ReFillable Z-Palette Eyeshadow System

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Picture of an open Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette for Sensitive Eyes by Red Apple Lipstick - 1

With Traditional Eye Shadow Palettes you throw away the whole palette.  It’s a waste. Our Eye Shadow System solves this problem, allowing individual eye-shadows to be replaced.

Never Toss Another Palette

Simply remove and replace any used eye shadow colors or reconfigure your eye-shadow palette when you want.
Replacement eye-shadows just snap to the strong magnetic base of our long-lasting palette.

Buy Only Shades You Love

Traditional palettes make you purchase shades you don’t want.  However, with the  R.A.L. Eye Shadow system fill your palette with shades you love. The Z-Palette holds up to 9 shadows. Fill it with any of our 46 very wearable shades.


We always want your eye shadow palette to feel like a high quality tool that just works day in and day out.

  • Slim Design Easily Fits In Most Handbags
  • Deep Eye Shadow Pans Last Longer
  • Tough Palette/Case Lasts For Years
  • Switch, Swap, Reconfigure Your Palette Easily & Quickly
  • Carry The Shades You Need Today
  • Holds Up To 9 Shadows
  • Only Replace Eye Shadows You’ve Used

Little To No Waste

Simply clean the empty eye shadow pans and recycle them.

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