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This project was started in 2007 and it's been nothing but innovation from there. Our lipstick is outstanding and for this simple reason it is used by scores of women worldwide. But we know this isn't enough reason to get you off your duff and order some, here's 10 more!

It's a simple concept; higher quality ingredients make a higher quality product. Jay would never put his name on anything that wasn't totally hot. It's just in his maven framework. This simple difference is hard to describe. You don't have to be a total makeup junkie to appreciate the difference in quality; all you have to do is own one of these badboys.

You will find our lipsticks creamy, moisturizing, buildable, blendable and just plain awesome.

Our eye shadows have huge color payoff, creaseless perfection, blendability and staying power with absolutely no irritation. It all boils down to finding the very best ingredients and using them properly!

Red Apple Lipstick is the only major lip product company that works hard to create safety without sacrificing quality:

  • Paraben Free.
    Paraben is a toxic set of chemicals used as a preservative in makeup. Parabens are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid, from which the name is derived. Do you know why other companies put them in their cosmetics? Because it lengthens the shelf life of a cosmetic product; even during a nuclear holocaust. Do you know why  don't use them in our products? Because doctors keep finding paraben in breast tumors during research. (google Dr. Philippa Darbre).  We just simply make smaller batches and since we make them right here in the US, it's not a problem for us. The question in your mind is "What is RAL shelf life?". 1.5 Years.
  • Gluten Free.
    Gluten free is important. Many more people than you think (and this could include you without knowing it!) are sensitive to gluten. It's called GSE or Gluten Sensitivity Enteropathy. It is thought that 1 in 133 people in America have a sensitivity and do not know. And of course people with the expanded form of GSE, known as Celiac disease cannot have gluten even come CLOSE to them without being severely effected. Minor symptoms are easy to be mistaken for other things. Symptoms such as abdominal cramping, excess gas, diarrhea and/or constipation, fatty stools, anemia, weight loss even when eating a lot, delayed puberty, mouth ulcers, joint pain, osteoporosis, fatigue, migraines, numbness in hands or feet, gall bladder malfunction, essential vitamin deficiencies, etc… To this end, we decided there was a way to make an awesome product without gluten based binders. We fought tooth and nail until we figured it out!
  • Lead Free.
    Nuff Said
  • Soy Free.
    You Heard It (except our retractable lip pencils, they actually do have a non gmo soy in them)
  • No Animal Parts
    Yeppers.  No fish scales, no animal byproducts.  eww, gross.
  • Vitamin E Enriched.
    At Red Apple Lipstick we want your lips to feel enriched and silky smooth kissable ALL the time. That's why we enrich our product with Vitamin E in a top secret manufacturing process that no one else knows about. As you read our reviews, you will hear people talk about how their lips feel after a short period of use. And by short, we mean a day or two! Ladies with rough lips suddenly have smooth, enriched lips. It works just as planned.

If you are going to put ANYTHING on your body that you are going to ingest, it might was well but the best stuff it can be!


We have become the NUMBER 1 trusted gluten free cosmetics company.

To insure the safety of even our most sensitive customers our testing and storage procedures are rigorous to say the least. Only 3 persons in our entire organization are even allowed to enter our climate controlled storage, packing and shipping area. Anyone who handles the makeup you are about to buy is highly trained and genuinely understands & cares for your safety. We go through great measures to eliminate the chance for cross contamination and our products are professionally lab tested.

We see absolutely no need for it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you try our lipstick or lip gloss and you are dissatisfied for any reason please send it right back to us within 160 days of receipt and we will refund 100% of your original purchase! You'll enjoy our simple policy: no gimmicks, no hassles, no additional fees.

Read Our Entire Refund policy


Here at Red Apple we want to make your buying process as simple as possible. That is why we offer free shipping to every destination in the continental United States. Shipping charges do apply for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and any other destination outside of the US.


At Red Apple Lipstick we value the safety of any information you reveal to us on our website. This state of the art web store features the high level of encryption during checkout available. We NEVER store your credit card number, once your check out is complete, your credit card info has already been wiped from our system automatically. We offer checkout via pay pal and google shopping aside from our website checkout, all very safe methods.

Further, we NEVER share your personal information with ANYONE outside of the shipping companies. We NEVER sell your marketing data to ANYONE, ever. We have truly created one of the most perfect, safe and fun ways to buy lipstick and lip gloss on the web anywhere today.


Jay has always encouraged his employees to keenly understand that his companies' customers are like family. He has proven this over and over in business ventures in the past and Red Apple Lipstick to be no different! He realizes that there is an enormous gap in the cosmetic industry and their customers. A greedy disconnect fueled by greedy corporate environments. At Red Apple Lipstick our approach is the opposite. We encourage you, our customer, to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We offer our family of customers live people to speak to anytime they like. We send our family gifts, coupons, rewards and meaningful content. We treat you as if you were one of us. We're in this for you.


When Jay started Red Apple Lipstick, the choice of making his product anywhere other the USA was out of the question. As a company, we never even consulted with groups outside of the USA.

Americans manufacture all Red Apple products in the US. Jay, being a veteran and a patriotic, red blooded American wanted his products made here, by Americans. He wanted to provide jobs for people here that needed them and he knew that in the end, the product would be superior. Let's face, Americans DO know how to manufacturer quality products and Red Apple products are prime example of the American spirit and ingenuity this great country of ours offers to the world.


At Red Apple Lipstick we value our customers! This is why we create programs like our Lip Stick Exchange program and offer special gifts when we can. Our customers are like family and we are happy to create a company environment that allows us to be this way.


Yup, that's right.  The guy who started this company designs each and every color.  He doesn't follow trends and fads, he just knows what looks good. He describes it like this; "I've looked at women my whole life, I think I have a pretty good grasp on what looks good :)"


You know you want to. You might as well. We have used this state of the art website to bring all of the knowledge we can about how great our lipstick really is. We have a 100% money back guarantee in place so that you don't have any risk in trying it. We accept your phone calls gladly anytime you call us. We send you fun gifts for the heck of it. We let you trade in lipstick you hate from other manufacturers. You read about us all over the internet. If by this point you are really not interested, we can take no for an answer and thank you very much for reading this far. However, between you and us, we really want you to try it. We really want you to Email the same reaction so many women have everyday and tell us how wonderful Red Apple Lipstick is. We really want you to join our family. And we really want to deliver to you an awesome product for years to come. So what are you waiting for?? Try it today!


Red Apple Lipsticks are not sold in stores.
Shopping on our website is 100% secure and encrypted, so you don't have to worry. You can also order by telephone at the number below.
And don't forget, you are always protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!