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R.A.L. Mascara

A New Eco-Friendly Tube.

An Improved Formula For 2022.

Always Gluten Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

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Yes. The Lash Project mascara by Red Apple Lipstick has been discontinued and replaced by R.A.L. Mascara. But don’t fret. We’ve worked the best and beloved qualities of the Lash Project into our new formulation.

We wanted to maintain the hydration and lash conditioning properties from our previous generation mascara. We took the best properties and kept them in our new formula. We removed Phenoxyethanol and altered some ingredient ratios to produce a less dry formula with a longer open life.

You asked, and we listened. Our new mascara formula will be available in both black and brown – YAY.

We’re finalizing production now. We anticipate R.A.L. Mascara to be ready for shipment during the first quarter of 2022.

Stimulating Lash Growth While Looking Fabulous

Combining the best properties of a mascara with the best properties of a lash conditioner, The new R.A.L. Mascara helps you have healthier & stronger lashes with our unique formula.

medium skin neutral undertones black hair

Smudge & Clump Proof

No more raccoon eyes with no watery run off! No clumping with this water based and petroleum free mascara! Giving you thick lashes free of clumps.

Easy Removal

No need to use special removers or scrubbing which harm your lashes. R.A.L. Mascara will remove easily with coconut oil or soap and water.

Doesn’t Flake

It doesn’t dry out because it’s made in fresh batches! Flakes occur when mascara dries out. Because ours doesn’t do that, you’ll never experience lash flakes again.

Strengthen Your Lashes

Powerful conditioning ingredients work to bring your lashes back to full health and keep them that way. No more stubby growth or lash fall out.