Hey, Green Eyes.

Best Eyeshadows For Green Eyes In Specially Curated Palettes

Shimmer Palette

Matte Palette

The Only Palette You’ll Ever Need.

  • Every eye shadow on this page is designed to complement & enhance your green eyes
  • Palette includes printed guide with several looks to get you started
  • Each palette gives you perfectly coordinated shadows for no-brainer application
  • Each palette can be worn in many ways ranging from classic to bold (with how-to guide included)
  • Want both mattes and shimmers? This palette holds 9 shadows to carry all the best shadows for blue eyes
  • You’ll never have to figure out which shadows will look the best ever again – we’ve taken the guesswork out!

Only Buy Shades You Love

Traditional palettes make you purchase shades you don’t want.  However, with the  R.A.L. Eye Shadow system fill your palette with shades you love. The Z-Palette holds up to 9 shadows. Fill it with any of our 46 very wearable shades.

Why You’ll Love This System

  • The Z-Palette is an eco-friendly case with a magnetic base that will last forever – it holds 9 shadows
  • We all use 1 or 2 shades MORE than the rest, now you can JUST replace the ones you’ve used up
  • You’ll enjoy opening your palette and only seeing shades you LOVE & KNOW HOW to wear!
  • No more palettes full of shadows you don’t wear, and no way to replenish just the few you wear everyday
  • Includes FREE Shipping and custom how-to beauty guide
  • Low waste palette. Never throw your palette away. Simply refill your eyeshadow pans as you use them up.

Should I Get Matte Or Shimmer Eyeshadows For Green Eyes?

Your eyes will look amazing in both palettes – so you can’t go wrong. Here’s our pro tips for how to choose.

  • Shimmer shadows add a lovely glow and sparkle and draw attention to your eyes.
  • Mattes look good on everyone. If you’re unsure, go with mattes and add a few fun shimmers as add-ons.
  • Want to wear shimmers but have fine lines? – try a shimmer shade on your inner eyelid for a fun pop. Buy the matte palette and add a light shimmer as an add-on shade.
  • If you have fine lines or “crows feet” – stick with the mattes. Shimmers tend to settle in those lines and make them bigger than they are.

Add-On Shades Are Listed On Each Palette’s Page

Picture of an open Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette for Sensitive Eyes by Red Apple Lipstick - 1

What Is Z-Palette?

It’s a sturdy, high-quality cardboard case with a magnetic base and see-through lid. You’ll love it because you can replace JUST the shadows you use up and only purchase shades you’ll love to wear.  No more palette waste. No more palettes with shades you’ll never wear.

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