The Lash Project

Have Healthier, Stronger, And
More Youthful Lashes In 60 Days

with our high performance, 2-In-1 lash conditioning mascara

It's $42, and it's worth it ...

  • BECAUSE it gives you an amazing mascara and powerful lash conditioner all in 1
  • BECAUSE it reverses and prevents your lash damage from years of toxic mascara use
  • BECAUSE it ends your embarrassing mid-day smudge problem and watery runoff
  • BECAUSE it ends clumping and flaking forever
  • BECAUSE it won't cause itchy, scratchy, puffy eyes
  • BECAUSE it stops your lashes from falling out pre-maturely
  • BECAUSE it doesn't dry out in the tube... when you know there's more left
  • BECAUSE it feels as fresh on the 30th day as it did on the 1st day you used it
  • BECAUSE it was literally made a week before you receive it
  • BECAUSE you can always get a discount through our free VIP Club
  • BECAUSE it works amazingly well


Since our special formula is fresh, and doesn't dry up quickly - it's last longer than most Mascaras.

Launches July 31st

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Strengthen Your Lashes
Powerful conditioning ingredients work to bring your lashes back to full health and keep them that way. No more stubby growth or lash fall out.

Be Clump Free
Clumps occur when mascaras are oil based and contain petroleum. Ours is water based and petroleum free, giving you thick lashes free of clumps.

Smudge proof
No more raccoon eyes or smudges, enjoy your mascara all day with no watery run off from sweat, moisture, humidity, etc. Guaranteed.

Gentle Removal Process
No need to use special removers or scrubbing which harm your lashes. The Lash Project will remove easily with coconut oil or soap and water.

Never Dries Out
Your mascara is made in fresh batches, so it won't dry out like most mascaras, that leave you with a half full tube of unusable mascara.

It's Weightless
Whether you apply one coat or five, you won't ever feel like it's heavy or in the way. Your lashes will feel soft and feathery and...weightless.

No Flakey Mess
Flakes occur when mascara dries out. Because ours doesn't do that, you'll never experience lash flakes again. Good to the bottom of the bottle.

Black Satin Color
You will look classic and timeless in black mascara. A soft enough shade to look natural, but bold enough to make your eyes really pop.

And If you suffer from red, puffy, scratchy, watery eyes or...
Lashes that fall out, thin out, or grow in weird directions and...
Or You're Frustrated that you can't wear mascara without these issues...
Then you're in for an exciting surprise!

Having lashes that fall out, grow crooked, grow stubby or don't grow at all can be embarrassing and frustrating … and the more years that go by, the worse the problem becomes.

The information on this page will show you how commercial mascaras damage your beautiful lashes over time, and why they cause allergic reactions.

The Lash Project will prove that you (no matter how many mascaras you've tried) can adore wearing mascara. In as little as 60 days, you will love your lashes again with no allergies, irritation, or damage.

Just enjoy your beautiful, smudge proof, clump proof, raccoon proof, healthy, conditioned lashes and...

The Best Part?
Do It All With Our Revolutionary 2-In-1 System.
Mascara + Conditioner

  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • NO Multi-Part Serums
  • NO Prescriptions
  • NO Costly Dermatologist Visits
  • NO Twice-A-Day Applications

If you're like many of my customers, you've likely battled bad mascara your whole life. Nothing has ever solved your problem, and sometimes, they left you so damaged, you couldn't leave the house for 9 hours.

You've tried lots of products, quick fixes, over-the-counter serums, "hypo-allergenic" mascaras and "all natural" mascaras, with disappointing results...

... and finally just settled on the fact that maybe you're the problem, that your body is just weird. (Totally Not True)

And, your lashes continue to be a source of pain, frustration, or embarrassment.

Launches July 31st

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Imagine This...

... End allergic reactions ...
... Reverse years of damage ...
... Protect your lashes forever ...
... Have the strong, luscious lashes you desire …
... Have healthier, more youthful lashes, every day
... Never leave the house without mascara again …
... End watery smudges you discovered upon getting home …
... Never be embarrassed again by unhealthy eye lashes ...
... Finally throw away those products that damage your eye lashes …

You See... Your Eye Lash Follicle Is Delicate

... and we all know the follicle is the place where a hair roots to your skin, surrounded by two sebaceous glands.

Your lash follicles are more sensitive than all other follicles.
They weren't designed to handle harsh chemicals like those found in modern mascaras and the removers needed to take them off.

The follicles of eyelashes are associated with a number of glands known as the glands of Zeis and the glands of Moll.

When the follicle and associated sebaceous glands clog, your body goes on overload to dump the source of the clog, and irritation occurs.

If your body can't clear the clog, a stye can form… certainly a hint that whatever has been on your eye lashes is not good.

Your mucous membranes are trying desperately to keep that dangerous stuff OUT of your bloodstream and keep the follicle and glands clear and clean.

The result?

Itchy, red, puffy, scratchy, watering eyes.

If the follicle is damaged daily, your lashes will grow short,
stubby or in strange directions...

... but the damage can be reversed.

When you began wearing makeup, your body had an easier time dealing with the issues. But as the years go by, memory cells fight bigger battles to overcome natural cellular deficiency, hence … a worsened reaction AND damage to your eye & surrounding tissue is cumulative.

Many typical allergens and irritants easily hide in every day mascara, which causes this damage.

...Wait a second, stop right there. The difference between you not being able to wear mascara, and having luscious, strong lashes every day just flew by!

When you apply poorly made, commercial mascaras, the ingredients are destroying your lash root, and are making the problem worse, but they don't tell you that!

That's right. Without knowing it, you're likely making the problem worse, if you're like 99% of women in the world... by using mascara that's actually damaging your lashes, no matter how they were marketed to you in magazines and on TV.

I could go on and on about how marketing and ads and the perception of choice instigated by Big Cosmo is frustrating and misleading.

But instead, let's talk about how YOU can reverse the damage their products have done. Time to take back your lashes!

Let me explain - chemicals cause damage

If you're like most women I know, you miss the gorgeous lashes of your youth. You likely have a makeup drawer full of various mascaras and treatments, and you switch back and forth, hoping maybe one day, one of them would work again, right? At the very least, you own one or two. Everyone who takes a daily makeup routine seriously does. I know I DID.

Common ingredients like polybutene, paraben, dimethicone, petrolatum and petroleum distillates, propylene glycol, Triethanolamine (TEA), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ethyl acetate, Diazolidinyl, and others cause your body to go on overload and clog your follicles and lash roots.

Your body wages war
at the site of your lash root as these ingredients soak their way into your root … which causes redness, itchiness, puffiness and tears… not to mention dangers of dermatitis reactions to gluten, soy, nuts, dairy and fragrances… a painful battle.

Your body has built a huge resistance to them,
it's telling you "not on me please!"

It's unfortunate, but we ARE ACCUSTOMED to chemical ridden, over plasticized, over preserved, older-than-you-think-it-is mascara, because that's almost only what's sold in stores...

3 Companies Control 95% Of The Mascara Market,
they want you to keep buying their products, and swapping from one product to another.
This is one of the industry's dirty little secrets.

However, once you use a mascara with ingredients your follicle loves, your lashes become stronger, the follicle becomes healthy, the hair grows naturally and full, just as it was meant to...

… and life changes. Just like that.

The result? Freedom from painful irritation. No more watery eyes. No more raccoon looks. No more messy clumps. Just smooth, dark, thick, luscious, and healthy lashes.

The Lash Project is designed to encourage natural lash health. This means actual growth, if your lashes are stubby, then ongoing conditioning once they're back to full capacity.

Maybe you don't suffer from any of the issues described. You just want a great, no clumping, no smudging mascara that doesn't hurt your amazing lashes. If so, then you've found it.

Wouldn't it just be nice to simply keep your daily routine, and wear a great mascara that does the healing for you!? Sounds good, right? You bet it does.

You CAN take back your lashes! Throw out products that contain harsh irritants.
Treat yourself to a conditioning mascara that won't irritate, damage, or look gross, you're worth it.

Launches July 31st

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Over 5 Years Of Research And Development Has Produced A Product That...
has perfect mascara properties ...
... and the most powerful properties of a serum...
for HALF the cost of others.

If you're like 92% of our clients, customers and friends, you suffer from allergic reactions to chemicals, and you hate your damaged lashes.

You probably also hate snake oil pills, late night TV quick fixes, and over-the-counter purchases that all ended up in the garbage can as painfully wasted money and effort.

Prescription lash formulas can cost upwards of $135, and you have to apply it 2+ times per day, and it's not even a mascara. Not to mention, it makes your lashes grow abnormally long and spidery.

Wouldn't it be amazing if your lashes could just return to the way they used to be, and remain healthy for years to come.

Here's Some Ingredients Your Lashes Are Going To LOVE

Ginko Biloba Extract
A great "Circulation Enhancer" - which helps the collagen in your skin stay full and healthy. It conditions the skin around the root of the eye lash to keep the skin tight. The tightened skin helps your body hold onto that lash, and helps it grow straight.

Acorus Calamus Root Extract
This anti-inflammatory is a dream - internal inflammation of the skin is reduced, as this extract conditions the hair and skin. An extract from the roots of the "sweet flag" plant, this super ingredient relieves skin irritations.

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17
This little guy is a keratin stimulating mamba-jamba. Keratin is the body's main protein in your hair. The more of Keratin, the stronger, and healthier the hair. This is a naturally occurring amino acid that your body needs in order to grow healthy hair... and your lashes LOVE IT.

An amazing rejuvenator - it is an anti-irritant that supports cellular function on a micro level, which promotes healing and regulatory function. This extract from the comfrey plant, soothes and protects skin. Your lash follicle will do a happy dance.

Ingredients: Water, Acrylate Copolymer, Stearic Acid, Iron Oxides, Carnauba Wax, Glycerin, Synthetic Beeswax, Tromethamine, Polyvinylalcohol, Mica, Silica, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Bergamot Leaf Extract, Octapeptide-2, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Allantoin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol


  • Mascara that performs without problems
  • Mascara that won't make your eyes itch
  • Mascara that actually conditions your lash follicle
  • Conditioned follicles means lashes that grow like they used to
  • Forget prescriptions, products that lay at the bottom of your makeup bag, and "quick fix formulas"
  • Maximize your body's ability to grow healthy, normal lashes without risk...all while looking great
  • Mascara + Conditioner that promises you perfection!

Get The Amazing Lashes You Want...In 2 Months, And For Half The Cost!


Erica Dermer Celiac and the Beast Says:

"Red Apple Lipstick always produces the best gluten-free make-up out there - so I would expect nothing less from their new mascara. It feels great putting it on and forgetting about it until I have to take it off at night. It's not clumpy or smelly or gross feeling on my sensitive lashes and eyelids. It washes clean off, yet stays on all day (even when I accidentally slept in it overnight). I'm so happy to find a mascara from someone who actually cares about what I'm putting on and into my body! "
Lauren Lucille Vasser - A.K.A The Celiac Diva Says:

"You're about to experience one of those explosive moments in the evolution of the gluten free community!

Jay Harper's creations are always mind blowing."
Vanessa Weisbrod - Editor Of Delight Gluten Free Magazine Says :

"If you don't know who Jay Harper is - Unforgivable :) !

Jay's an honest guy, and an asset to the allergy-free women of the world"
Joni Cox - Host of Home Grown Health on Natural News Radio Says :

"In a world where millions of products are being made with cheap, toxic chemicals, Jay Harper is the breath of fresh air you need...

His level of integrity and honesty is impressive, and gives me confidence. "
Womens Health Magazine says
Absolutely, This Is A Gluten Free Brand You Should Try!

If you suffer from chronic dry lashes, broken lashes or lashes that fall out, then this is a product you will certainly want to try.


Andrea Harper

"As a fellow mascara fiend, it was crucial for me to develop a mascara that we can all wear, that doesn't irritate our eyes, damage our lashes, but still performs above and beyond any mascara you and I have ever tried. I am inspired by all the women I've met with through my life that have so many complaints about mascara - "it clumps, it smudges, it makes my eyes burn, is my mascara running?" etc etc. I knew there was a way to make mascara safely and still have it perform perfectly...and I knew OUR team could pull this off! And we did. I'm thrilled for you to experience the amazingness that we have all enjoyed creating for you. Your life is about to change!"
Jay Harper

" I'm just really happy to create another product that you can replace your old junky gunky stuff with. Considering that this is a piece of makeup that most women wear every day of their life, and it's placed on a part of your body that is very sensitive I'm really proud that we got this done. I'm super proud of the product. I'm super proud of the packaging. I'm super proud of its usefulness. I'm super proud of its performance. I am just happy all the way around. "
Melissa Vargas

" The Lash Project is not just any mascara, it is a mascara and conditioner that is five years in the making. It has been Andrea's and Jay's mission to create a healthy mascara that also performs perfectly. With this back story in mind, my vision for The Lash Project came to life. I felt it important to, in some way, express in my design that this is not just any mascara, but it is a completed mission or "project". The logo, the packaging, and the mascara itself are sleek, clean, and sophisticated. When you receive this mascara you will experience a whole new feeling when it comes to opening up a new package, because what you are opening is something truly special."

Launches July 31st

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