Best Pink Lipsticks for Day & Night

best pink lipsticks

Pink is among one of the most popular shades of lipstick to wear, and with good reason. It is such a beautiful versatile color that comes in many different gorgeous variations. This color can be pulled off by any skin tone and can be worn for pretty much any occasion. Red Apple Lipstick offers many options when it comes to lipsticks, and there’s a variety of pink shades to choose from. Today we will be sharing some tips on how to choose the best pink lipsticks for day and night.  

Daytime Lipsticks 

Let’s start with daytime options. When it comes to wearing pink lipstick during the day, it is usually best to go with softer, warm, creamy, and nude shades of pink. You don’t want something too bold during the daytime, especially for wearing to work. However, if you work mainly on zoom – wear a bolder shade so your lips show up better on camera.    

Image of close up lips wearing Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick in the shade called Audrey. This is neutral pink without shimmer.

Audrey– soft and sophisticated. This is a beautiful smooth neutral pink without any shimmer. It is a timeless color that is perfect for every woman, no matter your age or skin tone. 

Image of close up lips wearing Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick in the shade called Brazilliant. Pink with tangerine undertones, almost a light coral with some shimmer.

Braziliant– pink with tangerine undertones. Almost a light coral color with some shimmer. This shade is super easy to wear, and that shimmer gives it just a little something extra. Iridescent looking on darker lips, while more of a light natural-looking pink on medium brown lips. On pink lips, it becomes more of a deeper shade. 

Day After Morocco– spicy yet refined A reddish pink shade tinted with a coral-beige undertone. This is a smooth and creamy lipstick, making it not only an amazing color but also super comfortable to wear. This is a great pink for warm and neutral undertones.

Image of close up lips wearing lipstick in the shade called Mabel. Slightly cool toned mauve rose pink with no shimmer.

Mabel– natural-looking mauve. A slightly cool-toned, mauve, rose pink with no shimmer. This is a beautiful shade of pink that is natural-looking and enhances your natural lip color. 

Image of close up lips wearing Lipstick in the shade called Maven Mauve. Dusty rose mauve shade by Red Apple Lipstick

Maven Mauve– gorgeous and light, this is the perfect blend of dusty rose and mauve. Super easy to wear and versatile. It works perfectly as a no-lipstick color option.

Let’s Flamingle– tropical hot pink…Yes, hot pink. However, this is a softer hot pink shade that is not too bright and more versatile. A creamy full-coverage color that is perfect for those spring and summer days. If you’re blonde, this shade needs to be in your bag.

Image of Red Apple Lipstick in the shade called New York. This is a pink based nude no shimmer but a slight sheen.

New York pink-based nude, the perfect neutral lipstick, it has no shimmer but a light sheen with a beautiful velvety finish. Great for those warm or neutral skin tones.

Oh My Guava Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick. A nude pink with brown undertones

Oh My Guava– your favorite nude -A no-shimmer nude that has less brown and more pink undertones, making it the perfect nude-pink shade. It is the perfect everyday nude lipstick and looks best on lighter to medium skin tones.

Image of close up lips wearing the lipstick in the shade called Secrets. This is a cool toned pink with golden shimmer.

Secrets– multi-dimensional Cool toned pink shade with a deep golden shimmer. This creamy lipstick goes on smoothly and gives your lips a fuller appearance. Perfect daytime color with a fun twist.

Nighttime Lipsticks

Now let’s talk about the best nighttime shades. Nighttime is usually the best time to take out your
bolder, richer, deeper colors and have some fun with your look. However, if you are going to rock a
smokey eye then try going with a softer, nude pink shade rather than a bold pink. This way you
won’t have too much going on, you want your lips to complement the rest of your makeup and not
compete with your eyeshadow.

Image of close up lips wearing the shade called Bella Rina. A warm medium pink.

Bella Rina– classically beautiful, A warm medium pink color, perfect for when you want a timeless and elegant look. Apply one coat for a softer lip, or a few more coats to give your lips a more modern richness.

Image of close up lips wearing lipstick in the shade called Hibiscus. This is a berry pink color with just a hint of red.

Hibiscus- luscious and vibrant A deep berry pink color with just a hint of red. Wear it as just a stain or go bold with it. Super comfortable to wear too, it is creamy with a satin finish that is not too glossy.

Kissimmee– bright and juicy The perfect balance between pink and red with buttery smooth full coverage. Gives you the perfect bright and juicy pout without being too much. You can always wear it as a rose lip stain for a more toned-down shade.

Image of close up lips wearing the lipstick in the shade called Love My Kiss. Pink red shade with subtle shimmer.

Love My Kiss– perfect for all skin tones Another pink-red shade right in the middle of these 2 classic colors. This has a beautiful subtle shimmer that gives your lips a light shine and is very flattering on most skin tones.

Image of close up lips with lipstick in the shade called Maven Mauve. This shade is perfect blend between dusty rose and mauve. Gorgeous and light with no shimmer

Maven Mauve & Oh My Guava
While these two are perfect for daytime wear, they are also the perfect lipstick shades to wear with
those sultry nighttime smokey eyes.

lavender pink lipstick for cool fair skin

Oh Snapdragon– soft yet colorful This is a soft blossom pink shade with cool, lavender, undertones. Perfect for those nights when you don’t want to wear something super bold, but still a rich color. It will give your lips a creamy full coverage that is soft yet colorful at the same time.

Image of close up lips wearing the lipstick in the shade called Petal To The Metal. A rosy mauve medium pink with hints of berry and slight shimmer.

Petal To The Metal- creamy and pigmented Rosy mauve medium pink shade with hints of berry and a slight shimmer. Because it has a warm overtone and a cool undertone, this color lipstick will look great on anyone. You could wear this during the day as well, but I think it is even lovelier at night.

image of bold pink lipstick in the shade called Unpinkable by Red Apple Lipstick. This is a fuchsia pink with red undertones and a warm color with cool undertones

Unpinkable– pigmented pink another great one for most skin tones since it is a warm color with cool undertones. This is a fuchsia pink but with a bit of red. Super pigmented with no shimmer, a smooth and creamy color.

So there you have our picks for the best daytime and nighttime pink lipsticks. Of course, makeup is
subjective and personal so you can wear any color whenever you want to. These are just some
helpful suggestions that can help when you have no idea what color lipstick to wear at any time. Play
around and have fun trying out some of these gorgeous pink Red Apple Lipstick shades.

Tell us your favorite pink lipsticks in the comments below!

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