Why Does Lipstick Come Off While Eating?

Ever wondered why your perfect pout doesn’t last through a meal? You’re not alone. Many of us have experienced the frustration of lipstick smearing, fading, or disappearing completely during a meal. But why does this happen? Let’s dive into the science behind the lipstick and eating conundrum.

Does Eating Make Lipstick Come Off?

The Science Behind Lipstick

Lipstick, at its core, is a blend of waxes, oils, and pigments. The waxes and oils provide a smooth application and a glossy finish, while the pigments give the lipstick its color. However, these ingredients aren’t designed to withstand the rigors of eating and drinking.

When you eat, the oils in your food can break down the oils in your lipstick, causing it to smear or fade. Additionally, the physical act of eating can rub the lipstick off your lips. This is why even the most long-lasting lipstick can’t seem to survive a meal.

Why does lipstick come off while eating.
Lipstick is a blend of waxes, oils and colourants.

Why Some Lipsticks Last Longer Than Others

Not all lipsticks are created equal. Some are designed to be more long-lasting than others. These lipsticks often contain ingredients like film formers, plasticizers and volatile oils, which help the lipstick adhere to your lips and resist smudging or fading.

However, these ingredients can have downsides. While they can make your lipstick last longer, they can also make it feel dry or uncomfortable on your lips. Plus, some people may be sensitive to these ingredients and experience irritation or allergic reactions.

Why does my lipstick wear off while eating.
Some ingredients in “long lasting” lipsticks are under scrutiny.

Red Apple Lipstick: A Comfortable, Long-Lasting Option

If you’re looking for a lipstick that can withstand a meal without sacrificing comfort, Red Apple Lipstick is a great option. Their lipsticks are formulated with natural, moisturizing ingredients that help the lipstick stay put without drying out your lips.

Red Apple Lipstick also avoids using harsh or irritating ingredients, making their lipsticks suitable for even the most sensitive lips. Plus, their wide range of colors means you’re sure to find a shade that suits your style.

How to Make Your Lipstick Last Through a Meal

While no lipstick is completely food-proof, there are steps you can take to help your lipstick last longer. Here are a few tips to keep your pout perfect through your meal.

  1. Exfoliate your lips. This removes any dead skin cells that could cause your lipstick to apply unevenly or flake off.
  2. Use a lip primer. This creates a smooth, even base for your lipstick and can help it adhere better to your lips.
  3. Apply your lipstick in layers. Start with a thin layer, blot it with a tissue, then apply another layer. This can help your lipstick last longer.
  4. Avoid oily foods. As mentioned earlier, the oils in food can break down the oils in your lipstick, causing it to fade or smear.

What To Do With Lipstick After A Meal

What you do next matters. Considering you’ve just eaten, reapplying lipstick right away may have less than great results. If practical, it’s better to clean your lips of food oils, grease, and drinks first. This can be done simply with a gentle water based wipe, water + your finger in the ladies room, or a gentle makeup remover wipe.

Then, reapply your lipstick taking care to set the first layer. There! You should be feeling perfectly refreshed for your afternoon.

Kristina Szabova, an etiquette & manners expert, recommends that personal grooming be done in private for all but the most casual of situations. You can read more of her lipstick etiquette tips here.


So, why does lipstick come off while you eat? It’s all down to the oils in your food and the physical act of eating. However, with the right products and application techniques, you can help your lipstick last longer.

Remember, while long-lasting lipsticks can be helpful, they often contain ingredients that can be drying or irritating. Instead, opt for a comfortable, moisturizing lipstick like Red Apple Lipstick. With their natural, gentle formulas, you can enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful lip color without any discomfort.

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