How To Apply Bronzer – And Still Look Like Yourself

Bronzer is the key to a warm, beautiful and natural glow.

But most people don’t realize you can use it very easily WITHOUT doing all the heavy contouring, highlighting, and tons of products found on the red carpet these days.

By using bronzer to lightly shade three areas of your face, you can define and lift your cheekbones and jawline.  You can add warmth to the outer part of your face which will illuminate the center.

You can apply bronzer easily and naturally by following the steps I talk about in this video.

Just remember these three areas:

  1. Directly underneath your cheekbones
  2. Around the perimeter of your face near your hairline
  3. Underneath your jaw line

There are bonus areas you can apply it for extra warmth, but it’s not necessary to give you the warm glow we’re going for.

Bonus areas:

  1. Along the sides of your nose
  2. Along the front of your neck
  3. In your cleavage 😉

Have fun playing with how to apply bronzer, because paired with the right blush shade – it’s a beautiful combination.

Find your perfect blush shade:

How To Apply Blush:

How To Apply Blush and Not Look Clownish or Older Than You Are:

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