3 Steps to Date-Night Ready Lashes

Hey there, Red Apple Lipstick readers! It’s Adrianna Bohrer here!


I’m a style & lifestyle blogger over at adriannabohrer.com & a long-time fan of Red Apple Lipstick products!


I’ve been a long-time fan of their creamy, gluten-free & non-toxic lipsticks, but since working with them over the last year I’ve also branched out to try some of their other products as well – which is saying a lot for me because I usually just stick to my same ‘ol, same ‘ol easy-and-I-know-it-works makeup routine.



By far my new favorite product: The Lash Project Mascara!


It not only feels weightless & makes my natural lashes look extra voluminous with just a couple coats, but believe it or not it’s actually helped my lashes grow longer, stronger, & all-around healthier since I started using it 6 months ago!


The uniquely dry formula may take a little bit of getting used to (at least it did for me!), so I wanted to help ease your transition into using this fantastic product by sharing my top three mascara application tips to get full, voluminous, date-night ready lashes specifically for Red Apple’s The Lash Project Mascara.


3 Steps to Get Full, Voluminous, Date-night Ready Lashes with Red Apple’s The Lash Project Mascara



#1 Start at the eyelash base & wiggle the brush a little!

Starting at the base of the eyelashes and using a wiggle technique will allow you to coat as many eyelashes as possible with each swipe, saving you both time and money & creating bigger, full-looking lashes!


HOW TO: Start the mascara brush at the base of the eyelashes (next to the eyelid) and wiggle the brush back and forth a little from side to side as you brush the wand upwards. Repeat this along the entire upper lid until all lashes are coated & then reverse the process (wiggle as you brush the wand downward) for your lower lashes.



#2 Apply multiple coats for added volume!

For an everyday look, a few quick swipes of mascara on your top lashes might be good enough, but if you’re looking for some added volume for date night (or just want to make your eyes pop!) applying multiple coats will do wonders!


HOW TO: Apply one coat of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes on each eye, and then go back and apply a second coat after you’ve given the first coat a second to sit. You’ll instantly see extra volume by layering that second coat of mascara & the best part: it’ll still feel weightless!



#3 Fine tune by holding the brush vertically!

If you’re really wanting to make those peepers pop & give your makeup look some extra va-va-voom (especially for a fun girl’s night out or a special date night!), applying mascara to those tiny, little eyelashes on both the outer and inner corners of your upper eyelids is key! It’s easy to miss these tiny, little lashes when you’re in a hurry, but giving them some extra attention is an easy way take your eyelash game to the next level (without needing to use falsies & expose yourself to any toxic chemicals!)


HOW TO: Hold the brush vertically in your hand, so it creates a straight line with your eyelashes & then go in and touch up the ends of those tiny, little lashes on both the inner and outer corners of your top lid.


I hope these mascara application tips help you transition into using the amazingly rich & chic The Lash Project Mascara & enjoy using it in your daily makeup routine as much as I have! Because we shouldn’t have to compromise our health for beauty & now, thanks to Red Apple Lipstick, we don’t have to!


Adrianna Bohrer


  1. Kris harris says:

    Thanks for the wiggle tip and vertical tip!! It really made a difference!! And thanks for turning me on to this mascara!! It feels good to be able to wear it again and know that it’s not going to make me feel sick!!

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      Thank you for sharing Kris. So glad you’ve found this to be helpful <3

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