Best Lipstick for Green Eyeshadow: What Stunning Women are Wearing

what color of lipstick is best for green eye shadow

Green eyeshadow is a total showstopper – it’s like a party for your eyes! Whether you’ve got brown or hazel peepers, green eyeshadow is your BFF.

But wait, what about the lipstick? Ever stood in front of your mirror, green eyeshadow on point, but totally stumped on the lipstick front? You’re not alone! Choosing the perfect lip color for green eyeshadow can be as tricky as a cat in a yarn shop.

Fear not, Red Apple Lipstick to the rescue! We’re dishing out all the secrets on the best lipstick shades to pair with green eyeshadow. Get ready to pucker up and perfect your green eyeshadow look with our top RAL lipstick picks. Let’s turn those makeup woes into wows!

Colors Complimentary to Green

Green eyeshadow paired with coral lipstick

If you look at a color wheel and find green, you will see red directly across from it. And next to each side of red, you will see the colors orange and purple/violet. 

In color theory, this means that red complements green well. Shades of both orange and purple colors with reddish undertones will also make great complementary colors for green.   

We can use this same color theory to help choose lipstick shades that will complement green eyeshadow. With the right undertones, lipstick colors like coral, peach, brown, pink, red, and berries will complement green eyeshadow looks amazingly well. 

Nude Lipstick & Green Eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow can be more of a bold color especially when wearing shades like lime green eyeshadow, neon green eyeshadow, or even dark green shimmer eyeshadow. When wearing bold eye makeup, the eyes are the focal point. 

Keeping the rest of your makeup neutral, including lip color, is usually best. A nude lip color is a perfect lipstick pairing for green eyeshadow. Since the undertones in a peach lipstick complement green well, peachy nudes make a great nude lipstick choice. Depending on your skin tone, though, pinky nudes are also excellent options. 

For more of a subtle pop of lip color yet still overall neutral, a caramel brown lipstick or brown nude shade will pair perfectly. You can also go for a light pink lipstick or a light, subtle, coral lipstick shade. 

Pink lipstick colors will pair great with your cooler shades of green, emerald green eyeshadow for example. Coral and peach lipstick shades, on the other hand, will go perfectly with those warmer shades of green, those with golden and yellow undertones. 

Nude Lipstick & Green Eyeshadow 

What About Bold Lipstick, Can You Pair with Green Eyeshadow?

What if you prefer bold colors or want a sultrier lip color? Not to worry, some richer and bold shades will work well too! Although nude lipstick or lighter pink and coral lipstick shades are more common pairings, depending on the shade of green eyeshadow, there are other shades of lipstick that you can choose from. 

Pair green eyeshadow with a classic red lip for a more glamorous look. Red lipstick is quite bold itself, so go for softer shades of green or simply use it as an accent color for the eyes, such as green eyeliner. Another great option is to pair with a soft smokey eye makeup look using both brown and olive-green eyeshadow colors. 

Speaking about olive tones, since both red and purple are complementary colors, burgundy and deep berry shades of lipstick will also pair stunningly well with softer olive green and golden green eyeshadow. For more bright colors, such as neon green eyeshadow, try a deeper brown or rich chocolate brown lipstick shade for a vibrant combo!

The 20 Best Lipstick Colors from RAL to Pair with Green Eyeshadow 

Here are some of the best RAL lipstick shades that will complement just about any green eyeshadow look you can think of. 


Bare Lipstick

A barely-there nude color with the tiniest hint of pink. Natural looking and very soft, giving the lips just a nice wash of color for lips that don’t stand out. 

Breezy Lipstick

A light peachy nude with no shimmer and a beautiful satin finish. This nude color is not overly warm and can be worn in various application styles by so many! It brightens skin tones and adds enough color to the lips so that they don’t disappear. 

Chai Love You Lipstick

A sophisticated nude shade with a reddish-brown undertone. Apply it lightly to work harmoniously with your natural base lip color or go with a heavier application for a richer and more saturated lip color. 

Naughty Lipstick

The perfect tan nude color with just a hint of an orange undertone. It leans more orange on light/cool skin types but leans tanner/brown (with a slight pink tint) on medium to dark skin and warm undertones. Perfect for everyday or smokey nighttime eye looks! 

Oh My Guava Lipstick

A nude-pink color that has less brown than most nudes but with more pink undertones. Perfect for daytime wear yet sexy and romantic enough to be paired with bold and smokey eyes at night. 


Audrey Lipstick

A soft, elegant, and sophisticated neutral pink lipstick color. Audrey is timeless and perfect for women of all ages and skin tones. Makes a perfect “your lips but better” lipstick for light to medium pink base lip colors. 

Day After Morocco Lipstick

An orangey-brown pink tinted with a beige undertone. A spicy and saturated color, but also somewhat understated at the same time. 

Enchanting Lipstick

A gorgeous shade of rose pink with a bit of red and a bit of brown, creating a neutral lipstick that balances out the skin tone. On lighter skin, it looks more medium in hue, but on medium to dark skin it will look softer and pinker. 

Tempting Lipstick

Light blush pink- a true light pink for the most natural soft look. It’s cool undertones and pale pure pink hue makes this a totally unique pink. Romantic, soft, alluring, and sure to become a daily favorite for anyone. 


Barcelona Lipstick

A warm red-brown lipstick color with orange undertones. Beloved by warm-tone women everywhere, especially by those with medium and olive skin tones. This paprika-inspired lipstick is one of a kind, it has no shimmer yet has the right amount of shine and great staying power. 

Reddish Fetish Lipstick

Deep pinky-red with a slight brown undertone. This neutral red lipstick leans slightly more cool-toned than its warmer sister lipstick, Barcelona. 

Risque Lipstick

Bright, warm-toned red with orange undertones in it. Can be worn bold with more than one coat. It’s creamy and moisturizing yet wears to a matte finish with no shimmer. 

Strawberry Lips Lipstick

A gorgeous soft warm red lipstick that doesn’t have any sparkle but does have a subtle shine. A sophisticated and versatile lip color that can be worn sheer for a berry-stained look or layered on for more depth. Bright on cool or very light skin, soft and warm on neutral to warm skin. 


Brazilliant Lipstick

A beautiful light coral shade- pink with slight tangerine undertones with a gorgeous shimmer. On darker lips, it turns iridescent. On medium brown lips, it is a very light, supernatural looking pink. And on pink lips, it becomes a deeper shade of pink. 

Sweet Pea Lipstick

Warm orangey salmon, almost terracotta, lipstick shade. It is not a light shade; it is full of color while being soft and springy in its tone. Pat it on light, or layer it on for a deeper orange hue. 


Gypsy Soul Lipstick

A shade of brick red with a brown undertone. Deep and soulful yet incredibly versatile, being able to be worn both light and dark. As it wears, it slightly stains your lips, leaving a nice lip color that’s more matte than glossy and lasts a very long time. 

Knock Out Lipstick

A beautiful and unique shade of plum brown that can be worn at various intensity levels. Deep and dark with several coats or wear it lightly for a gorgeous plum-brown stain. 

Ooh La La Lipstick

Medium dark pinky brown- slightly pink, slightly brown but simply gorgeous. Leans pinker on dark skin and more brownish pink on light skin. 


Fierce Lipstick

Deep Bordeaux red lipstick with rich purple and chocolatey undertones. Can be applied lightly for a beautiful reddish maroon lip stain. It can also be built up for a lush and bold lip. 

Plum Sexy Crazy Lipstick

A deep and dark berry lipstick that is a multi-dimensional, red plum color with golden shimmer. This lipstick can be applied with just one coat for a sheer berry tone. For a rich, warm golden plum color, apply multiple layers. 

Are you a lover of green eyeshadow? What are some of your favorite lipstick pairings for your green eyeshadow looks? Please share them with us in the comments below. And as always, let us know your thoughts on this article and this topic. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How to make your eyeshadow and lipstick BFFs?

Easy peasy! Imagine a color wheel is your makeup matchmaker. For bold eyeshadow, think nude lips. For dramatic lips, go easy on the eyes. Keep them tone-tied – warm with warm, cool with cool. It’s like pairing pizza with soda; some combos just click!

Should your eyeshadow and lipstick wear matching outfits?

Totally up to you! It’s like socks and sandals – not necessary, but sometimes it just works. Want a harmonious, matchy-matchy look? Go for it. Love to mix and match? That’s cool too. Your makeup, your rules!

What color lipstick to wear with green eyeshadow?

Go for a pink or nude lipstick with green eyeshadow – it’s a match made in makeup heaven!

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