Why We “Feel” Better When We “Look” Better.

Fact : We “feel” better when we “look” better.

It’s (almost) a purely psychological thing, something of the “self”.  At least it seems that it would be.  

Would it not be my own ego that we are working with here?  The sentence alone implies it… “I” feel good when “I” look good.
I + I = I
Myself + Myself = Myself

This is partly the truth, everyone LIKES to look good, and everyone likes to FEEL good.  And there is some truth in feeling good about looking good.  Feeling put together – not disheveled – taking care of one self – making an impression – trying – putting forward a positive attitude.

What would a man know about this?”, you may ask.

It equally applies to men. That’s why gyms are full of men who buy protein powder.

I can attest to it first hand.  My weight used to fluctuate between 175 and 200 lbs, and I’m 5′ 10″.  200 lbs on me, and I’M NOT FEELING good.  The charts say I should weigh 155, and trust me, at 200 lbs, I hardly want to leave the house – embarrassed that I let it get that far … (again).

There’s no magic pill for it.  I’m past the “fad” stages, I’m old enough to know better.

I know for a fact that I cannot eat all the gluten free pizza I want, and drink all the gluten free beers I want… AND lose weight at the same time – no protein shake, weight loss supplement, or fad is going to fix that.  Careful intake of good foods, and movement – that’s it.

There’s something I love about my tribe (my customers and clients), and it’s that most of them are older than 30.

By the time people reach 30, we’ve already seen some of the fads.  In all regards ….  from weight loss to “get lip color that stays for 5 weeks lip stains”.

Makeup fads are very akin “get rich quick” routines.  The alluring promise of tantalizing results with a magic product or routine – usually with some disastrous consequences.  Like overspending, or developing an allergy to a harsh chemical in the product that promised to make you look like Kim Kardashian.

I don’t have to sell fads, which is great.  I get to create and sell high quality, good for your body, “back to basics”.

There’s more to “the looking good makes you feel good”.

There’s a trained response system in our culture…

people react differently towards you when you look good VS when you don’t.   I’m not saying I condone this, or that I like this… I’m just stating it.

We’ve all learned this from a very young age.  From the first time your momma told you to go wash off the dirt from your face so the neighbors won’t think she’s raising heathens.

Men and women alike have learned through their early teens and adulthood, that looking good is a factor in acquiring a mate, or to gain approval, or attention.

In our 20’s and 30’s….  job interviews and professional life.  You get it.

It’s conditioned into your brain your whole life.  Miss USA pageants parade beauty and reward it.

But there’s no magic pill for this.  There’s no magical makeup.  There’s nothing other than trial and error – and you will usually find the best results when you go “back to the basics”.  

Trial and error, trial and error.

Discovering the absolutely perfect 3 to 5 lipsticks for your current life IS challenging.  There’s no pill to solve it.  It requires trying new things, discovering, looking, and deciding.  Repeat.

It requires some effort.

Once you find them, and you learn how to use them, they become part of looking your best.

And when you put your best face forward, not only do you feel good about yourself, you also are saying to the world around you “Hey, I’m still in the game, and I look good.. and I FEEL good.

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