4 Different Ways To Use Blush

Learn How To Apply Blush 4 Ways

What comes to your mind when you think blush? Pink, blushy cheeks, aren’t they? Did you know that blush can be used not only on your cheeks, but also on other parts of your face? Today I will share 4 different ways of using blush from Red Apple Lipstick. No matter which option you’ll choose, one is for sure: you will look & feel absolutely beautiful. Continue reading to learn more on four different ways to apply blush….

Blushing… Lips? 

Image shows an angled blush brush by Red Apple lipstick, two open blush makeup products and one open bronzer makeup product

You have an important meeting and cannot find your lipstick in your purse (yes, we’ve all been there), but you happened to have a blush handy, you’re saved. Use blush as a lipstick: gently tap a small amount of blush with your finger (I like M’lady for a neutral, dusty- pink look). Focus on the middle part of the lips and blend towards the sides. Top with a transparent lip balm (Rallye Balm will work great for that) or a lip gloss; for a more sophisticated look. Et voila, you are all set.

Healthy Tan

Afraid of harmful sun rays, but don’t quite like to look like a Snow White? RAL Sundrop Blush/Bronzer has got you covered. Apply a little bit on eyelids as the eyeshadow & use it on your cheeks. Blend with RAL angled blush brush for the most natural, sun kissed, all over glow. This bronzer is my personal favorite, because it is buildable, has no shimmer and works on almost all skin tones.

Image shows clean beauty Barbara wearing Red Apple Lipstick's bronzer makeup product in the shade called Sundrop

How To Apply Blush To Look Younger In Seconds

Image shows clean beauty Barbara wearing blush by Red Apple Lipstick in a trick to make you look younger.

Have you ever wondered why Hollywood stars (or rather their makeup artists) always remember to wear blush even if the rest of the makeup is very minimal? When applied correctly, blush does the magic trick: it makes you look younger. Now, for that you will definitely need a good brush and buttery soft blush (luckily both available from Red Apple Lipstick).

Lift your face by shaping a soft C around the eye on top of the cheekbone. Make sure you apply the product gradually – it is better to apply less and add later on, than apply too much and try to remove the excess. Gradual application helps to keep your blush blended – which is the effect you want, instead of strange looking stripes on your face.

Monochromatic Glow

Imagine it is summer and you are finally going on that trip on the tropical Islands you’ve booked back in March 2020 (oh boy…). You want to look pretty, but who likes to pack a ton of makeup products and wear them all in that heat and humidity? Try using blush without the foundation, for example on top of your natural sunscreen moisturizer. It will provide a fresh, glowy looking, glass skin effect instantly.

Pro Tip: When you’re applying blush to the apples of the cheeks, you should never smile. This area will naturally drop when not smiling, which won’t look that great anymore.

How To Apply Blush Q&A:

Q: How do you apply blush correctly?

A: We actually have a great video and blog post that demonstrates how to apply blush correctly; Check that out here!

Q: How do you apply blush to your face?

A: It’ll depend on the type of blush you’re using. However, if you are using a powder blush you’ll want to start with a blush brush. Apply very little blush on your brush – you can always add more. Dot the blush from the apples of your cheeks to the temples, creating a diagonal line along your cheekbones. Then use your blush brush in an oval up and down motion – blending the line into the rest of your skin. This will give you the most natural looking blush application.

Q: Do you put blush on before or after foundation?

A: Apply blush after your foundation. Making sure to use like product with like product. So for example, If you’re using a cream or liquid based foundation make sure to set with powder BEFORE applying a powder blush. Otherwise, blending will be very difficult!

Q: Does blush make you look older?

A: It all comes down to application. Certainly the wrong application techniques could potentially make you look older by accentuating dry skin, lines, wrinkles etc.

Q: Where do you apply blush to look younger?

A: Instead of applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, try adding your blush a little higher up on your cheekbones for a lifted appearance.

Q: How do you apply blush on an older face? 

A: The best way to apply blush on mature skin is to choose a matte cream blush in a brighter and more lively color. If you don’t have a cream blush though no worries! You can easily turn your powder blush into a cream or liquid tint. Learn how to do that here. Also, you can use your index finger as an application guide to keep blush from getting too close to your eyes, nose and mouth.

These are all tips for today, I hope you enjoyed this article. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below, or reach out to me directly on instagram @cleanbeautybarbara or Clean Beauty Barbara on YouTube 🙂

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  1. Manojnatha Shekhar says:

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    Thank you for listing it together and sharing this helpful information with us. Keep sharing more such information like this with us in the future also.

    1. Andrea Harper says:

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