Gluten Free Brunch: Makeup, Outfits and Food!

I don’t know about you but I could eat breakfast food all day! Brunch is the perfect occasion to get together with friends or family and enjoy (In my humble opinion) some of the best food ever (gluten free pancakes anyone?)! It’s also a prefect excuse to get dolled up, dressed up in your cutest outfit and possibly even try that new Gluten Free Cafe down the road. Today I’ll share with you a makeup look and possible outfits to wear for a brunch outing and also some awesome Gluten Free or at least Gluten Free friendly Vegan cafes and places to go for brunch.


For makeup I would go for an easy natural makeup look. Something that doesn’t take too much time but over all still has you looking put together and fresh. It’s still late morning/ early afternoon so don’t feel the need to go to dramatic. I created a look using our eyeshadows in Like U Latte, Iced Mocha and Espresso plus our lipstick in Maven Mauve plus the lipgloss in Love Letter that I think is perfect for the occasion.

summer brunch RAL makeup tutorial


summer brunch Gluten Free makeup tips1.Apply Like U Latte all over the lid

2.Pat Iced Mocha all over the lid on top of  Like U Latte

3. Add some dimension to the outer corner and crease with Like U Latte using a slightly damp crease brush

4. Slightly dampen an angled liner brush and use our eyeshadow in Espresso to line your upper (and Lower if you’d like) lash line.

5. Apply the lipstick in Maven Mauve on your lips

6. Complete your look with the lovely Love Letter Mint 2 Be gloss


Red Apple look summer brunch

  I put together three outfits that go well with the makeup look.
brunch outfit and RAL cosmetics

The first outfit is a pretty light dusty pink sleeveless blouse paired with dark washed jeans, brown open toed wedges and an adorable brown fringe cross body bag. This one is good for cooler climates or if you are indoors where there is air-conditioning.


brunch outfit with safe makeup from RAL

The second outfit is fabulous for sitting at an outdoor cafe! Pair a cream or white colored blouse with some cute black crochet shorts, black little wedge sandals, a straw fedora type hat to give you some shade and a small black saddle bag. You don’t really need a giant purse for outings like this. A small bag allows you to take just the essentials.


Gluten Free brunch outfit makeup look

This last outfit is more conservative, classic and suits women of all ages. It takes some well fitting dark washed boot cut jeans (boot cut jeans with a slight flare at the bottom, provide balance to the hips! Oh, and just say NO to tears, holes, embellishments or embroidery) paired with your basic white cotton t-shirt (scoop necked shirts are a good in between but just choose one that fits you and your body well), a solid fitted blazer in a fun color (after all it is SUMMER) that compliments your body, pointed toe flats in black (the pointed toe will dress up the outfit without wearing heels. I’m loving the d’orsay style flats because I find them to be more comfortable. It’s like wearing sandals or flip flops but WAY more stylish! Also, I would kick things up a notch a go for a fun print like leopard to show off my personality more), and a smaller sleek black or brown tote bag (depending on the color of your shoes will depend on what bag. I’m a sucker for good purse and shoe pairings)


Using the Find Me Gluten Free app has made it extremely easy to find awesome local Gluten Free restaurants, bakeries and cafe’s. Some of places that I’ve been interested in trying out are Gluten Free Creations Bakery (they serve breakfast any time of the day!), Jewel’s Bakery And Cafe, The Cutting Board Bakery And Cafe (which is a vegetarian, vegan place that offers many gluten free options) and Cafe 8 (offers many delicious items, many of which are Gluten Free and Vegetarian) 

After writing all this I’m seriously considering having brunch today! 🙂 Like I mentioned before it’s the perfect excuse for getting dolled up for fantastic food with friends or family. So make your next outing a brunch date and keep this post in mind for makeup and outfit inspiration. Let us know where you like to go for brunch and what you like to order?

Cheers, Happy Monday & Enjoy Some GF Pancakes For Us!


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