Wearing Lip Gloss and Lipstick Together: How to Pick the Perfect Pair

can I put lipgloss over lipstick?

Wearing lip gloss and lipstick together is a top trend for adding that extra oomph to your pout. It’s a makeup bag essential for many, blending shine and color in just a few swipes.

Ever wonder why wearing lip gloss and lipstick together is such a hit, or how to nail the look? We’ve got you covered with easy tips to master the glossy lip vibe, plus our go-to Red Apple Lipstick pairings to inspire your next look.

Why Gloss Over Lipstick?

Lip gloss is all about adding that eye-catching sparkle to your smile, available in clear or colored options for that hint of tint. Lipstick, meanwhile, brings the drama with rich, vibrant hues.

Some folks lean towards gloss for a light shimmer, while others prefer the full-color blast of lipstick. But why choose? Layering gloss on lipstick offers the ultimate combo: dazzling shine plus serious color.

Choose the Correct Lip Gloss/Lipstick Pair

Picking the perfect lip gloss and lipstick duo? It’s all about matching your skin tone and the vibe you’re aiming for. Dive into Lipstick Shade Suggestions and the Lipstick Shopping Guide for tips tailored to your complexion.

Your makeup mood plays a big role, too. Go bold with dark shades, or keep it chill with pinks and nudes. Feeling adventurous? Bright colors are your best friend.

And for the gloss? It’s your call if you want mirror-like shine with a clear gloss or to twin with your lipstick shade. Clear gloss amps up the sparkle without changing your color, while a tinted gloss should be a close cousin to your lipstick, keeping the hue true.

Best Application Method for Wearing Lip Gloss and Lipstick Together:

Prepare Your Lips

It’s preferred to Layer lipstick and lipgloss over a smooth canvas: exfoliate those lips to banish dry skin (a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush works wonders), then swipe on some lip balm for hydration.

Use a Pencil to Define Your Lips (optional)

Outline your pout with a lip liner for that “oh-so-defined” look. It’s optional but a game-changer for fuller, no-smudge lips. Pick a liner that’s a twin to your lip or lipstick color and trace away!

Apply Your Lipstick

Time for color! Swipe on your lipstick layer by layer until you hit your dream shade. Some need just a one-layer wonder, others might take a few more.

Apply Your Lip Gloss

Now for the gloss – dab it on the middle of your bottom lip for a hint of shine or go all out with a full coat for maximum glossiness. Smack your lips together to spread the love.


If applying gloss feels like you’re erasing your lipstick, try this: layer, blot with tissue, repeat, then tap on your gloss with a fingertip for a mess-free finish.

How To Make Lip Gloss Last Longer?

Want your lip gloss to stick around longer? Here’s the scoop: lining your lips with a lip liner is like giving your gloss a map, so it knows where to stay put.

Opting for a matte lipstick as your base can be a game-changer—it’s like a velcro for gloss, making sure it clings on for dear life.

When applying, think “less is more.” Layer your lipstick lightly, followed by a thin swipe of gloss. Overloading is a no-go unless you’re aiming for sticky lip syndrome.

And here’s the kicker: resist the urge to rub or lick your lips. A little pat post-gloss application? Sure. But after that, let your lips live their best life untouched for gloss that goes the distance.

Our Favorite Lip Gloss and Lipstick Combinations  

Natural Lip Duo

Maven Mauve and Honey Badger team up for your everyday, natural beauty look. This duo is your wardrobe’s BFF, ready to match anything you throw on.

Bold Lip Duo

Combine Power Potion and Cabernet Kiss for a date night dazzler. Perfect with a LBD, neutral eyes, and a dash of winged eyeliner to turn heads.

Perfect Nude Lip Duo

New York and Honey Badger are the dynamic nude duo your makeup bag is missing. Ideal for those days when your eyes are doing the talking with bold shadows or a smoky look.

Red Lip Duo

For those “wow” moments, Rebel and Queen of Hearts are your go-to. They’re a match made in heaven for either a subdued eye or a smoldering gold/bronze statement.

Fun and Bold Lip Duo

Tangomint and Firecracker are your picks for a lip that pops. Perfect with just a simple winged liner or a bronzy summer eye.

Got a lip love story of your own? Spill the deets below – we’re all ears (and lips)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear lipstick and lip gloss at the same time? 

Yes! Layering lip gloss on top of lipstick is a great way to give you both full color and high shine. Lipstick provides opaque color to the lips while gloss adds that glossy look to your lip color.

Can I apply lip gloss without lip liner? 

Lining your lips is a completely optional step. It is a great way to define the lips, but it’s not always necessary. You can always apply gloss without lining the lips.

Can you wear lip balm and lip gloss at the same time?

Absolutely! It is always a good idea to prep the lips before applying any lip products to provide a smooth base. Applying a light layer of lip balm does just that. Just give it about a minute to soak in and don’t apply too much. 

Can I still put on lip gloss without lipstick?

Of course! You don’t have to wear lipstick to wear lip gloss. Lip gloss by itself is great when you just want a subtle touch of color to the lips for a more natural or casual look, or to simply just add some shine to the lips.

Can I put on glitter on after the lip gloss is applied?

Yes, gloss acts as a great base to help it stick to the lips. Always make sure you are using a cosmetic grade one that is safe for beauty application.

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