to define your lip line. In these pictures we've used a lip brush with a little lipstick first to define the lip line.
Satin finish - Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Nut/Tree Nut Free, Fragrance Free, Soy Free, and Toxin Free
Product # IC-7

DOOD(ette), Them other girls done bought all of this item up!! Which means, I'm out of stock, BUT,

I'm making more right now! Jay H.

Application Tips

Tip #1: All of our colors will blend with the natural pigment of your lips, which can make the color shift.  Apply a dab of your foundation over your lips before lipstick application, to allow the true color of Fierce to shine.

Tip #2: Try applying this as a stain with your finger.  Apply a thin layer of Rallye Balm first, then using your clean ring finger, rub the slanted tip of the lipstick bullet a few times - and then dab onto your lips.  It will allow you to have a sweet plum stain.

Tip #3: A lip brush is your best friend with a dark color - trust me!  You can use it to really define your lip line, and fill in ever perfect little crevice on your lips! Here's our professional lip brush: click here

Tip #4: Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis - this will keep dry skin cells from sitting on top of your lips...which will make the lipstick color look uneven and not allow it to last as long, because your skin cells are falling off your lips, along with the lipstick.  With dark colors it's especially important to exfoliate - because the bold color will emphasize any dry skin.

Tip #5: Moisturize your lips with Rallye Balm after exfoliation.  Massage a healthy amount into your lips to help strengthen the skin and smoothe the lines.  Wipe off any excess, so there's not a layer of balm sitting on TOP of your lips.  Apply Fierce on top.

.158 oz Net wt. 4.5g

FORMULATION: Instant Color


Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free * Awesome

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Product Reviews

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  1. The name says it all.

    Posted by Diany Moony on 15th Dec 2014

    I wanted to get a lipstick to get a high contrast with a naked eye makeup and this was it. It's a heavy wine toned lipstick, a very trendy color now days. I love how it looks and it can be toned down by blotching. The only thing that held me to give it 5 stars is the fact that in my lips the fading of it makes me look like my lips are braking. To reapply I have to take it all off, rehydrate the lips and then re-apply. Make sure you don't leave home without it when doing this look.

  2. trying to be bolder

    Posted by Kathleen on 19th Oct 2014

    Despite all the advice that "older" women (I'm only 48!!) should stay away from dark colors. This time I went for the dark colored Fierce, which looks very browny-purple in the tube, but which goes on as a nice wine color. I find it does go on better with the RAL Lip Brush, which I'll discuss in a moment. I tried it right from the tube just for kicks, but it didn't go on as evenly as it did with the brush. The color is rather dark, but the important thing to know is that it's very "build able." A light coat gives a subtle
    wine-stained look, and a heavier application intensifies the color for
    more drama. It's a beautiful color, very flattering to my pale Irish skin.
    You'd think the contrast might be too stark, but it's not--Fierce is a
    really lovely shade, and it feels especially good with a light slick of
    Rallye Balm over it.

  3. I am so in love with Fierce...

    Posted by Terrie on 27th Aug 2014

    It's a beautiful Co, or. You can put a light layer on and then add additional layers on to deepen the color. The texture is rich and creamy. My lips love these Lipstick. Thank you for being dedicated to providing these high quality products that we celiac cs can use safely. You all are the best.

  4. Great Color

    Posted by Cece Harmon on 12th Aug 2014

    This color is a Beautiful deep wine purple color! It suited well with my lips! It also looks great on my skin complextion, I am an African American, who has a milk chocolate skin complextion. :) I was nervous to see how it would look on me, when I put it on it just bleed into my lips , with a dark purple color. It made my lips look more full. I would suggest wearing it with a lip balm or another lipstick or gloss to moisturize your lips! Don't forget to exfoliate your lips before you apply any lipstick! I was so satisfied with my product! It's Gorgeous!!! Also ladies if your lipstick comes in the mail on a hot day..make sure you get it in your house as soon as possible so it doesn't melt in the hot heat! Stick it in the fridge to make sure it doesn't melt. I did that real quick, when I received my lipstick in the mail because it was hot that day and I was afraid it would melt because. The box was hot. I stuck it in the fridge for a few minutes, took it out and it glided smoothly on my lips!! I Love this color!!!!

  5. Wonderful color!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2014

    so far this is my favorite. I'm so mad I missed placed it somewhere. Probably one of my jackets or pocket book. Yes I have that many pocket books. It anyway please get some more than so I can order it again. You have the best lipsticks. they go on smooth. They look great. And my lips are healthy. And I'm not putting chemicals in my body. And your colors are great. thank you for being so passionate about your products. It shows in the quality.

  6. Fear Not!

    Posted by Janet on 4th Mar 2014

    This color scared me when I first tried it, but I wore it last Saturday and it was gorgeous. My lips looked full and beautiful. Don't even think about applying it without a lip pencil and brush.

  7. I really do love it

    Posted by Maria on 11th Feb 2014

    Fierce is the color I've been hoping you'd make all along. I love it. It is definitely more drying, so I combine it with lip balm, lip gloss, or--usually--with Drama, which creates a great, complex, softer burgundyish color with the perfect blue-brown balance in it. That is a more everyday-friendly look I've been wearing constantly. I am re-ordering Drama, but am sad to see Fierce is gone from the lineup. I guess that's because it was a fall collection color, but I don't know what I'll do when I use up my tube of Fierce! I really do love it.

  8. Vintage Glam

    Posted by Rachael on 17th Jan 2014

    Fierce is a beautiful purple wine colored lipstick. I wear it with neutral eye makeup and let the lips bring all the drama. I feel like a old hollywood starlet with a modern twist when I wear this color!

  9. Love it dark or lightly applied.

    Posted by LR on 29th Nov 2013

    Thank you! FABULOUS.
    I have fair skin, light eyes, and dark brown hair. This is not pinky pink, more of a purple wine, though there is some berry pink under when it fades.
    I used to wear a similar color and am happy to have this excellent replacement! I like applying straight from the tube, no brush, which easily gives a bold look that I love. However, I've also been playing with applying it lightly either straight from the tube or with a brush and love the everyday color that gives. Especially when worn bold, it makes my teeth look brighter white, my face look faster and flawless.

    Love it!

    Note: Fierce is not as moisturizing as some of the other RAL lipsticks. Exfoliating and moisturizing beforehand really help in application. A sheet gloss our Rallye balm might be nice to use for applying more moisture throughout the day. The color itself lasts well.

  10. Awesome in all ways!

    Posted by Karla on 17th Nov 2013

    If you've never tried Red Apple Lipstick, you must! Not only are they full of good non-toxic ingredients, but the colors are awesome. Fierce is my new favorite. You can put it on sheer, like a gloss, or thicker, for a more intense experience. Adding a different color underneath with Fierce as the top layer is also great. It stays on well, and never causes my lips to dry out or flake. 10 Thumbs Up! (Yeah, I only have 2 thumbs, so 10 Thumbs Up is an honor!)

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