Build Your Red Apple Lipsticks Intensity

Here’s a couple of important ideas that might help you along with your Red Apple Lipstick.

Since our lipsticks have a mineral base, opposed to a wax base, the color can, and should be “built”.

What I mean is that as you apply the lipstick, and as you apply a little more on top with each, thoughtful swipe, the color is going to build to it’s full intensity.

It will start out sheer and then as you build up to it’s full intensity, it will begin to blossom.

This wonderful quality will allow a single lipstick color to be shifted from a gentle hint of color, to a full bodied color. Something you can’t do with most lipsticks.

Also, a Red Apple Lipstick color is going to somewhat blend with your natural lip color. It’s totally possible that the two colors might be a perfect fit or could possibly clash. If this occurs with your brand new Red Apple Lipstick, please know the following.

I want your happiness over anything else. So please feel free to take advantage of my 100% money back guarantee!

We will be more than happy to refund your money, or exchange the lipstick for another color. You can keep on trying them until you find the one you love!

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