5 Great Ways to Use Sundrop Bronzer 

Unleash your inner glow with these 5 fantastic ways to utilize bronzer. From contouring to achieving a healthy summer radiance, to evening the tone on your neckline, this blog post is your ultimate guide to harnessing the power of this transformative makeup product.

Bronzer is an essential piece of makeup kit that shouldn’t be overlooked. This versatile product is very popular among makeup artists for more reasons than you may think; here are three big ones.

  • Bronzer defines facial structure.
  • Bronzer provides a healthy, sun-kissed glow
  • Bronzer balances skin tone and complements other makeup products

While there are many bronzers on the market, you probably want one that won’t cause acne or allergic reactions, right? Of course, because skin rashes aren’t fun.

Begin with a pressed powder bronzer of a mineral base. That’s always going to be the most hypoallergenic of all the bronzers.

That being said, (and we might be a little biased but..) we highly recommend Sundrop Bronzer made by Red Apple Lipstick.

This Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer is quite special, and can be used in multiple ways! 

Sundrop Bronzer

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Why Choose Sundrop Bronzer 

What makes Red Apple Lipstick’s Sundrop Bronzer so special?

To start, Sundrop is a warm neutral matte bronzer shade that is not overly warm. 

It really works for all skin tones because it is easily buildable, and very believable. The color has been nailed.

It maintains a natural look even when built up, never looking “orange” or “muddy”. It will look incredibly beautiful on any skin tone, whether for lighter skin tones or darker complexions. 

Anyone can use this bronzer, no matter what your skin type is.

Because it is a finely milled pressed powder formulation, it has a very natural finish. It never looks heavy or cakey which means it won’t enhance any dry patches. It also pairs well with any shade of blush, for a beautiful and natural-looking flush. 

What makes it even more special is what’s in it, or better yet, what you won’t find in it. RAL’s Sundrop Bronzer is a quality mineral formula. It is free from: 

  • nanoparticles, talc, gluten, paraben, soy, dairy, corn, nuts, fragrance, lead, animal bits, phthalates, and more. 

This non-comedogenic matte bronzing powder is vegan and cruelty-free too. You have a hypoallergenic formulation that is specifically great for even those with sensitive skin. 

When you choose Sundrop Bronzer, you choose a quality mineral formulation that is gentle on the skin. Why? Because you avoid skin irritants and filler ingredients that could cause irritation or allergic reactions to the skin. 

Another plus? It is also non-comedogenic, so it is less likely to clog pores and cause acne. Sundrop Bronzer is an ideal choice for not only any skin tone but also any skin type. 

5 Great Ways to Use Sundrop Bronzer 

This versatile multitasker that goes beyond its traditional use. There are at least 5 ways to use it! 

#1- Use Bronzer To Bronze your Complexion for a Natural Sun-Kissed Glow 

The first and obvious way to use it, of course, is to bronze or add warmth to the face. It is the easiest, and safest, way to add a beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking sun-kissed glow any time of the year. 

5 great ways to use bronzer

Sundrop Bronzer effortlessly adds warmth and vitality to your complexion, even during the coldest winter months. 

How to Apply Bronzer – Tips and Tricks for the Best Sun-Kissed Effect

For an all-over bronze/all-over glow on the entire face, you will want to apply with a bronzer brush or a fluffy brush such as the Blush Brush

Add bronzer to the brush, just make sure not to pick up too much product. Gently tap off any excess powder and then apply and lightly blend bronzer to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits it for a natural glow- across the forehead, cheekbones, and center of the face (down the top of the nose and chin). 

How much bronzer you will need to apply will depend on your skin tone. If you have fair skin or light skin, you will only need a light layer of application. For medium and darker skin tones, Sundrop Bronzer can be built up to your desired depth by adding additional layers of application. 

#2- Use Bronzer to Sculpt and Define Your Beautiful Face (Contouring) 

Another great way to use Sundrop Bronzer is to contour the face. If you are wondering, “Is there a difference between bronzing and contouring?”, the answer is yes. There is! 

While bronzing adds warmth to the complexion, contouring helps to define and sculpt the face. This is an excellent way to balance out the facial structure for a more sculpted look. 

Because you are essentially creating shadows on the face, makeup artists recommend using a shade of bronzer that is matte. It should also be about two shades darker than your skin, either with grey or beige undertones. 

Sundrop is perfect for both bronzing and sculpting because of its great shade color. Being a warm, yet neutral, brown matte powder bronzer, it is warm enough to add a natural-looking glow but neutral enough (and buildable) for sculpting and defining the face softly and subtly. 

How To Apply Bronzer the Right Way to Contour

Instead of applying your bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally hit the face, you want to apply bronzer in strategic areas that will create shadows to either help define or sculpt facial features. 

A general way to subtly define and sculpt the face is to apply bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks, along the jawline, along the temples, and down the sides of the nose. You want it to look natural so don’t apply too much product. 

Apply in light layers using a makeup brush such as the Blush Brush. Blend using small circular motions, blending out any harsh lines. Build up just enough to create subtle shadows in those specific areas. 

You can also contour according to your specific face shape which will help you achieve a more tailored definition. Learn how to do so by heading over to the How to Apply Blush & Bronzer for Your Face Shape article. 

#3- Use Bronzer To Define the Crease of the Eye 

Sundrop Bronzer is not just for use on the complexion, it can be used on the eyes as well! One way to use it on the eyes is to help define them, to define the crease in specific. 

*What is the crease of the eye? The crease is the area just above the eyelid, where the skin folds, creating a literal crease. 

This is a useful trick for everyone, whether you want to do a full-eye makeup look or go for a more natural minimal look. It is an even more helpful trick for those with hooded eyes and those with mature skin, whose crease is not easily visible. 

How to Define the Crease

If you are doing a full-eye makeup look, use Sundrop Bronzer as your crease shade. Using a brush like the Crease and Blend Brush, apply Sundrop Bronzer across the entire crease. Build it up to the depth you desire making sure to blend using windshield wiping motions. 

For a more natural and minimal eye look, you can just apply a base color (which should be an eyeshadow shade that is close as possible to your natural skin tone) and then apply Sundrop into the crease as mentioned above. You can also skip the base color and just apply Sundrop all on its own. 

How to Define the Crease: For Hooded Eyes or Mature Skin

If your crease is not as visible due to having hooded eyes or maturing skin, you will need to define the crease a little differently. In this case, you will want to create a visible crease. In other words, you will create a fake crease using Sundrop Bronzer. 

To do this, you will keep your eyes open. Look straight into a mirror and place Sundrop (using the Crease and Blend Brush) just above your natural crease line to create one that you can see when your eyes are opened. Use windshield-wiping and small circular motions to blend.  

#4- Use Bronzer as an Eyeshadow 

You can totally use Sundrop Bronzer on the eyes as an eyeshadow. Use it as your lid color for your eye makeup looks. It also makes a great eyeshadow for an easy and natural-looking one-and-done eye look. 

Simply pack it on the lid using the Wet/Dry Eye Brush. If you are going for the one-and-done look, apply bronzer on the lid, packing it on from the lash line and up into the crease. 

Then, taking the Crease and Blend Brush, use windshield wiping motions to blend the crease out. Blend it out using small circular motions, taking it just above the crease and onto the transition area. 

#5- Use Bronzer on the Décolletage 

Want to accentuate your neckline? Sundrop can help you do just that. Using the Blush Brush, apply bronzer on the neck, and sweep it across your décolletage as well as the chest for a subtle, sun-kissed glow. 

How do you prefer to use bronzer? Are there any other ways that we did not mention that you like to use it for? Feel free to share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear your suggestions!  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the purpose of bronzer? 

The main purpose of bronzer is to add warmth and color to the complexion, giving the skin a natural-looking sun-kissed appearance. 

What are the best tips for applying bronzer? 

For a natural-looking sun-kissed look: 

  • use the right brush- you want to use a fluffy brush or a powder brush, 
  • choose a bronzer shade that is not too dark, 
  • apply in light layers, and build it up to the intensity you desire, 
  • apply your bronzer to the areas the sun naturally hits the face- forehead, cheekbones, top of the nose, and chin. 

Do you put bronzer on before or after moisturizer? 

Always moisturize your skin before applying any kind of makeup. 

Do you put bronzer on before or after foundation? 

If you are going to wear foundation, apply foundation first and then apply your bronzer afterward. 

What can you use bronzer for? 

Bronzer can be used for multiple purposes. Learn 5 ways to use it in this article. 

What is bronzer vs contour? 

Bronzing adds warmth to the complexion, giving the appearance of having a natural-looking tan. Contouring, on the other hand, helps to add dimension to the face by sculpting and defining it. 

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