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4 Sensitive Skin Essentials for creating a daily go-to look without worry of irritation. An incredible savings on our best sellers. Need help choosing blush, scroll down for an easy guide.

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Cheeky Choices

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Gotta Glow: Peachy Pink

Universally flattering – Gotta Glow looks good on everyone (except alabaster skin, you should wear baby pink shade in Dolly). Sheer & blendable, this brings life and color to your face. The subtle shimmer disappears into a flawless dewy and fresh look. Pair it with Sundrop bronzer for the most beautiful year-round natural glow.

Dolly: Baby Pink

Fair & Light Skin naturally blush in this color. Matte, blendable baby pink gives a subtle flush whereas other shades can look a bit orangey on alabaster skin. Choose this shade for a natural, never overdone pinch of color, to make your light skin . Combine with Sundrop bronzer for natural warmth and a beautiful glow.

M’Lady: Muted Mauve

Light to Medium Skin tones with neutral or yellow/warm undertones look amazing in dusty mauve blush. Many customers with this skin tone range toggle between this blush and a peach or apricot, depending on their mood. This blush shade is versatile, sheer and blendable like all the others. Pair with Sundrop Bronzer for an all-over glow.

Blush In Coy: Apricot Pink

Medium Skintones look amazing in Apricot. It adds warmth to the skin for a flirty and fresh flush without distracting from the rest of your makeup. Choose this shade if you have a medium to medium-dark skin tone. Pair with Sundrop Bronzer for a natural warmth that is sheer and buildable.

Tango: True Peach

Olive and Medium Skintones rock this shade like no other! Peach looks good on almost everyone (except alabaster skin) – and this warm shade will GLOW on your gorgeous warm skin. This buildable formula allows you complete control over the intensity and blends like a dream! Pair with Sundrop Bronzer for an all-over warmth.

Good Vibes: Tangerine

Dark and Deep Skin look radiant with a dose of orange. This blush may look intense – but on dark skin, bright orange looks subtle, gorgeous and perfectly neutral. This fresh tangerine shade is the best way to get a true flush that stands alone and brings a stunning glow to your gorgeous dark skin.

The Problem:

Sensitive skin needs sensitive solutions.
Finding the right blush shouldn’t be a struggle.

The Solution:

Meet our Blush: a touch of luxury for your skin, minus the irritation.
Perfectly blended for a seamless finish.
Our hypoallergenic formula is free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, gluten, and talc—
because your beauty should radiate without compromise.

The Promise:

Dedicated to clean ingredients, our blush respects your skin’s needs.
Ensuring a smooth, vibrant look free from breakouts and allergies.
Experience the joy of flawless blush, perfectly suited for sensitive skin.

Bronzed makeup look


RAL Blush is formulated to blend in a naturally looking way. It’s very easy to achieve just the right amount of glow and radiance without overdoing it.


Want just a little more color? Well, you’ll love how buildable our blush is. Go ahead and blend on another layer or two.

Hypo Allergenic

Skin irritation, bumps and break outs stink.. we know! Our blush is specially formulated to NOT cause these issues.

Wedding makeup

Add A Sundrop Bronzer

You’ll feel sun kissed and gorgeous with Sundrop Bronzer. No more worrying about putting too much on and looking orange. Sundrop is used under cheekbones, jawline, and perimeter of face to warm up your features and make them glow!

Perks me up when I’m feeling a bit pale 😉

I’ve been using this bronzer for several years now. It’s the only one I use. Stays on. Brush on as much or as little as you want. Very good, clean ingredients that is hard to find…bonus is that it’s gluten free! Thank you Red Apple!!
Verified Buyer
Bronzed makeup look

Precise & Seamless Application!

My makeup game has improved …

Ever since I got myself this beautiful professional brush my makeup game has improved significantly. The angled blush brush is made with synthetic bristles which are vegan and cruelty-free, making it perfect for blending your powders all while being exact in where you apply them. It’s thick and firm yet fluffy, the perfect combination!
Plus since it’s thicker than most brushes it means that these days I hardly ever go without blusher because there’s no need to spread so much around on my face like a traditional brush might do – wooowyeee!!!
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