18 Amazing Uses of Rallye Balm

18 Ways To Use Rallye Balm Natural Lip Balm

Did you know you can beauty hack your lip balm? Well, totally you can! Here are 18 amazing uses of Rallye Balm, a Natural Lip Balm. You’ll really enjoy these multipurpose uses to get the most out of your next tube of lip balm.

We can’t vouch for any other lip balm brand because of all the extra ingredients they add – so please don’t try this with any other brand besides Rallye Balm. Once you try Rallye Balm and these hacks, you’ll see it’s even more magical than you initially thought. Sure it’s WONDERFUL at helping to fix dry, cracked lips, but it can do so much more as well.

First, WHAT is Rallye Balm?

Rallye Balm is a natural lip balm manufactured by Red Apple Lipstick. It’s a great combination of 5 natural, safe, and healthy ingredients that are fabulous for your lips. This product was formulated for the chronic chapped lips that come as a symptom of many auto-immune diseases. Because it’s HIGHLY Effective for the worst cases of chapped lips – it’s literally great for anyone. It’s gentle, safe and as allergen free as humanly possible – so it can be used on the most sensitive of our humans…babies and young children.

But here in the shop, we use Rallye Balm for all sorts of things! Let me tell you about the 18 extra things we use Rallye Balm for regularly.

1. Tame Unruly Brows

Have you ever had an eyebrow hair *or more* ever get out of control? Me too. A quick fix for that would be to use a bit of Rallye Balm to smooth down your brows and then go over them with a spoolie brush. Doing this will give your brows a clean, polished, and finished look. Think of it like a brow gel that’s not hard.

Photo by Elza Shimpf on Unsplash

2. Fix Shaving Knicks

Photo by Ignacio F. on Unsplash

Picture this. You’re shaving. Everything is going great. You’re feeling great and smooth and then OUCH! You’ve knicked yourself.

Applying Rallye Balm over the spot where you’ve knicked yourself *After proper cleaning of the wound of course* can help stop the bleeding. The waxy texture from the balm helps to seal the wound. 

3. Soothe Skin Wounds

Rallye Balm by Red Apple Lipstick contains Vitamin E (derived from sunflower seeds), which is always great for small knicks and cuts. Using a clean finger dab some Rallye Balm natural lip balm from your tube and rub it gently into a healing wound. This is excellent for little kids ouchies, and older people’s skin peels (darn that thin skin…we get it!)

4. Use As A Cuticle Cream

Allergen Free Rallye Balm from Red Apple Lipstick
Rallye Balm Natural Lip Balm is FABULOUS on your cuticles! You may use a Q-Tip, cotton swab, or a plain clean finger to rub Rallye Balm into your cuticles daily for soft, healthy cuticles. Many of us have a tube in our nail kit in our nightstand just for this purpose.

5. Got Nose Irritation?

A cold is no fun. And also nose irritation around the entrance of your nostrils is no fun. If you find yourself with red, dry and irritated nostrils, using a clean finger, rub a little Rallye Balm on them several times per day. A little goes a long way with consistency.

6. Flatten Flyaway Hair

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

A little Rallye Balm on your fingertips will smooth fly away hairs easily. You’ll be picture ready in no time! Always make sure your fingers/hands are clean – obvi!

7. Eye Cream Alternative

The natural ingredients in Rallye Balm are combined intentionally to help skin maintain itself perfectly. This means you can use it as an under eye cream too. The anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing ingredients blend well to reduce puffiness.

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

8. Bust Shoe Blisters

Blisters from new shoes? You betcha! I little Rallye Balm under a band-aid can soothe and soften a blister in a hurry.

9. Awesome Eyeshadow Base

Rub a small amount of Rallye Balm into your eyelid about 10 minutes before you apply eye shadow. Be sure to rub it in good. You’ll enjoy the nice smooth and soft surface when you apply your eye shadow and it will make for a fabulous dewy eye shadow look.

10. DIY Gel Eyeliner

Using the back of your hand, rub a little Rallye Balm on – then take your angled eyeliner brush and pick up a little dark eyeshadow and mix that with the Rallye Balm creating a gel to then apply to your lash line.

11. Get Dewy Skin

Before you put on that foundation, rub a small amount of Rallye Balm into the skin for a dewy skin look.

12. Smooth Split Ends

Split ends flaring? No problem! A little Rallye Balm on your finger tips will smooth split ends in a hurry.

13. Remove Excess Mascara

Use a small amount on a QTIP and gently wipe on mascara mistakes to remove them from the eyelid.


14. Dry Skin Saver

Safe, non toxic Rallye Balm from Red Apple Lipstick
Have a small patch of dry skin? On your elbows…on your face, on your knuckles? Well, the natural ingredients in Rallye Balm Natural Lip Balm are made to soften, hydrate and moisturize not only your lips, but all dry skin! Rub a little on your dry patches each day.

15. Makeup Mixing Medium

Want to blend two lipstick colors? Want to mesh two eye shadow shades. Scrape a small amount of Rallye Balm off with a spatula and use it as your makeup mixing medium. It works well, use some experimentation.

16. Slide Off Stuck Rings

Uh Oh! Water swelling has made that ring tough to take off. Well lucky for you, you have your Rallye Balm with you. Lather on a layer just ahead of the ring and the knuckle. Twist and pull gently. POP!

17. Super Eyeliner Smudger

A dab of Rallye Balm on a smudging tool is amazingl! Give it a try.

Makeup tips for older women

18. Makeup Mistake Fixer

OOPS! A small dab of Rallye Balm on a tissue can help correct a makeup oopsie easily and quickly.

I always love a multi-use product, don’t you?  You can see even more lip balm hacks from Secret Spa

I’m sure there are other ways Rallye Balm can be used out there too! If you’ve tried something that has worked be sure to leave a comment sharing your tips and tricks as well. 


  • Nursing moms – use as a nipple cream (just make sure you haven’t used it on your lips first)
  • Little kids having a lick rash underneath their bottom lip from nerves or cool weather – rub this gently on often to heal
  • If your kids don’t like having something slick on their lips – sing their favorite song while they “massage” it in – it will absorb in no time and not feel slick on top
  • DIY Cream blush