6 Berry Lipsticks For Fall

Bring out your wine and berry colored lipsticks because fall is here! Continue reading for tips on wearing darker lipsticks plus see which six lipsticks are top picks for autumn.


TIP: For a trendy look try a berry lipstick that’s more purple and for a classic lip choose a red-berry. You can learn more about picking great lipstick colors by checking out the post titled “Tips For Finding Your Perfect Shade Of Lipstick”. 



This bold and opulent lipstick is perfect for anyone who wants a pop of extraordinary color for fall.

This classic color is as timeless as it is forward. Apply it softly for a beautiful berry stain or heavier for an elegant and romantic fall look.

The unique finish of this lipstick instantly brightens your complexion and creates the illusion of a whiter smile.

It feels very smooth on the lips and is dazzling with a slight shimmer.

ou can apply this lipstick with just one coat for a sheer berry tone, or apply it with multiple layers for a rich, warm golden plum color.

Super sultry and sexy, this color is perfect for anyone who loves the color of deep red wine.


  1. Berrycuda- Is a saturated, luxurious color that promotes a playful spirit and can be worn with neutrals to help create a well-balanced look.
  2. Can’t Be Beet- Apply Can’t Be Beet softly for a beautiful berry stain or heavier for an elegant and romantic look.
  3. Mauve Me- A stunning lipstick that you can apply lightly with one coat OR add a couple extra coats full-on shimmer gorgeousness!
  4. Paris- Is an elegant and sophisticated lipstick that will be making a comeback soon so look out for details.
  5. Plum Sexy Crazy- Absolutely beautiful and smells fabulous!
  6. Wine & Dandy- Lipstick looks darker in appearance but goes on softer when you apply. It can be built up if you like a vampy look.

With six beautiful berry lipstick options for fall, you’re sure to find one that is a perfect fit for you.


TIP: Berry lipsticks will help brighten up your complexion and give your teeth a whiter appearance.


This is a One – Two Power Punch for your lips and your lipstick!

Before applying your bold berry lip color make sure to exfoliate. Lipsticks that are deeper or lighter have a tendency to show off dry, flaky lips more. Buff with your Exfoliate stick to gently scrub away dead skin cells from your lips about once to twice a week. Be sure to use your Rallye Balm each day before applying your lipsticks. Dry lips don’t stand a chance with Rallye Balm and Exfoliate stick!


We’d love to know which berry lipstick color is your favorite so let us know. If you’d like to know when Paris makes it’s comeback be sure you’re a VIP.


Cheers to a fabulous fall!

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  1. Jázmin Hécz says:

    Will Swoon make a comeback too?

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      We’re planning on including Swoon for November as well <3

      1. Jázmin Hécz says:

        Oh my god Ashley, that is great news! I can’t wait! And my birthday is November so these will be the perfect bday pressies! <3

        1. Ashley Teague says:

          Oh Yay! That will be perfect 😀

  2. Jázmin Hécz says:

    Does this mean Paris is coming back this autumn?! Please please!

    1. Ashley Teague says:

      That’s the plan as of now 🙂 We’re hoping for a November release.

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