How To Apply Bronzer – And Still Look Like Yourself


Bronzer is the key to a warm, beautiful and natural glow.

It can be a little intimidating to see the heavy contouring on Youtube and Instagram these days.  It looks like a lot of work, a lot of products, and a lot of time – that you don’t have or don’t want to spend doing that. (No judgement if you’re into that, though – you do you!)

I’m here to guide you to how to wear bronzer that doesn’t require all of that work. A simple, easy and natural way to look warm and glowy, in under 1 minute. Bronzer is a simple step that adds a natural warmth and a little dose of sunshine to your face.

Side Note: You can click the little gear icon at the bottom right of my video to watch it faster (I LOVE 1.5X speed!)

Why Should I Use Bronzer?

Using bronzer to lightly shade three areas of your face, defines and lifts your cheekbones and jawline.  You can add warmth to the outer part of your face which will illuminate the center.

This will make you look both youthful and lively all at once…add a splash of blush and you’ll look like the best version of your already beautiful self!

Where Do I Apply Bronzer?

Just remember these three areas:

  1. Directly underneath your cheekbones (the hollows of your cheeks)
  2. Around the perimeter of your face near your hairline
  3. Underneath your jaw line (then a little on your neck to make sure they match)

There are bonus areas to apply it for extra warmth, but it’s not necessary to give you the warm glow we’re going for.

Bonus areas:

  1. Along the sides of your nose
  2. Along the front of your neck
  3. In your cleavage 😉

Have fun playing with how to apply bronzer, because paired with the right blush shade – it’s a beautiful combination.

How To Choose The Right Bronzer?

Our suggestion for the most appropriate bronzer that will work year-round is to choose a shade that’s matte, buildable, believable and blendable. Our Sundrop Bronzer was designed for this exact purpose and works on everyone.

When you purchase bronzer with blush – you’ll save 5% on both of them. You can find that option and your best blush shade at the link below.

Find your perfect blush shade here

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