150 Beauty Goals You Can Make Right Now!

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It’s time to start thinking about goals. Overall, when planning your purposes for the year, think about things that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound, that also have a connection to the heart of your big picture. Your goals need to matter to you because if they don’t, it’ll be easier to drop tehem come February.  The most important thing is that your goals are cultivated to fit you, where you are right now in this moment and where you want to be.

Below you’ll find 150 beauty goals that you can incorporate into your life right now. Now, that’s not to say you should try to reach or do all of these things. That’s not a realistic expectation and, you want to set up your goals with more intention than that. So, instead of reading the list, skim through and write down anything that speaks to you personally. Then from that list break it down into something that feels achievable to you. Let’s say maybe 1-5 things. Think less is more.

Anything else on the list you can save for later in the year. Also, let’s say maybe you have an item on your list that you don’t do every single month. Well, then you can certainly change your beauty goals monthly. There aren’t any rules. Just do whatever feels right for you. Now, grab a pen, along with a piece of paper, and get started on those goals!

  1. Treat yourself to a haircut
  2. Try a new hairstyle or a fun new hair color
  3. Embrace your natural hair color and texture
  4. Deep condition your hair regularly
  5. Schedule to do a monthly hair mask at home
  6. Grow your hair out
  7. Cut your hair short
  8. Discover how to work with your hair texture
  9. Treat yourself to a luxury hair product
  10. Get a scalp massage
  11. Give yourself a scalp massage
  12. Start using a hair oil
  13. Switch out your hair care products for cleaner options
  14. Find out your Ayurvedic hair type
  15. Treat yourself to a facial
  16. Start getting regular facials
  17. Do an at-home facial
  18. Stop skipping out on removing your makeup
  19. Discover and learn about your skin type
  20. Find the perfect skincare products for your specific skin type
  21. Switch out your skincare products for cleaner options
  22. Incorporate a jade roller into your skincare routine
  23. Treat yourself to a Gua Sha facial
  24. Treat yourself to a luxury skin care product
  25. Start using a facial mask
  26. See how often you can let yourself go bare-faced
  27. Read about the differences between dehydrated and dry skin
  28. Check the expiration dates of your skincare
  29. Learn how to identify skin conditions *always go to a doctor should you suspect anything*
  30. Have your eyebrows shaped
  31. Master shaping your eyebrows
  32. Give threading a shot
  33. Invest in good quality tweezers
  34. Stop under/over plucking your brows
  35. Start using an eyebrow brush
  36. Learn how to fill in your brows
  37. Start using a clean brow serum OR make a homemade one
  38. Make an extra effort not to skip eye makeup removal
  39. Use a makeup remover that is specific for your eyes
  40. Switch your lash serum for a cleaner one
  41. Stop tugging at your lashes when applying makeup
  42. Learn how to remove your eye makeup properly
  43. Switch to a cleaner mascara
  44. Stop touching and licking your lips
  45. Take notice to make sure all traces of lipstick is gone when cleansing
  46. Exfoliate your lips more regularly
  47. Always Carry your lip balm
  48. Don’t skip applying your lip balm at night before bed
  49. Start massaging your lips with an oil 5 min. a day
  50. Look for a cleaner lip serum or try making one yourself *again be cautious*
  51. Check the expiration dates for your makeup
  52. Clean your makeup brushes often
  53. Make sure to switch out your mascara tubes more often *3-6 months*
  54. Find your perfect red lipstick
  55. Learn how to apply makeup for your specific skin
  56. Identify your skin color and undertone
  57. Find out your eye shape
  58. Study your face and get to know your face shape
  59. Practice highlighting and contouring your face just for fun
  60. Treat yourself to a new makeup product
  61. Pick out a new lipstick color that you wouldn’t normally wear but are attracted to
  62. Perfect doing winged eyeliner
  63. Learn your makeup brushes and how to use them
  64. Find your perfect makeup regimen/signature look
  65. Test out a new makeup look
  66. Treat yourself to a massage
  67. Learn how to do Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Self-Massage)
  68. Use a new body scrub
  69. Make a body scrub
  70. Start incorporating dry brushing
  71. Test out sugaring as an alternative to waxing or shaving
  72. Find the perfect body cleanser for your skin
  73. Get a shower filter *your hair will thank you too*
  74. Start using a body lotion/moisturizer more routinely
  75. Use a body mask
  76. Show your hands and feet some love more often
  77. Switch to using a cleaner deodorant
  78. Be more diligent with protecting your skin from the sun
  79. Give cupping a go
  80. Stop skipping the exfoliation of your elbows
  81. Take a trip to a sauna
  82. Find a cleaner perfume or start using essential oils instead
  83. Don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles
  84. Avoid using harsh nail polishes
  85. Switch your nail polish to a cleaner version
  86. Buff your nails instead of using nail polish
  87. Find a cleaner nail polish remover
  88. Make a nail-strengthening treatment for your nails
  89. Drink more water
  90. Get your beauty sleep
  91. Decrease the stress in your life
  92. Find the right daily routines for you
  93. Start following a consistent daily routine
  94. Eat more greens
  95. Start shopping for produce from local farms
  96. Get checked for any nutrient deficiencies
  97. Get a physical
  98. Make an appointment for your well-woman’s exam
  99. Make an appointment for a breast exam
  100. Start taking supplements/vitamins that address any nutrient deficiencies you may have
  101. Find out which foods address your nutrient deficiencies and incorporate them into your meals
  102. Have your eyes checked
  103. Make a dentist appointment
  104. Start oil pulling
  105. Start using a tongue scraper
  106. Get in tune with your body and how it speaks to you
  107. Start eating mindfully
  108. Give support to your digestive system
  109. Start a meditation practice
  110. Get out more and enjoy some fresh air
  111. Find the right exercise practices for your body
  112. Prioritize appropriate exercise- any movement will be beneficial to your health
  113. Pay attention to your digestion
  114. Take quiet time to breathe
  115. Find balance for and in your life
  116. Take a yoga class
  117. Take time for meditation or prayer
  118. Trust your gut instincts
  119. Practice forgiveness
  120. Establish imbalances in your body
  121. Incorporate joint rotations
  122. Drink lemon water in the mornings
  123. Find a supportive way of eating for your body
  124. Practice how to process and release negative emotions properly
  125. Get tested for allergies *food, topical and seasonal*
  126. Recognize sleep imbalances
  127. Support your adrenals
  128. Slow down when you need to
  129. Indulge in self-care
  130. Take a relaxing bath
  131. Start massaging your feet before bed
  132. Sit in nature
  133. Take time for a nap when you need to
  134. Make meaningful connections
  135. Foster supportive, loving and healthy relationships
  136. Find balance for your hormones
  137. Identify imbalances with your monthly cycle and what they mean
  138. Start using a monthly flow tracker
  139. Consider seeing a counselor or therapist
  140. Make affirmations
  141. Practice compassion
  142. Consider your values, principles, and morals. Then examine how your actions and decisions align or don’t align
  143. Find an opportunity and be open to curiosity
  144. Make an effort to have a positive outlook with your life
  145. Journal your thoughts, emotions, and happenings in your life
  146. Explore your personal beliefs
  147. Think about what the meaning of life is to you
  148. Take time to consider your purpose in life
  149. Look up and study Color Theory *this will help you in a lot of ways but especially with your makeup choices*
  150. Read an uplifting or inspiring book

Hopefully, you found this post to be encouraging. Before you go, I’d like to leave you with one more piece of advice. When writing out your list of goals. Don’t think about it too much at first. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. That can come later when you write or type out your official list. Cheers! You made it. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and here’s wishing you many blessings in the new year.

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