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Best Red Apple Lipstick Moments Of 2018

Feeling nostalgic and retrospective today so let’s take a journey throughout 2018 and reflect on the best RAL moments of this past year. January– Kicked the beginning of 2018 off with an excellent blog post about makeup expiration dates   February– Celebrated Galentine’s Day again. It’s always so much fun so it’ll likely happen again this […]

10 BEST Red Apple Lipstick Products Of 2018

Each product featured in the Best Of RAL 2018 roundup was voted by you with your dollar. Thank you for choosing Red Apple Lipstick and for choosing to shop small businesses. There’d be no us without you. Now let’s get into this roundup because there’s some amazing makeup goodies here. 1. Rallye Balm– No surprises […]

Build Your Red Apple Lipsticks Intensity

Here’s a couple of important ideas that might help you along with your Red Apple Lipstick. Since our lipsticks have a mineral base, opposed to a wax base, the color can, and should be “built”. What I mean is that as you apply the lipstick, and as you apply a little more on top with […]

Red Apple Lipstick Company Announces Custom Z-Palette

On Thursday, July 12th 2012, the Red Apple Lipstick company announced the release of a customizable makeup palette called the Z-Palette. Red Apple Lipstick paired up with the popular Z-Palette company to create a custom, one of a kind collectors edition Z-Palette to be sold exclusively by Red Apple Lipstick in conjunction with their highly […]

RAL featured in Delight Gluten Free Magazine

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! Red Apple Lipstick is featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Delight Gluten Free Magazine! This magazine is packed full of all types of GF recipes, advice and information about conventions across the US! If you’re looking for a new magazine to get hooked on, we […]

Red Apple Lipstick Steals The Show at the 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project

It was truly a special honor to find out that Red Apple Lipstick had been chosen as the lipstick of choice for the Niel Hammond Agency 4th Annual Little Black Dress Project in Houston Texas on May 9th, 2012. Professional Makeup Artist Andrea Schutter chose Red Apple Lipstick for each and every model displayed in […]

Wolf Blitzer, Delight, Celiac Disease and Red Apple Lipstick

  What does Wolf Blitzer have to do with Celiac Disease?  Nothing, but he is certainly a caring person! Unbeknownst to Red Apple Lipstick, Vanessa Weisbrod, executive editor of Delight Gluten Free Magazine was interviewed by Wolf on Celiac Disease to help spread the word during Celiac Awareness Month. We of course were delighted to […]

Red Apple Lipstick rocks the Chicago GFAF Expo

Red Apple Lipstick had an incredibly successful showing at the huge Gluten Free, Allergy Free expo in Chicago, hosted by Jen Cafferty. We met a lot of people, visited with them, educated them, helped them pick out lipstick and made a lot of people feel good. Andrea Bradley Harper was amazing at connecting with our fans and […]