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There's Only One Way To End "Celiac" Chapped Lips For Good!

The skin of your lips must be stronger and healthier, and it's simple to do.

It's not a huge secret why chapped lips happen. It's a simple physiological process.

FACT #1 - the skin of your lips is some of the thinnest skin on your body; only 4 to 5 dermals layers thick compared to 15 or 16 throughout the rest of your body.

FACT #2 - Your body naturally let's go of water and moisture, up to two pints of water is used in just breathing each day.  You even lose two cups through the bottom of you feet each day.

It's no wonder that your lips will be the first to dry out. 

FACT #3 - Those with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance face an even bigger challenge as vital water is used in other important organs first; those affected by the disease.

You might find yourself with dry, flaky lips almost constantly; Probably cracks with bleeding too.

Once the dry lips begin to get severe, the problems mount.  Your body is trying to repair the damaged skin while also taking care of the rest of your body, while free radicals go bonkers in your lips.

FACT #4 - Vitamin deficiencies common to Celiac Disease cause dry, cracked lips.

FACT #5 - The last thing you want to do is smather on a layer of wax filled with toxic chemicals.  The wax and chemicals in most over the counter "lip balms" just make the problems worse.  

They stop the flow of air to the skin, which in turn, limits healing, and some ingredients actually wick up moisture like a sponge, and directly from your lips.

What you want is for the lip skin to heal. Not only that, but become healthier, stronger skin.

Healthier, Stronger Skin Retains Moisture Better.

All Red Apple Lipstick products are designed specifically to combat this problem.  Each and every lipstick and gloss is loaded down with a high quality, all natural, 100% gluten free Vitamin E. 

We have all heard the benefits of Vitamin E on your skin.

Vitamin E is more than just a vitamin, it's an anit-oxident that protects and repairs skin naturally.

Vitamin E zaps those molecules that damage collagen and aids in skin dryness.  Vitamin E literally stops the molecules causing the damage to your skin.

The source of our Vitamin E

The source of our vitamin E is a question raised often. A single person who was attempting to sell a report for money has misguidedly popularized the idea that Vitamin E in gluten free cosmetics could be an introduction source of gluten.  Other writers have seen this is a legitimate source of information and have picked up in their blogs that are usually smothered with ads or amazon products.  We have been battling this for some time.  

Our source of vitamin E is a chemical compound but not synthetic, and while the exact process is a guarded secret I can be certain in telling your that it was not derived from corn, wheat, rye or barley or any other gluten based derivative.

No products containing gluten are used in the manufacturing process

If You Want To End Celiac Chapped, Dry Lips Right Now, Check Out Rallye Balm - a lip balm designed specifically for women with Celiac Disease.


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