Lipstick is a great way to make your lips look fuller, smoother, more attractive. Lipstick is fun, creative and the mood booster of your makeup bag


Women spend millions of dollars on lipsticks that they don’t wear because their lips are dry or chapped. Other women feel like they’re not applying their lipsticks correctly so the color doesn’t show up right. Some people have trouble getting any color at all from lipstick when they first apply it. Some women have trouble making their lipstick last or it wears off unevenly in odd places.

We all want our lipstick to last longer, stay smooth, and give us those super awesome flawless finishes! We all want to know why certain colors work for us while others don’t. And we ALL want it to be easy, and it is.

This FREE course will teach you how to get the most out of any lipstick every time you use one! You’ll learn everything from choosing the perfect shades to how manage deep shades to how to make your lipstick last 10x longer, and it’s all very simple.

I work with professional makeup artists from all over. And I know what the pros know. Let me share these tips with you in less than 20 minutes, and you’ll never look at lipstick the same again.

Course Lessons – Get The Tips The Pros Use To Manage All Types Of Lipstick Application From No Makeup Makeup to Managing Deep Color At An Evening Event.

Welcome to the first video in our Lipstick 101 Series!  Meet Andrea and learn a must-have PRO tip to help achieve flawless lipstick finishes every day.

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Perfect lipstick needs a perfect canvas. And It’s soooo easy. This Pro Tip provides any lipstick the chance to perform its best.

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When we put lipstick on in a rush, we’re not doing ourselves any favors.  This lesson discusses the negative side effects of improper lipstick application, and showcases the goal of a successful lipstick application.

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Lipstick can be worn at varying intensities.  Should you wear lipstick at full intensity all the time?  What intensity level is right for every day? And, more lipstick intensity = increased maintenance.

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A lipstick brush is an indispensable tool every woman should have in her makeup bag. In this lesson, we discuss why a lip brush is so important.  And, precisely how to use one quickly.

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In this final lesson, Andrea discusses why you should always blot your lipstick, and demonstrates the proper method.

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