Gluten Free Lip Makeup By Red Apple Lipstick

Gluten Free, Allergen Friendly, Vegan Lipsticks

Allergen free lipstick colors that inspire. Finishes that set the mood. Creamy and soft. Filled with the power of gluten free Vitamin-E. Hand made in the U.S.A., lab tested gluten free, chemical free, lead free … because every woman deserves safe makeup.

gloss on white

Gluten Free, Vegan Lipgloss

If you aren’t a lipstick gal, we understand. We have designed hand made glosses ranging from full color to ultra sheer without the use of harmful chemicals or preservatives. Perfect for all ages, safe for kids.

Vegan lip balm and exfoliate stick

Rallye Balm & Exfoliate Stick

End Your Chapped Lips In 7 Days…Or Your Money Back! Rallye Balm was designed to fight “celiac” chapped lips with the healing power of gluten free Vitamin-E. Use in combination with our Exfoliate Stick to make your chapped lips a memory.

Vegan Lip Liners

The perfect outline to a perfect lip. The gluten free, vegan lip pencils are amazing, you just gotta see for yourself. Twist the end, and these self sharpening pencils are ready to go.

Handy Lipstick Sample Packs

A little nervous ordering a lipstick online? We get that. Create your own sample pack of any of our current lipsticks, and find your favorites.