How To Apply Blush – The Basics

Most women don’t apply blush the right way.

It’s very simple, but often misunderstood.

A customer told me yesterday after watching the above video, “Wow, Andrea, I’ve been putting on blush wrong for 40 years! I was always a swirl it on the apples of your cheeks person…”

Applying blush in the way that I show in this video will get you the most natural look possible.

The goal of blush is to give us a natural glow, a realistic flush that makes us look awake, alive, and refreshed.

To look like the best version of yourself! And here’s how to do it.

The tricks:

  1. Start with very little blush on your brush – you can always add more
  2. Dot blush from the apples to the temples, creating a diagonal line
  3. Use the brush in an oval up and down motion – blending from the line into the rest of your skin

Bonus Points: Apply bronzer in addition to blush for a stunning warmth and glow.

Learn how to apply bronzer here:

Have specific concerns about not looking clownish or old, watch my other video here: CLICK HERE

Find your perfect blush shade:

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